Must granite be glued?

buildinvaJuly 20, 2013

Mine was not. They just layer the stone in place. Though i was here for the Installation, It was a horribly stressful day and I thought perhaps I had missed seeing them do this. However, I just checked. I am not very strong and yet I can lift one of the pieces. It is not glued or adhered in any other way. Is this a problem? Or will it be okay? Thanks!

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Many larger counters only have a bead or two of silicone to hold them in place. It's mainly the weight of the stone that keeps them there. Smaller counters and those with overhangs should always be siliconed in place. So, YES, you have a problem. Call them back out there. They've left you with a safety hazard.

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Thanks, Green. You confirmed what I'd thought. Contractor is going to secure it. I want it to be as safe as possible!

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