What backsplash to go with Opal White Quartzite????

sfmomoxoJuly 21, 2010

You have all inspired me so much to not give up on my quest to find a more durable counter surface that looks like marble. I'll be using honed Opal White Quatzite.

My big stumbling block now is what kind of backsplash. My kitchen (and house) is contemporary. The Wenge cabinets are in. We're going with a concrete-looking ceramic tile for the floor. The vision is to have the backsplash go all the way up the wall. There is lots of natural light and there will be some downlights highlighting the backsplash.

DH and I have gone back and forth on this. He wants some color. I am more drawn to neutrals as we're having the upper cabinets painted ultra-high gloss in whatever color will make the kitchen really pop (mango?? green??).

Your inspiration AND PHOTOS will be really appreciated.

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sfmomoxo - your kitchen sounds amazing, I can't wait to see pictures! My vote is for green uppers!

I have a white quartzite counter in a modern kitchen with dark cabinets (walnut). I just posted pictures of my mostly finished kitchen in a thread entitled: modern walnut kitchen. I'm in the same boat as you - trying to figure out what backsplash to go with. You might want to have a look at a thread of mine posted last March when I first asked for backsplash help. I got loads of good advice (hopefully I'll have my backsplash finished this summer). I've attached a link to the old backsplash thread.

With those colourful uppers I might be inclined to go neutral with the backsplash, perhaps a back-painted glass tile or glass sheets (probably what I'll be doing as well).

Good luck and keep us posted!

Here is a link that might be useful: backsplash thread

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I like the backsplash to be of the same material as the countertop. Looking forward to your photos.

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sfmomoxox - Your kitchen sounds stunning. I love that you are putting in bright uppers - I lean towards green in general, but the mango with the wenge would be striking as well and add some more warmth to the kitchen.

Can you post a photo of the counters? Assuming it is mostly white and moderately patterned, I might lean towards a white back splash - particularly a white glass smaller rectangular tile like the 1st photo below. I am also considering this. I have gray pietra counters but my island is supreme white quartzite and pretty dramatic so I thought the simple but interesting look of the glass in this link adds "texture", as they call it. The white would be fantastic contrast for the color cabinets (now I am imagining mango.) If you went with the green cabinets, I might lean a little gray but do something similar - whatever gray, even almost white, that would compliment the counter, create contrast for the uppers but not compete with them.

If you go stainless for your appliances - there are some neat stainless tiles - you could do a sheet of stainless behind the stove and then either the white-ish glass tiles, consider the metal tiles or even use sheets of stainless like the photo below.

If you want to add a traditional splash you could use white glass rectangular and place in running bond - a twist on subway tiles.

Other thoughts - small glass mosaics in a very "light" color - almost white with a little tinge of green or blue or whatever - not a lot of variation in tile color/low contrast. The newer machine made ceramics that have a glass finish - my bath tiles are from Cerim, which I think is Italian or Spanish. We used the bloom white is a light taupe color, but they have a super white in that line - http://www.cerim.it/en/prods-158-1.asp

glasstilestore.com - white glass tile I was thinking of

Link for white glass tile in above photo. http://freshome.com/2009/02/08/kitchen-renovations-using-white-glass-tiles/

Wenge and stainless

Green and wood contemporary kitchen, gray black splash

Another nice white glass tile that could be more fun, interesting to your DH.

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Thanks so much.

Sochi, you are in fact who inspired me to hunt for white quartzite. I saw your magnificent kitchen on this site and started scouting out available quartzite here in the Bay Area.

Sparklekitty, I love your suggestions. My first inclination was to go with a modern white linear tile (Oceanside Glass "Veil" blend), but DH thought it was too sterile.

I had a color consultant come over today and she had some brave new ideas. First is to use a small brick Walker Zanger combo of stone and irridescent glass. The walls would then be a neutral with bright mango cabinets (the stones in the tile have the occasional orangish highlight). The next suggestion was a Walker Zanger linear glass tile in their Creme Brulee color. The glass is their Chelsea Art Glass in shades of butterscotch and tan. The walls would be a burnt orange and the cabinets, white. I know it sounds bizarre, but it actually is quite striking.

Right now my thinking is to go with the first choice. (And yes I will post photos as soon as I figure out how to do that!) It has more of a "spa" like feel.

Thanks again!

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sfmomoxo - Do you have a photo of the zanger combo you are thinking of? They really have stunning tile. I can only imagine how beautiful it must be if you picked it over the chelsea art glass - I have been quite enamored with the same line in sand (which is lighter mix/less contrast than creme brulee) but am still noodling on my back splash.

Your combos do not sound bizarre at all - brave, bold, energized, striking, fun, but not bizarre. I look forward to your updates as you go through the process. It is clear that I am a closet contemporary - my house just didn't speak to me in that language :)

Here is a link that might be useful: Link to Walker Zanger Chelsea Art Glass

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Well, I think I finally have the Photobucket thing working! (However, I may be clueless in attaching multiple photos...so I'll start with where we are.)

Here is a photo of everything that is currently in the mix. All my "pieces" are against the newly installed Wenge cabinet door. Starting from the bottom, there's my beloved Opal White Quartzite. (Oh, how I searched for something I loved!) It really reads as grey, but close up you see all the faceted crystals.

Above the quartzite is the Walker Zanger tile. Why I think it will work...Well, it is 1/2 stone and 1/2 irridescent tile. The stone is pretty light neutral, both in gray tones (works with the counter) and warm tones (works with the cabinets). Some of the stones have a bit of a tinge of orange...we'll get to the accent upper cabinets soon). And some have a faint green undertone...which brings us to the first paint chip in a khaki color.

This khaki color is what we're considering for the walls. The walls are currently yellow, making it is so hard to tell if this color looks modern and will work well. It just looks so muddy when I paint a sample on the wall.

The next color chip up is the "fun" accent color for the upper cabinets (frosted glass insets) and upper shelves on the wall above the desk.

I'd love your comments on the backsplash and the colors. Your help has been invaluable!

Here is a link that might be useful:

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we have white formica cabinets which we are updating with white quartzite counters and a backsplash of 5/8" mosaic tiles: clear white, frosted white, white marble, and some chrome tiles.

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dkauf, can you post pictures or links to this mosaic? It sounds lovely.

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It all sounds fantastic. I love wenge and organge together.
Here are a few backsplashs that come to mind.
Enjoy the kitchen tile porn. (smiles)

Trend AnnSacks

Selvaggio AnnSacks

BeauMonde Glass

Circle tiles

Gallery Ann Sacks

Stone Impressions

Here is a link that might be useful: Ann Sacks

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Hi sfmomoxo,
I live in the Bay Area also and have been looking for a color consultant to help me select my backsplash. (I have a limestone-colored quartz countertop, so my color scheme is not miles apart from yours.) If you've liked your consultant, would you mind sharing her/his name?


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Hi Neilar,

our KD has great color sense, and loves to design backsplashes. You might want to give her a call....

Here is a link that might be useful: Amy Carpenter Interior Design

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I've used Belinda Hallmark in Novato. Good luck!!!!!!

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sfmomoxo -What did you decide?

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Oooh...I am just so excited that we're finally getting back on track TODAY! The counters will go in on Monday. I've ordered the backsplash tile from Walker Zanger. Colors??? Finally! I'm going with Parchment from C2 as the wall color and Delicata for the upper cabinets and bookshelf. I'm a little nervous about the Delicata...is it too bright...too dark...too...??? But I've just had to take the leap.

Here are the elements...

I just love the countertop. The backsplash is half stone (pretty neutral, mostly beigy-grey with some coppery-orange accents) and half irridescent glass that IMO really picks up on the Quartzite's crystalline feel. Since some of the stone pieces have a bit of a orange color I hope that the Delicata works as an upbeat accent. I was concerned with the kitchen being a bit too dark with all the Wenge cabinets.

The paint colors aren't right here, but you can see a bit more of the backsplash sparkle.

Here's a bit of where we are...

As of today, that dreadful yellow on the walls will be the parchment. The painted-with-primer upper cabinets in the top kitchen picture (they'll have frosted glass panels) and the bookshelves will be Delicata. Counters go in on Monday. And the backsplash is on backorder...of course.

This has been a hard process. I so hope it all turns out. Thank you SO MUCH for your support with all this!

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I am so relieved. The painting is done and I actually really like the Parchment...it's just such a relief to not have to look at that yellow another day! The counter install has been pushed to Tuesday/Wednesday. And I'm hoping that the upper cabinets will be painted and be ready to install next week. It feels so good to finally see the kitchen coming together.

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Wow! Love the photo with the large sample of the counter with the backsplash - stunning. I like all mosaics in samples but in 'real life' tend to love the ones that have less variation in color/ less contrast, like what you have chosen. It will sparkle and wink and you with different angles and lights and pick up the colors in your counter and the sweet delicata squash :) I am very excited to see it all come together and thanks for sharing the in progress photos.

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Thanks for the vote of confidence. I'm now feeling great about the backsplash. Of course, STILL having lots of second thoughts about everything else coming together. I will post next week once we have the countertops installed.

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Hi, I also live in the bay area and hope to purchase white quartite. Can you share where you purchased your slab? Thx

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Any up to date photos???

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I too would like to know where in the Bay Area you found your Quartzite.


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