Week 8: Can you believe it!?

CEFreemanJuly 4, 2014

Two months now.
Have you stopped to look back at your own posts?
(Hint: Search your user name +Week)

I don't dare, but know things have moved forward a bit.

Today my electrician friend John is returning. I have to work at 4:00 and since he's not here yet at 10:30, we might not accomplish much. However...

I have these cool, recessed outlet boxes I bought from Arlington Industries. They make the most sensible electrical stuff! They'll hold a duplex outlet +a cable hook-up. They have dividers so there's no crosstalk. I'm going to have him put it in behind some of the MBR cabinets, plus, install a toe kick heater. The floor is FREEZING in the winter, so what's a chick to do? You guessed it.
Here's the outlet thing. Cords don't get in the way because they're IN the wall!

The toekick heater is like this:

Again, I got a great eBay deal on these. I got 4 for $200, vs. the market price of about $175 each. I have a very cold house in places.

I can do that stuff, or I can have him install 5 lights. I'm feeling a bit braver, so I might try the lights myself. I'll decide.

In the meanwhile, I got rid of 6 boxes that held crap. Two pendant lights in the kitchen, a bunch of paint store boxes and other assorted garbage-like things. This morning already I took it all to the end of the drive, which now looks like I've been evicted. I took the good cardboard and laid it in the gardens, pulled weeds and threw them on top of the cardboard to hold them down. Sometime soon I'll cover them with wood chips. Recycling at its finest

So with any luck, there might be more that happens today. If not, I did volunteer to work tonight. Other people have families and less altruistically, I need the money. Gotta pay John. :)

Stay tuned and let me see what you're doing!?
Shicksal? How's your morning progressing.


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Fun fact: I started this project 1 year ago today. Last year vs this year comparison pics coming this evening.

Still priming. 29 planks out of 36 done that had no paint. No clouds, no breeze or shade and high humidity. I look like I feel in the pool. I've probably also lost a lot of water weight too.

After this I go to Lowes to get a nailer, foam a couple of holes and start putting up the pieces I painted over the last few days.

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schicksal, you have to post the moment you get your order!

cefreeman, I love having dimmers nearly everywhere. I find that sometimes the ones I choose confuse guests. I have one in the hall bathroom (which is MY bathroom) and I swear, people just can't figure it out. What do yours look like? I don't like the one the guy put into the hallway last week and I'd like, as we get the kitchen etc. done to get ONE type and make them consistent.

As excited as I was on Wednesday, yesterday I was more in 'the-sky-is-falling" mode. I hadn't heard back from the GC (actually, GC's wife - Tracy) for a couple days. We'd emailed questions back and forth and the ball was in their court. I heard late Wed that the cabinets would be in the following Wed and decided to wait until morning to see if I heard anything. And, nope.

I called the Expeditor at HD (Tracy) and let her know I got the call about the cabinets and I hadn't heard from GC in a couple days. She got on it and I got an email from GC in a bit. Evidently it's HD's policy (not GC) that they can't demo until cabinets are in and inspected. I was hoping to save a day or two by having it demoed early since I don't have appliances anyway. I figured it was GC wanting to keep the string of work together, but I guess it's HD.

My big frustration is they won't even make an appt to come inspect until the cabinets are physically here. So they arrive Wed. I can't schedule much of anything beyond that because I don't know when they'll inspect and when they'll start. I finally got HD to agree to saying they can schedule the inspection appt. for Thursday. But no budging on when they can actually start if everything is there and good to go. I understand it could change, but...shouldn't they be able to give me a 'If all is good we'll start Monday' or 'We can't possibly start before July 17th'? I have asked 3 times if my 7/21 Miele date is reasonable or if I should push it forward and gotten no answer.

The guy (Tracy) came to take the fridge/DW/W/D yesterday morning. They're all installed at the inlaws and she's SO excited. They've got plenty of money. They could have gotten new appliances when they moved or whenever, but since they're planning a big reno sometime in the near future, she just made due. Having a counter depth fridge makes a huge difference in her kitchen. And a working DW will also be sort of nice. :) Especially since she's entertaining tonight.

I tried to go to DH's water polo game (he coaches) yesterday in the heat of the day (102) and went to the wrong school. (I blame him). I decided instead of heading cross town for the second game, I'd go buy a tree/shrub instead. :) I needed it with my frustrating day. I bought an Arbutus Compacta. We had a giant Arbutus that was BEAUTIFUL. I think the neighbors cut the roots when they did some drainage work. It was very near the property line. We lost it about 3 or 4 years ago. I put peaches/ nectarines /apricots along that edge of the yard (several feet away, and in raised boxes, 3 to a box, will keep them small). Now I've been building a border that will go in front of them to semi-hide the boxes from view. That's what I was working on a couple seeks ago. This Arbutus will be the end/punctuation of that leg of the border. It'll just get 6-8ft. Perfect!

Back to the kitchen, I went with HD for most everything because I thought it would make it easier. I know it's not the least expensive way to go, but I thought it would be the simplest to get it done in my limited time in the summer. I got a quote from the Tracy taking out the appliances (he's a contractor, he's done lots of work for inlaws) for demo and it was 50-60% of HD. I KNOW the electrical work would be substantially less by him or another electrician. I was planning on specifically getting someone else for the electrical but again, ease made me say the GC should just take care of it. But now...I've thinking if it's not going to make my life easier, maybe I should dump the GC and have Tracy and/or others do it. I have three people around me telling me to chill, it'll happen. But if we could save a substantial amount, AND get some actual dates, I'd think it'd be worth looking into.

But, now it's the holiday weekend and it's not like I can do anything anyway. So I'm just going to keep cleaning, packing, gardening, and hopefully doing some other home organization stuff (clothes and desk work). We'll see how I feel Monday morning.

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Done priming. Not dead. No heat stroke.

Edit: took a cold shower so now I am at least semi-coherent. The recessed boxes confuse me some... Mostly because I've never seen those before. I live dinners though. Everything in this remodel has gone on a dimmer except for some switched outlets. I went to great lengths to try and make the switch layout with as much common sense or intuition as possible. So far, so good. In the 4 gang boxes the switches are ordered so that the light farthest to the left/right from that location is the left/right most switch and the others continue that direction.

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shicksal, I laughed at your checking-in report.
The only place I'm accountable in my life, is my job. With all the DIY I'm doing with possibly serious potential injuries, I've told them if I'm ever late without calling, to call the police then my neighbor. I am NEVER EVER late. Late to me is less than 15 minutes ahead of my scheduled in time. If I fall off a ladder (again) with a chain saw (again) I might not be so lucky to think to throw it and land well. After all, thank goodness those things happen in slow motion.

Anyway, glad you've survived.

Here are my dimmers:

I like the tiny little button on the side of the switch.

Here are my motion sensors. You mentioned bathroom. I have motion sensors in my attic, closets, bathrooms, laundry room, hallways, mudroom, exterior lights, crawl space, and shower. I would have used pressure switches in the closets, but no one could figure out what I was talking about. Grrrr... So now the have motion sensors instead. Get the right kind of bulbs or you'll burn out the sockets.
You pop off the little window to adjust the timing and stuff. Then, if it's too sensitive and picks up motion when you don't want it to, you can put some white tape inside the little window to block its "eye." For example, my MB water closet picks up me walking by. I put 1/2 tape on the window and now it only goes on when I'm in the water closet.

Love these babies. Didn't realize they were so expensive. Before you buy anything, LMK if you like any of these and I'll send them to you for, oh, say 1/2 + shipping. I have a lot. I must be insane.

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Boy, everyone is getting a lot done!

I've done virtually nothing. My van is still at the mechanic waiting for parts. It was the timing belt, and so they will replace the water pump at the same time. I have a feeling it won't be ready until next week, when I am away for a work training course. The mechanic did say he'd drop it in the driveway and I could settle the bill when I get back. It's the waiting for parts that is killing me. LOL

My younger son and I went for a bike ride and other than that I`ve been lounging on my big swing reading a book. I do need to get the entire house vacuumed/swept and tidied up before I leave on Sunday.

When I get the van back, I'm going to buy some self-leveling cement and level out the floor in the sunroom and then install click vinyl tiles in there. That will be a nice change from the indoor/outdoor carpet crap that is there now. I'll also do the landing of the stairs inside. I shudder to think what is under the carpet on the stairs. I'm hoping it is nice solid wood, but I'm scared to look. LOL

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LOL CEFreeman, those motion sensors are what was in the hall bath, and what were the kids rooms when the previous folks lived here. First thing FIL did when we moved in was push the window part in, making it an in-y rather than an out-y in the bathroom. What I should do is move one of them (they're still in the old kids' rooms, my dressing room and office) to DH's office. The doors are often closed and the light gets left on.

MGMum glad the van being down isn't catastrophic given the time it's taking. And just want to say how much I liked the pic of your kitchen in the trash pullout thread.

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Well I have been working on those patio cushion covers..
I have the love seat cushion covered. I have to run to the $store while we are out and get 2 more cases to take apart for the last chair set.

Pretty awesome project..

Yesterday I tried Behr's new one coat Marquee...um that is the worst paint ever!
It is NOT one coat..and is sticky and dries soo slow...because it goes on so thick..
That was an expensive lesson! Upside I'll get a $5 rebate in 6-8 weeks...so not worh it at all...
Back to ACE..for Clark and Kensington..and $5 off at the register..

I put up two yellow samples in my living room yesterday...nope not it...but I think we've figured out we like the one, just one shade lighter on the paint card.

Still thinking on the kitchen cabs...grey or burgundy/maroon...we'll think on it some more..

My weekend will consist of more sewing and more painting...

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Terri_pacnw, I used C& K paint and was very pleased with it (if you haven't used it before). I like Valspar too.

I can't remember when I last reported in, but I have gotten some things done. Had the family room ceiling repaired; after the flooding rains we had 2 weeks ago (4.5 inches in one day, 3" in one hour, neighbors were kayaking in the street!) I was finally convinces that the leak was fixed. So I have primed and painted, and since all furniture was out of the room also patched some spots in the carpet (thanks kittycat), cleaned it, and gave the entire room a thorough cleaning (including vacuuming then wiping down the paneling). I thought about replacing the carpet, but since the dog and 2 cats (1 very elderly) still make that room their home, decided to make do a while longer.

Today I replaced the bright brass 1980's ceiling fan with a brushed steel one that was given to me. Much prettier to my eye!

I enlarged one flower bed so that I can have room to plant some rhubarb and asparagus the other. I've done more weeding (I put down newspaper) and carted home more free tree grindings for mulch. Neither of those discourage the evil Canadian thistle that has invaded from the neighbor's flowerbed along the fence. I am about to break out the poison ivy killer version of Roundup since pulling and digging seems to encourage it to put up more sprouts!

And speaking of evil, would you believe that the trumpet vine that I started trying to kill in 2009 has popped up again?

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I'm at a pause point while I rebuild the budget. I did finally got my nephew to bring the box of tile for my hutch area in from the car. I've been driving around with it in my trunk for a couple of weeks since I couldn't lift it. Family was here for the holiday so I took advantage of some visiting muscle!

Oh and I asked my lawn guy to remove some shrubs from where I want to make a patio. Basically I got other people to work for me today. :D

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All I have to say about the ceiling planning is, NOPE. This is so far beyond what one person can do it's not even funny. The stuff is just too heavy - pieces are up to 16 feet long. In trying to come up with something but haven't thought of much yet.

Taking pictures was more fun. I didn't do any cleaning beforehand so everything is what it is. I'll post them up in a minute once I can post from a computer instead of a phone.

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Raee, yes I've used it..much happier with the C/K.
I use Behr colors most of the time though..just have them color match or look it up in their system...spot on every time..

We went shopping at HD..screen door for the slider...um my husband is about to launch it across the yard..he's been trying to get it put in for um...2 hours now...lol...and it's been raining the last 30 min..oh and he's got chicken pieces on the grill he's minding...

We also picked up some wood and trim to make those wood valances all over Pinterest..

Oooh and found and "estate" sale while out and found a coffee table for my sitting room..of course it needs to be "fixed" the guy liked black and red..so he painted it black and the edged with red spray..oooh wait then turned the top into a chalk board.. But the height and lines are perfect...

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Raee- I too have been fighting the thistles and a couple of other kind of weeds that my neighbor thought were flowers and let go to seed, thank you very much, in my flower beds for the last two years. I have started to carefully spray them with weed be gone. I try to shield my other plants and just spray the very base of the plant. But those weeds are so very stubborn. I made the mistake of planting porcelain vine. I am still pulling it out of my shrubs and flower beds.

I am totally impressed with the projects that everyone is undertaking

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Christine, your weekly posts motivated me to finally get my reveal up. It is done. Thanks for the encouragement to all of us!

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Christine222, That is an accomplishment! :)

Shicksal, 2 words for you: Drywall Lift. Think it'd work?

Teri_Pacnw, I SWEAR you'll be thrilled with Citristrip is you choose to take the color back to the wood. It really makes stripping furniture actually fun. Really!

countryatheart, I find Round-Up with a healthy squirt of Dawn in it to be far more effective. I'm battling Chocolate vine, myself. Oh, and of course, Poison ivy. I also hate Fox Grape, some kind of maple-y looking thing, and of course, the Chinese Hybrid honeysuckles I've planted. I hate to kill those, but they are seriously strangling my trees! Round-Up it'll probably be.

Amy, you're welcome. I'm heading off to look for your reveal! :)

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CEF I will have to try the Round up with Dawn. I know if I use a small paintbrush I can control where it goes. I'll have to crawl into the bushes to get at the porcelain vine. Thank god its not poison ivy. I'm scared of that.

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CEF, chocolate vine is evil too? I have one, still in a pot -- not too late to throw it out!

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Citristrip huh...I'll have to look into it..

2 back cushions sewed too.

I need to hand sew the side closed..they are all pinned..but decided to ipad and watch a movie.

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First, guys, I apologize for shortening our week last week!
I'm not used to working on Friday, so my whole day felt like Saturday. Luckily, it didn't shorten our lives by one day. Imagine all we wouldn't have accomplished! :)

Chocolate vine: It's beautiful. Love it. But it is aggressive and will wrap a tree or structure faster than any honeysuckle or Virginia creeper I've ever seen. It's been almost impossible to kill. I had to buy a seriously evil stump and vine killer, and even then it's slow going. Like any vine, where it's put down roots, it shoots up a stronger vine, which is harder to kill.

Citristrip. (Home Depot, but not Lowe's) If you waste time removing paint (or stain) with anything else, those are hours, brain cells and hemoglobin you'll never recover. I'm getting ready to strip another door and a cabinet, which will take me maybe a day, vs. repeated applications and space suit protection, etc. It is well worth the money. There's a post in Painting here where I was talking with Whippiechick about refinishing/stripping my doors. With eye candy picture.

Electrician John is back today. Still working on that toe kick heater. Nothing. Absolutely nothing is easy in my home. But I move forward....

Today is beautiful. So far, very little humidity, thank you Hurricane Arthur! Gonna spray a little chocolate vine and then go to work.

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Saturday: One teensy project so far, replacing a leaking diaphragm in my sprinklers. Turning the water on and off, of course, triggered a few marginal faucets to start leaking, so I have a round of washer replacing coming up.

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Yesterday I planted the Arbutus. Did some raking, mulching, clipping. A little bit of packing. Cleaned the spots where the appliances had been...a few times.

I tried to go get yet another paint sample for the exterior. I remembered the holiday hours for SW wrong and they were closed. I went this morning and got Connected Gray. It too is too light, I'm pretty sure. It's crazy how much lighter they look on the house than on the card. I should have learned by now. I almost got Eclipse also (next one down) and decided that was just silly. I had Svelte Sage made with less white the other day and it was SUPER light. I'll take both those samples back and see if they'll turn one of them into Eclipse. Maybe even see if the other can be turned into something acceptable.

I'm having trouble getting motivated to do anything in the house that's not kitchen related. Must. get. over. that.

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July 4th - Here is how the project started one year ago. Tile on top of thin hardibacker on top of linoleum, then chipboard (hamster litter), and rotten 1/2" plywood. The tile was holding it all together. It became quite risky to walk on the exposed areas unless you're the cat or dog.

I have an assistant this weekend and a ladder for the ceiling. I also discovered that about 8' is where it becomes something I can handle on my own so there are two options now. Wish me luck...

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Is this the same house where the floor joists were rotted and replaced? The pictures look familiar, like that kitchen in another thread.

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Yes it is. The other thread started to become me talking to myself, so I basically gave up on it. July 5 is where the real fun began. Those will be the good pictures.

The ceiling is in to the point where I have to cut big holes for the lights. I also have to make extra sure the position of the lights is exactly perfect before proceeding. Fun stuff... it's working at least.

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Wow, schicksal! What a difference! I can't wait to see next weeks photos! Your dog is cute!

terri_pacnw, you have the blueberry door, correct? Why don't you paint your lower kitchen cabs blueberry and leave the white on the uppers? Unless your hubby is sick of the blueberry. I know you mentioned burgundy somewhere too, that would look cool.

Cal_quail, I hope everything goes smoothly next week for you. Thanks for the kitchen love! :)

Slowly but surely, everyone!

I'm leaving tomorrow for a craphole spot just outside Montreal for a 5 day training course for work. I've cleaned the house, and finished the lawn, yesterday and the day before. Today I rode my bike to go see my younger son's soccer game. I'm glad I did, he got a goal! :) I'm mostly packed, so not much to do. I'm looking forward to Friday because we aren't staying at the facility Friday night before we leave, we're going to stay in Montreal and go out to dinner. That'll be the best part of the trip!

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Today wasn't bad - Here's where I ended this evening. This stuff is hard to install. Gravity takes all the fun out of it.

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Schicksal, I had to keep flipping back and forth between your before and current...wow...I love how you opened it up! That floor is a beauty.
I can't believe you are doing the ceiling DIY...wow...

MGM, yep Blueberry purple door...

I mentioned your suggestion to the Big Guy and he didn't shoot it down right away..which means he might actually like the idea. ;)

Okay CEF, the BG went to HD and picked up a jug of Citrastrip..I'll goo it up tomorrow night..and see what happens Monday morning.(yep looked at your other thread too...that is amazing.)

My "house" accomplishment today was Costco shopping to fill the larder..and picked up a gallon of Behr Yellow Corn in Ace's Clark and Kensington and put it up on half the sitting room. In the dusk with lamps on it has a green tint..which I wanted...but in the sunlight it is all yellow.

I picked up some 12x12 scrap book paper in plums and greens with some yellow..to do 4 squares of "art work".

Tomorrow I plan on finishing my yellow walls...then get some pictures on the walls...and figure out if I am going to mount the paper to foam, canvas or wood...and work on my deck furniture cushions.

The BG figured out his screen finally...well he figured out it wasn't square...so it "works" but it doesn't lock.

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Here are the year over year pictures I promised yesterday. We had an internet outage yesterday evening.

These are from July 5 of last year vs. today. I hired a friend who had just lost his job and had a wife and toddler to support to help demo things for a couple of days. He had no idea what he was getting into.

The middle joist crumbled when I touched it after taking the picture. There was no actual wood left any more.

Today I painted the rest of the ceiling material and am trying to come up with a creative way to install the rest of it on my own. We'll see how that goes... if the rain in the area doesn't leave I won't be able to do anything anyway because I've been using the miter saw out on the deck.

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Rain? What's that? It's been humid (for us) the past couple days, with thunder clouds in the mountains and flash flood warnings, but I know many of you would ROFL at our idea of humidity. Today, hot but with our more characteristic dry heat, so I'll have better luck at getting something done. I took yesterday as an opportunity to get out of the house, leave DH some alone time at home, and flit around from HD to tile store to paint store, etc. Didn't buy anything but paint samples.

I'm about 80% on the color for the body of the exterior. MIL is smart, she told me to paint a bigger swath in the Connected Gray. I like it, in some lights. I'm going to still go get a couple more samples while it's still on sale. (SW next sale is 7/18-7/21 if anyone is interested). The door color, we'll not try to match the mail box. That's too bright even for us. But we think we've picked the turquoise we want, but it's in DE, not SW. I may live with the mix. I may not.

I think it may have too much green. While I started off totally green, I'm leaning more charcoally now. I also don't like the lighter gray (doesn't even read gray in the pic). If I stay with the Connected Gray base, I'll still search for a different mid-accent color, the current base color is a better depth of color than that one, though too taupy. The white in the pic is Snowbound. I have some Moderne White I will try with it also. It's a bit grayer.

I'm going to flip/change the colors. Currently base light, trim medium, accents dark (burgundy), including the door. I'm thinking base darkest, accents lighter gray, trim white-ish, doors turquoise.

I'm also off to HD to get some mulch. I haven't decided how to edge this border I've planted, but it's too hot not to mulch the bed, so I'll mulch and clean up the edges later. Have a garden club coupon. Might get a couple plants as well.

15 year anniversary today. Someone asked how long the other day and I sort of shocked myself when I said it. Together 18 years doesn't phase me, for some reason. But married 15 does.

Schicksal---unbelievable. Wow.

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CalQ, may I suggest a deeper turquoise..I Miss Door of Deep Purple..lol

Just love the surprise...

Well breakfast is finished...The BG is off this week..so it'll be breakfast every morning for the next 8 days..he's so spoiled!

I have paint awaiting for more smearing...and 4 cushions to get covered..

This yellow in my sitting room is a trip...

Here it is last night, blinds closed, and lamps on. It is reading the color I originally envisioned to play off my pear green furniture..

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Call quail, I think the color scheme might work... The color I see on the screen changes depending on brightness and everything else in here.

Today was not a good day. My other half left a soda next to the macbook. Normally this would not be a big deal, but we have a car that gets into drinks. The cat ruined the laptop, long story short. I am made at the person than the cat because the cat is well known for doing this.

Because of that o didn't get much done. Here's progress...

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I am just amazed that you are doing that yourself!

Got the sitting room paint finished and all outlet/switch covers back in place..

Still have 4 cushions to sew up..

Made my door wreath all purty...

Photos are still on the floor..didn't get very far with my paper art either..I've also been collecting toilet paper rolls for some of that 'cheap' art as well...might also try my hand at a button one too...

Gottawork on dinner...the Big Guy is working up an appetite building the wood window valances...

***Edited to add the door plus wreath photo..oh and yellow wall in the daylight.

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Schick-one word-WOW

Cal- picking colors is a challenge. I am glad to see your canvas- our garage door was our canvas when we were deciding. And none of these won- but I designed my own color- more green than you want.
I can only post one picture from my ipad right now or I lose my text going to another tab.. But this will make you feel better.

Today, we rode 75 miles on our bicycles and stopped at Gee farms. I want to drive back to look at their Japanese maples(I have my list fro CEFreeman and also to see if they have any epimedium to plant under our tricolor beech.

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Thanks, all! The way I see the ceiling is, by the time I find someone who would actually show up and get on their calendar, I could probably be done with it if I stick to doing however much per day. I spend more effort fighting gravity and the length of the pieces than anything else. This evening I was bored and put up more, so there are only two rows until I reach the support beam and continue on the other side.

Sewing... that's something that mystifies me!

WOW that's a lot of colors! I feel for everybody doing that. It took enough tries just to get the right shade of white here, and grasscloth will be a whole other adventure once the samples arrive.

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Shicksal, there's a chance that your hard drive is still OK. Frequently I've "repaired" (read: preformed a miracle) by taking the hard drive out of a trashed laptop and just putting it into another machine recover data. It's worth a try. Far more successful than trying to recover a cell phone dropped in the toilet. That tiny hard drive is really toast.

BTW. Your progress is really wonderful. You've created such a beautiful home!

Cal_quail, your home is also interesting! Very modern with those angles and high windows. Really a statement!

Also, don't put a motion sensor in a room where you're going to be sitting still. Bedrooms, Offices, Dens, etc., don't work because motion keeps the lights on. People whine about them not working when the whole principle is being missed.

Imagine your DH diligently working. Work work work. Tink! light off. So what's a man to do? He starts waving his arms wildly. That doesn't work, so he starts waving a clip board. Things fall off and konk him on the head, causing him to fall out of his desk chair, leaving him on the ground, in the dark. No. Motion sensors are for rooms where you come and go.

Pressure switches might be good for an office. Put it on the seat of your chair. When you're sitting down, it's on. Stand up? off. I think I'm brilliant.

MGMMom, "crap hole?" That sounds like something I'd say. Well, have a safe trip and dine well!

a2gemini, I forgot to mention a Shania. It has lovely, small red leaves and the bark is dark. It takes full sun if you need it to. It's very very pretty. Did I mention a Red Dragon? Another full sun tree, but differently in that it's a lace leaf. Garnet and Crimson Queen are two others. Oh. I don't know off the top of my head if the latter two are dwarfs.

My bedroom wall looked like that with paint samples. I'm still convinced I didn't get a good paint match, because 'Natural Wicker' looks awfully peach.

I really don't understand why, when they have the Glidden formulas in their system, (my sample was made from the formula) that the guy chose to color match instead. I HATE that because the undertones are never, ever right. When I lose my mind trying to find a gray green that doesn't become turquoise in natural light, I am sure not going to take a color match anymore.

That's the bottom line. I've got another sample chip and have painted the 'Natural Wicker' on it. When it dries, if it's different in my natural light, I'm going back to SW and have some kind of hissy fit. That's 3 gallons of paint and many hours kindly given to me. I'm ranting.

Electrician John came again today.
I now have pendant lights in my kitchen that turn on, turn off. Dim up, dim down. woo Woo!

He also wired my front bath (the one with the man-sized hole in the floor) so my pretty light will come on (motion sensor) and I have a switch for the fan and overhead light. He had to go into [inset Jaws music] The Attic to trace wiring. At 85F it was a bit toasty up there. This man never complains and never has a bad word to say about previous people's work. Impresses me.

Anyway, he also got the toe kick heater in, but the Broan directions aren't complete. He knows how it should, be, but he's going to call them in the morning.

My MB sconces are up and in, and HE taught ME how to install a light. Yes, I can now install a light fixture. Me. Myself. Without it costing me a gudzillion dollars for which I have to save.

Went to work. I'm bushed. Tomorrow's Monday. Everyone have a wonderful week and keep on keepin' on. (Did I date myself?)

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a2, just looked at your colors again..the bottom right green (3rd block over from the end) is looking mighty close to my house..with white trim..

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BM Natural Wicker is a very close Match or even the same (one store said was 99% while another store said was 100%) a BM Bone White. I had several rooms painted this color that I love. Before getting my sand white maple bedroom furniture, I had Golden Oak furniture in my bedroom that was falling apart. When the painter started to paint the wall, he told me to hurry up the steps the walls were appearing peach! The paint color was picking up the golden oak color and reflecting peach. I changed the color of the wall to Deep Cream. Now that I have my sand white furniture, I wish I kept the color until I was ready to change my bedroom furniture.

I have the BM Bone White (= BM Natural Wicker) in my home office and family room and there is no peach in it and it appears like a creamy light tan and is so peaceful and neutral.

So right now the paint color is picking up the dark wooden door, the wooden beams and I am not sure what else but it sure does look peach on my monitor.I would tape up bright white paper around it and see if it changed color.

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a2g - Thanks! It does make me feel better. What I posted was area #3. :) I started off a lot more green. I've changed brands a couple times. DH is very patient with it, as long as I don't ask for his opinion. Tonight, for the first time, he asked how much the paint samples are. When I told him, he started to say something about it. I said that, a) it's better than hating the whole house, b) it's keeping my mind off the kitchen frustrations and keeping me away from trying to demo the kitchen myself (which we agree wouldn't be a good idea, no matter how much HGTV I've watched.) His suggestion is that I just drink more. ;)

shicksal - I hope you've got Time Machine set up. I'm fanatic about it. I have my stuff backing up at our house AND take my laptop to the inlaws at least once a month and it gets Time Machine'd there (set up them up with Time Capsule when they moved, partially for that selfish reason). DH had an Air die May '13. Not much backed up. Sad. Got a new one, still didn't back stuff up. Both our computers (and a whole lot more) was stolen in July '13. He still hasn't learned the lesson. ::shrug::

terri - Keep talking about sewing. One of my goals for the summer is to sew something. Anything.

CEF - "Imagine your DH diligently working. Work work work." HAHHAHA. We call it his office. It's two walls of movies, a couple bookcases, a fish tank and a bunch of beer. It's a wonderful room (he got it so I got the two others) but it's a walk-through room.

Our master has one sconce. It's in such a weird position. It's just to the left of the door. It's like a porch light for the room. That's something for another day, but I'd love to see a pic of yours.

I brought home 3 samples. I got the ones I went to get, but almost changed my mind while there. I should have. I'm going to go read the info on color % etc. I have some ideas going on in my head. We'll see.

Got 8 bags of mulch, some salvia, some kangaroo paws and a rudbeckia. FIL brought over some corn, grape tomatoes, and zucchini to plant here. He planted the corn. I'll plant the others. I got a couple bags of mulch spread. Then taught a couple classes and dinner with the inlaws.

This post was edited by cal_quail on Mon, Jul 7, 14 at 0:32

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Lynn2006. my 'Natural Wicker' is Glidden, matched by SW.
I had this darned sample on my wall for over 6 months, in 4 different places. It was against white drywall primer.

I'll have to take a look at the BM colors. I do have dark hardwood floors, but no furniture in the room to distract. Frustrating, isn't it? Paint, I mean.

I have no plans today.
Tomorrow Morgan goes back to the vet for her 2 week check in. She's bleeding when she sleeps, and the vet can't find it. It's from her mouth, because it's under where she puts her head and in her water bowl. The other day, there were droplets on the front porch.

I have to lift her butt up the stairs, because after the first hours of the day, her back leg is too weak. But her tail wags, and she continues to eat like a pig. The kitchen at work gives me the fat and scraps from the prime rib. I put her pills in it. She loves it. But then, she loves anything she can eat. Including poop of any kind.

Ok, kind of a melancholy morning. Lovely to sit on the porch and have my espresso & Reese's cups, but now I have to face [dadada dahhhhhh] doing something.

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Terri - I need to find my answer key to verify the color. What was the name of yours?

Cal - if you were closer. I have about 36 samples in the basement LOL
I have about 10 almost there but not quite. I combined 2 colors 2/3 thunderous and 1/3 of a color match Mansard stone. When it wasn't right, I asked about doing it by math - never works he says. Humor me was my response. I said this has ABC and this has XYZ. Your samples have AXZ but no BC (not actual pigment but you get the idea).
Grumbling- he did it and was perfect. I had BM and SW and both could not reproduce but finally went with SW for Thunderstone (my name) with white trim

Freeman - thanks! Have you ever been to Gee farms in your travels?
It is in the middle of nowhere and has been family run since the 1800s. I think the website says they have 20 greenhouses and specialize in unusual varieties
I haven't been there by car- just bicycle but hope to check it out soon

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a2gemini, are we in the same area? I've not heard of this nursery. What a family business to support! :) It sounds like Thanksgiving Farms way out past Frederick, MD. Actually, I have no idea where they are, but I"ve been there!

Cal_Quail, oh, no, this is worse. Imagine him lying on the floor, in the dark, drunk spilling his beer everywhere as people walk through the room, loving how their movement turns the light on.

Years ago, when I first got a hallway light, I put a motion sensor on it, of course. Until then, I'd been using my cell phone camera light.
The first time I stepped into the hall and the light came on, I screamed & threw my phone in the air and my heart was pounding about WHO was in the house!!??? Way TOO MUCH LIGHT!

Off to the bank to get money orders to pay my mortgage(s). I'm pooped and haven't done a darned thing.

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Wow-this is one hardworking bunch. It doesn't look like anyone rested over the weekend.
Terri-what a lovely green. Looks great.
Schicksal-wow! You are doing that all by yourself? (PS -I also have a naughty cat who loves to drink water from your glass and then put his paws into it and spill it. No matter how much I yell at everyone not to leave their water glasses around we have had plenty of spills. He has wrecked more tables but I don't blame him , I blame the humans that live with him who are supposed to have the more sophisticated brains!

So I did not rest this long weekend either. Front door got a fresh coat of paint and a new wreath. Last two light fixtures on the house got repainted. (They had faded to a funky pink color). The rest of the shrubs in front were trimmed. Inside the house-i finally have baseboards in my kitchen, living and dining rooms. After I did all the cutting with the miter saw, I told DH " just show me how to use the nail gun and get out of my way." (DH is very handy, but he'll start whatever we're working on and then get a call from work and then it's just one interruption after another, so I usually just stand around getting more and more frustrated.) Sorry- rant over.

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Well, then maybe the Glidden Natural Wicker has more red in it to make it more peach. If you did not want peach, now is the time to change it unless since there is no furniture in the room yet, the paint color is picking up all the brown around it.

I would get a few paint chips of the Glidden Natural Wicker, and on one put a drop of the matched SW paint on it, and compare there two with BM Bone White and BM Natural Wicker on a white paper background and see what your eye sees.

I love following your renovation. Sorry about your doggie. I have a sick doggie also.

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countryatheart - yes it's just me + a helper on rare occasion. I'm still coming up with ideas to hold the boards up while I nail them in. The goal is to try and figure something out that will help me put them in quicker. The ones that are small enough to not bend very much I'm able to do without much trouble but it's the big ones that are more difficult.

About the cat, I totally agree. People are supposed to be smarter than the cat is and put things away. I cleaned the mess the first couple of times, demanded a bit of help the next time, and now that the computer is destroyed and I'm not buying the next one I think feeling the pain will make the message sink in. The hard drive is a bit damaged but a file recovery program I'm told sees the files. They are getting backed up before an attempt to fix the partition. Worst case scenario, we have 5 million files with no names or folder structure that somebody gets to sift through to figure out what's what.

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BTW, if anyone was wondering how I was putting up the ceiling without help, here's the secret. The following is dangerous, a bad idea, and known by the State of California to cause cancer.

1. Set one end of the board high up on the first ladder.
2. Climb up the second ladder, raise the opposite end of the board in place and nail it once.
3. Go back to the first ladder and nail the board on place. Then, nail it in all the middle locations.

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OMG-My knees hurt just thinking about it.

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Cal ROFLOL! Very creative

Freeman- gee farms is in MI and I remember that you traveled to the mitten state. It is NW of Chelsea near Bunkerhill in the middle of nowhere

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a2, the green came on the house when we bought it 2 months ago...but...they left a bucket behind..next time I venture into the garage I will see what it says.

My cushions are done and I'm sitting in a chair. ;)

I made english muffins and browned butter banana bread.

I tried to remove a finger nail this morning when the Big Guy and I were hanging pictures..I was trying to hold to many things with 2 hands..one slipped..and my finger caught in the lip of the frame, but one fingernail, altready shorter than usual can't hold up a 3 spot 5x7 rectagular frame...

I have done to many things since...and it's back to throbbing..so you all get one handed typing on the iPad.

Oooh a picture of my bargin cushions...

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One guy injured this AM before work. Maybe busted ribs ... he was at the ER. There will be delays.

And they plastered over an outlet by mistake.

But, we did settle on a color for the trim and walls throughout the house, for some strange reason shutting the water off and turning it on while fixing the sprinkler valve blew a huge collection of crud out of the hot water pipes leading to the rear bath, so the pressure is way higher back there.

So, I'll take any progress I can get.

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Country, scroll up to see the "real" color..it's yellow. But, I love the green it gets at night...

a2, checked the bucket..label is worn off...no clue...sorry....

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a2gemini, I'll ask my sister if she's familiar with Gee. She's a huge gardener and doesn't think 2ce about moving shrubs and trees. She's pretty amazing.

Teri, I absolutely LOVE that fabric! Gorgeous. you did a beautiful job!

Shicksal, My POC-ex-GC-DH and I moved a 16' I beam that way. He'd lift the end and I'd shove the ladder underneath it. We'd move to the other end. It's a good thing we weren't in CA, given the fact there's so much cancer there! All those labels...
Instead, he just acerbated the 5 hernia he had at the time. Now? To bad, suckaaah,

I had a worthless day. I went to Wal-Mart to load my money card, buy some light bulbs for my newly hung lights. I bought some bread and ham for sandwiches, but left the ham at the store. Why put ham in a separate bag? It's not like the bulbs or bread were that heavy!
I sat in a chair. I planned on how to hang some cabinets. I sat a bit more. I took a nap. I got up and sat some more. It's too hot to move, and I'm feeling overwhelmed at the moment. Time to make time to sit and stare into space.

Ok. I did water my garden.
Keep up the inspiring work everyone!
(Terry, so sorry about the nail. That hurts so much!)

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Gotta love an ipad in your lap...see my boo boo below..only the tip of the finger is swollen now.. If I hadn't broke the nail last week, I would have probably broke it this morning, but not dis"located" it...wahhhh...didn't really stop me today though..

That "fabric" was $ store pillow cases..sold in packs of 2. It took 5-6 packages. I had to remove the seams in each case, then figure out how to "design" around the random small rose areas in the fabric.
Some of the fabric was already outside a week...rained on, sun bleached..it'll only last this summer..but it's fun for now.
We sprayed the faded "brown" frames satin black.

Oh orange goo is on the table top, with a 55 g trash bag smooshed down on it. What about the hardware? It has sides that drop..so there are two hinges on each side. For tonight I put the sides up and "painted" the whole top..

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Started a rant in here, on a new thread, and changed my mind. Very frustrated with HD and GC. I. must. just. chill. They will inspect the cabinets on Saturday, not Thurs. Early enough that I'll be able to keep my scheduled classes, theoretically. It'll happen when it happens. That's DH's philosophy. I just have to start/keep getting other stuff done.

I set an appt with a painter for a quote for the exterior tomorrow who a couple (picky) colleagues have used. Will also ask about kitchen, assuming they also do interior. DH all of a sudden has a fairly strong opinion on exterior trim that differs from mine. I decided that an impartial person (painter) would be good to give advice.

I planted the plants I got yesterday. I mulched the apricot/peach/nectarine trees and some of the new border. Ran low on mulch so also went to HD got some more and a couple more plants.

Also talked to the KD (back from vacation). Short version, I asked, if I don't use their GC for labor, what am I out if anything. She said just what they've done so far. I emailed to get it in writing, what exactly that meant. But per DH, at this point, we'll still go ahead with them. I just need to do some other things tomorrow. Just chill.

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cal_quail - it's probably for the best that you're having someone else do the painting. Aside from the been there / done that / never again aspect, it'll probably help keep the peace regarding differing opinions on trim and other colors. Are you running into lead trouble? One of the quotes on an early '20s craftsman we own was much higher than the others because they wanted to put plastic down 10 feet past the house and a bunch of other things.

terri_pacnw - Ouch! I'm curious how this table comes out. Nothing I've tried for stripping paint has ever worked as advertized except for a heat gun. Hopefully you have better luck.

CEFreeman - Not fun about the ham... I also find myself staring into space a lot while working. Maybe it's resting, maybe thinking about whatever else I'd rather be doing.

lazygardens - WOW! Hope it didn't happen at home, or if it did that the contractor's insurance will cover whatever comes up. That's always been a fear of mine.

By the time the day wrapped up I put in about 7' more of the ceiling. I'm at the halfway point + about 1.5'. It's looks like this task will wrap up on Friday. I stopped at the first row of 3 recessed lights in the larger part of the ceiling. The foam insulation moved them around a little as it expanded so I get to find a way to adjust them back into place. Basically, 1/4" here or there but with closed cell foam to carve out first.

Countertops go in on Thursday. I still need to call the gas guy to see if he can come out on Friday. Branching off from a gas line is NOT something I'm about to DIY!

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Took Morgan to the vet today. Her upper respiratory infection seems to have cleared up, although she's still got difficulty breathing. The heat puts her down hard. Vet says she's not in pain, but probably all over blahhh because of the tumor weight, them pressing on her organs, etc. She was a very active, funny dog up until recently. He says he believes we might have another couple weeks before we need to make The Decision. ohhh.

In my stupidity and need to do something, I started limbing up some junk cedar trees at the edge of the road. What a hard job! That and killing vinca. I've decided I dislike vines as much as I dislike extension cords, stereo and computer cables, and anything that will trip you. Remember, my house ran off extension cords poked through holes in the wall to the garage, where they were hardwired to the fuse box. I'm not a cable/vine fan!

I came in so dripping after a half an hour of this, I've decided to relax in the cool and (get this) strip a cabinet in front of the TV. Now who in the world says that kinda stuff!? Let alone DO it!? And no I'm not gonna open the windows and let the heat in. I'm using the magic goo known as [drum roll] CITRISTRIP! YEAH! y,

Shicksal, come on up this way, give me a day of hard labor (because that's how you roll) and I'll give you one giant, huge sewing project. Maybe something as seemingly simple as hanging drywall. You make everything look easy!

Imagine... curtains or something. Never made slip covers, but if I can make lined blazers, pants, skirts, drapes and quilt? I can do a project for you... I have cats to pet.... But they drink out of the sink.

Then I'm going to work again. How's your day

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Cal - too bad you couldn't find the color - Here is our final house color - Not done this week but awhile ago - but posting to close out the color talk. The funny thing, when I started, I didn't want white trim - but figured out what I didn't like on white trim is, white trim with lighter colors.

Terri - ouch!

Freeman - still hoping to get to Gee Farms but might have to wait - heading out to gain control of the garden between the rain drops - if the vampires aren't too hungry.

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UNGHHHHHH... hi everyone.

I am covered in shiny silver glitter. Only it's not glitter, it's aluminum dust from chop sawing aluminum all day in the 90 degree weather. Sweat plus aluminum dust... I'm real pretty right now. Waiting for ONE MORE charge on my dewalt drill to do the LAST segment of my railing!!!

Schicksal - I had a surreal eureka moment when I put two and two together that your beautiful modern DIY odyssey is ALSO the hairy re-do the whole damn floor support odyssey! I was exhausted on your behalf all weekend, thinking about ALL the work you have done in the past year. It is definitely looking very awfully amazingly beautiful, though.

Love the pretty covers, that fabric really has a zing to it!

I'm too tired to respond to each of you at the moment. I need to eat and drink while my charging happens. Pictures in a while, hopefully!!!

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i didn't post last week. too embarrassed to admit i got nothing done. it's not really true but when i sat down to post i couldn't think of anything! the big thing is that i've have 2 possible cabinet makers. one i've been working with a while but he was out of commission from a big fall. so he came yesterday with his sample finish for the cabinets. when i visited his shop it did not seem like he understood what i was looking for. so he set about finishing a couple of scrap pieces of cherry to prove he's been listening to me. i was very pleased.
when the newer cabinet maker came by he was the first to shake my confidence in my design. everyone voices objections and i had answers for everything. but he helped me realize i wouldn't be able to reach stuff if i did it my way. he had lotsa ideas and said he'd put something together for me. but i didn't hear a word because i realized that coupled with some esthetic issues coming out of my design, i had to admit it was dead.
so i tried to start over. then i decided the thing to do was to post here and get advise from the best. it took me forever. i don't even want to list all the problems i had putting together something coherent when i just kept messing up. i finally figured out how to post the pictures and got my thoughts in some sort of order and posted.
meantime my laptop is almost completely dead! i'm so afraid i'm going to run out of money before the kitchen's done.
i had guests in on the 4th and it was great. we could see the fireworks but they we absolutely microscopic.
tomorrow the partner of the 1st cabinet maker (Eron & Burr) is coming over to help me think of a solution to my design problems. the problems all revolve around a weight bearing wall. i'm beginning to wonder exactly what's involved in taking down a load bearing wall. people do that right? you need an engineer or something i suppose.
i'll let you know how it goes tomorrow.

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I'll be back..the coffee pot just said "coffee's ready"..

But I must say Beauty, that is some nifty "glitter" you got there!

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So that citristrip is pretty nifty..I went out this morning to check and it was dried and flaky..guess my "plastic" sticking sucked..or the garage was extra warm..lol

But most of it scraped off very easily..and suprise the wood is/was cherry-ish.
Which works for me..
I applied more on the top..and plastic again...got busy with other things and yep releasing more goodies..when I checked on it again.
How fun!

Went out and priced carpet for the master at my mom's house. HD wins by like $200. She just has to like the carpet that I picked out in that price range. ;)
Their installation and disposal/removal fee is basically the difference.

Yesterday I "worked" on the kitchen..lol..I hung two copper cookie cutters behind the stove. Breaks up the white a little. ;)
Anyone know a trick to remove two stuck in range hood light bulbs? Appear to be mini floods..wiggly, but won't turn out of the socket all the way..Previous owner did give us all the owner's manuals..and that says use a light bulb suction cup..aside from finding one to purchase, any other tricks?
No fingers fit in there, the housing can not be "broken into"..I've tried the little rubber drawer liner piece I use for jar grip..but again no way to get leverage on it..

Oh and has anyone taken their oven door apart? Seems there was a big spill that went down into the vents, and in the oven door on the back of the glass..

I would like to clean some of that out if I have to live with that dumb range for a while longer.

The grill has a small meatloaf and freshly dug new potatoes..."baking"

Oh we primed and painted the wood valances..I think he's going to install them tonight.

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@terri I haven't taken my oven door apart, but there have been a couple threads on it for a couple different manufacturers on the appliance forum over the last couple months. Search there and/or google something specific on yours.

@kaylarus Sometimes it's good to just step back and get a running start again.

@bbdf That looks like some dangerous glitter. I'd be hosing down outside. :)

@CEF Sorry to hear about Morgan. My dogs are 8 and 9 and every trip to the vet gets scarier and scarier. I take the older one Thursday for a couple things. (my first 'baby')

Paint--Had our first estimate from a REAL painter for the exterior. Over twice as much as from the other pseudo painters. This guy did send his license and insurance with an emailed quote though, so there's that. It's 20% more than a friends house that I doubt is much bigger. Ours just has so many odd bits. The plan is now...wait. I'll de-patchwork things. The idea to paint the house came about when we got the roof done last winter and got lots of new fascia AND we're getting new doors and...and...you know how that goes. We re-prioritized and decided it made sense to NOT spend that money and make all those decisions now. We'll get the new fascia painted and instead get lawn front and back and some hardscape work done. We'll look at painting again down the line.

Kitchen news--We have some! FINALLY got a date from the contractor. "Looking at the calendar as of right now pending the results of the inspection of course. We are more than likely looking at the week of the 21st. It is possible we could bump up Demo to the end of the week of the 14th but cant not say for sure at this point". Hallelujah, at least I can schedule work and other sorts of things next week. I'd love it done sooner rather than later, but I'm just happy with a date. And that date makes me think we should be able to finish before school starts. Maybe even with at least part of a week to spare.

I drove my birthday self into LA and picked up our BEAUTIFUL pendants. And had my favorite sandwich (Caprese).

Came home and picked up a couple more filler plants and did some planting. Cooling off and will finish up soon.

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Cal quail - where are the pictures of the pendants??? :)

beautybutdebtfree - are you using gloves? I can't imagine how the innocent looking sparkles wouldn't turn into splinters if you got them on your hands. And yes, I'm the same one that was basically rebuilding everything but the outside walls. Almost done though, with this area at least.

Today was more of the same - talking to the gas plumber this afternoon and then back at it with the ceiling. I hope to finish on Thursday or Friday, depending on what else is going on. Here's what it looks like now. Pardon the mess.

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Still too tired to respond at length, but here is a review. Before shot, the "Bubba Fence." Reaaaaaaaaaaaal classy.

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After shot, a real, commercial grade railing. It will outlast me. Very simple lines. Very, very anchored into my concrete!

Um. Still need to ditch the Bubba Fence leftovers, as you can see. Looking for a gardener or poultry keeper on craigslist who might want used Bubba Wire. ; )

Glitter all washed away and gone, now. Done drilling plate aluminum, hammer drilling concrete, and chop sawing aluminum extrusions - and it feels goooooooooood.

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That looks amazing bbdf! It looks like the patio of a nice restaurant with a deck overlooking a creek or something.

And schicksal, as always, amazed and lovely.

We took the pendants out. MIL came over to see them. And DH boxed them back up before I got a pic. I'll have them out in the near future to figure out who's going to hang them for us. The big one is HEAVY!

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Beauty, that looks great!
Shicksal, you got a lot done today!

Forgot to mention a2, paint and trim... Fabulous! My house is green with white trim too..

Went and picked up the wood valances and they are hung. He added dowel cups for curtains in the future.

Happy Birthday CalQ! The Big Guy hits 50 tomorrow..and 4 days later 45 for me...

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Happy early birthday!!!

Bbdf, the fence you out in looks awesome, and you probably saved a ton of cash by doing it yourself too.

Mini update... Countertops start late tomorrow evening. Earlier today I was told late morning, so that now means no cooktop tomorrow.

Also the delivery people called and said the wall and combi-stream oven should be delivered tomorrow evening between 4 and 8. Also a change from earlier today when I heard late morning.

I was taking a vacation day from work so I could be around for all this but not now since there's no point.

Edit: it probably belongs in the appliances board but here is what the inside of a Blue Star cooktop looks like. Range tops and rented are probably similar. I had to open it up and look for a lose nut inside.

Time for a nap, then I start on more of the ceiling. Wish I could get going now but arriving to work between 5 and 5:30 makes me tired.

This post was edited by schicksal on Wed, Jul 9, 14 at 18:00

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Schicksal your before and afters are amazing and also kind of terrifying! You're doing an amazing job.

GC stopped by the house while I was at work today and completed the checklist. So we're done except for adding pendants if we decide we want them at some point down the road.

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Does that mean that the wiring is already there if you want pendant lights later? If so, wonderful idea!

Thanks! I had to do similar work in the formal living room, entry hall and family room. I have about 1,300 sq ft in work in this project.

Today I didn't get as much done as I wanted to. Only 6 1/2 rows. It took a long time measuring and shooting lasers to get this row where it needed to be. A drawback about doing this kind of ceiling is that if you'd recessed lighting is not lined up it will be extra obvious.

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schicksal not only is your house and work beautiful, you post super nice pics. I did bust out a nicer camera for before shots of the kitchen and will for some things along the way. But...

I just posted a thread with pics of my cabinets and they're crappy iphone pics with the sun blowing them out. But they're here...they're here...they're here!!! And they're pretty. :D And they're HEAVY. The delivery guys commented they're good because they're heavier than most.

Christina - Congrats on being virtually done!

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I am still half dead from finishing my railing. It was hard work, but I think it was more the heat, and then stupid me I wasn't paying attention and got pretty sunburned, so I haven't been sleeping well due to this.

But this picture is for you Cal Quail - our view over the deck - it's a pretty darned good vista, for a backyard, isn't it?

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What a lovely view! You guys are all doing such great things.

So today I bought a bed. Not that I needed a bed, but I've been looking for this style for years and years and believed them to simply be out of my range. It is in the Dauphine style. Based upon the joinery and the date on the very bottom, it's from 18(something something). I absolutely love its curved footboard. A king runs $3000 to $4000, or repros are 3/4 of that. I found this full-sized bed on Craig's List. Yesterday. About 4 hours after she posted it. For [drum roll] $99.00. I plan to strip it down, probably, but it's showing its age so I might have to paint it anyway. We'll see.

Don't laugh at me. I have so many other things I should be paying for (like bills) but I just didn't want to miss this. It's an "Ah HA THAT'S IT" thing! I'll put the CL pic at the bottom.

Now I have to give away a brand new bed, incl queen mattress and box springs. I have no need for it and it never A HAed me. I'm far from shy about giving things away when I find something I like more. Thank goodness, or there'd be no room for me in this house.

Then, after years of falling off ladders, climbing on counters, living barefoot on a construction site, I think I have mildly sprained my ankle. I'm sitting here twirling it around and I can feel it click and there is pain. I'm NOT going to let it freeze up on me, but ooo bubba, it hurts.

My neighbor gave me fresh beets from his garden. oooooo I love beets.

The rest of the day I'm going to change my cat littler and take my MBR cabinets off the wall to refit them into the space, which has turned out to be built smaller than it was to have been. However, I'll make it work.

Here's my bed:

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What a green, lush vista! (you've seen my dirt) And I can see why that bed was hard to find. So pretty and unique. I've never seen one with that detail.

I've only opened one more cabinet box this morning. There was a mystery small piece. It's an extra roll out for my pantry. Mystery solved, but nothing fun to look at. It's like I have my own advent calendar sprawled all over my living room. Every couple hours, I just go peek into something new.

I'm dreaming about what will go where now, now that I have an idea of what a 24"w drawer will look like with MY stuff in it. Trying to talk to DH about it but he can't deal until everything is in. I'm hoping to get a few accessory sorts of things ordered and they might even be here when the cabinets are installed.

One thing we want is a different knife storage solution. I want my prep knives in a prep area and steak knives with my cutlery. So I may try this DIY idea since I've got time to kill and cork can't be that expensive. I could get wood hollow inserts and just fill a couple of the sections with this.

Off to take the blue dog to the vet.

Here is a link that might be useful: DIY cork knife insert.

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CEF - is that the dresser you went chasing around for? (poor grammar, I know)? Love the bed... I dunno... is the finish shot? Looks kinda good dark wood like that from a distance. Why can't you sell your other bed on craigslist and recoup part of your "treasures" fund?

Schicksal - see pic. Co-geek here! I had to see what was inside the thing. And I totally get your insane house project. There is something just SO VERY SATISFYING about DIY projects, such that you KNOW how it's done, and you did it the way you WANT it to be done, and you have this feeling afterward that it's GOOD. You will not only love your beautiful new space, but every so often think of those solid new floor joists underneath your feet, knowing your floor is solid. Your ceiling is looking great.

Kaylarus - My motto is "forward progress, every day," which means that as long as there is SOME sort of forward progress, even if it's thinking through a problem, or a TINY bit of work, that's good. Some days a person is just fried and needs to do less, and be ok with that.

Cal Quail - I know exactly what you mean about the serial surprises, when opening up stuff (even if it's cabinet parts)! One can make a really fun adventure of things like this in life, can't one? Happy Birthday a bit delayed! I hope you had a lovely day.

Terri - the cornices look very nice! The keystones are a coo-el touch, that little something extra oomph. Hope your finger is healing quickly!

a2gemini - You have a very pretty house and I do like that most handsome spiffy color combination. It carries that very difficult mixture to achieve: classy, pizzaz, calm, but not boring. I really like the textures, too!

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Christina222 and Cal_Quail, Thanks for the kind words on the pictures! They are just from my Nexus 5. I wipe the lens before taking pictures; it really helps make them a lot clearer. Today should be a good day for a 1 year ago vs. now pic because I replaced the worst joists on July 10th. Changing the floorplan and raising the ceiling was the best thing we could have done that doesn't involve a bulldozer. This is not the same place I moved into anymore.

bbdf - your view is awesome and you have what no one can remodel or add on. Tons of space to call your own.

CEFreeman - that's a cool bed! You say it's showing its age but I can't tell from the picture. How old is it?

Cal_Quail - Thanks for sharing the knife dock. I wanted to do one too, since staying in a place in Florida that had all kinds of cool stuff built in to the kitchen cabinet drawers. I'm curious to see how more of the cabinets look once unboxed!

Today is pretty quiet. I rolled in at 5:30 today and once I get home I need to clear off everything on top of the cabinets. Also the ceiling planking stored in the kitchen needs to go. But things will be pretty quiet until late afternoon when everything happens all at once.

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Shicksal, the date on the bottom says, 18(something something). It's finish is really probably done, but I can't just go slapping paint on it before I give cleaning it up a shot. It's got cool little casters on it, too. I'm thrilled with it. Love my Ah HA moments! :)

BBDF, No, this isn't the dresser I drove all over to get. That's really pretty. Natural maple, 56" wide, and 6 drawers. The ironic part is that I LOVE it and am ready to give some other stuff away to accommodate it.
However, I realized there was something off. It was sized for a McMansion and My home is far from that. It's too big. I could put the bed in the dresser, I think. That, I might try to sell, despite how much I love it. I just hate selling, though. I'd much rather give it away to a good home. Things come back to me in so many wonderful ways, I've never regretted doing that.

But selling my Queen bed on CL. I really probably should. I'm very lazy and haven't sold on CL before. I might try to get some pictures and do it. Of course, that would mean actually folding the laundry I throw in there until I'm bored enough to fold it? I have made myself fold one thing every time I go into that room. I'm concentrating on blankets and sheets, since they're the biggest.

Anyway, my Queen bed is cool, though. It's a dark, espresso maple in an Asian-ish, geometric shape. It's also a tall bed, with footboard. I should probably bite the bullet and try to sell it. You're right.

I laughed at you guys with your appliances pulled apart. I currently have a toe kick heater open, in pieces on the floor, because I wanted to be able to fix it if I ever had to. Harkening to my computer building days I miss very much!

Ok. Gonna eat something.
Keep up the good work!

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Have you thought about maybe seeing if it has a shellac finish and maybe just needs a new coat?

The appliances coming in today are not going to be opened up, except to retrieve the manuals from inside :) Actually with the cooktop I only popped the top because a couple of nuts worked their way loose and were rattling around in there. I'm both surprised and not surprised about how basic everything in there is. It looks like the sort of thing that would work 100 years from now exactly the same as it would today if it were plugged in.

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Ahhhhh ... fencepost holes being dug, after a tricky layout, dodging some trees and deciding where it's supposed to go. We set it in a couple of inches from the older fence line to give the neighbors a better walkway along that side of their house.

MBR ceiling getting textured, plaster is plasted ... then I can move in there while they patch the rest of the rooms.

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Countertops are done for the day. The person who did the template forgot about the freestanding column and the one at the wall, so those will need to be cut and then we'll try again. They are on the drawing though. On the bright side, I'm assuming we're at the top of the list.

Still waiting on the delivery truck.

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schicksal, who makes your cabinets? they are gorgeous! and was it you on the appliance forum who was getting miele appliances? did you get the new generation?

This post was edited by AGK2003 on Thu, Jul 10, 14 at 17:18

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OMG! :) I was doing my oooohhhhhh quiver looking at those lovely cabinets and that smooth, glistening countertop, Shicksal! Just beautiful. Even though they forgot.. [cough] it's nice they didn't try to site hack it. You must be SO excited.

I just cooked something. Don't worry. It didn't hurt.
I looked up how to cook boneless, skinless chicken dark meet. I'm currently making some rice to eat the whole thing with. I am the 1st to "ick" about chicken, but I looooove dark meet. BBQ sauce on those babies and I'm dyin'.

Ankle is definitely trouble. But I will ignore that.

Other than that, I accomplished a nap today.
I'm also taking down the MBR cabinets and putting them back up about 1/2" over. I might have to tear out a wall for this, after my Multi-Purpose Fred worked so hard on it. But that remains to be seen.

I have such a life. Work. Nap. Reese's Cups, Wine, Work, maybe do something around the house, nap. Kinda a rut, but moving forward!

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A local cabinetmaker made them. Our job was their last, and the cabinet building equipment and people went to another local place that I have the info for if needed.

I'm one of two who spoke of getting the 6000 series (cal quail is the other). I went with the Pure Line wall oven and combi-steam oven. If I remember correctly, she was getting a steam oven in Contour Line? I bought the existing dishwasher (Future Diamond) and warning drawer though, both of which work flawlessly.

Wallpaper samples came in too... Well, two of them anyway. The others are out there somewhere. Pics to come later.

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Close...speed oven. :) And the existing Dimension DW. But since my cabinets are still in boxes in my LR, it'll be a bit. I'm hoping around the end of the month.

Ouch! about the ankle. Funny how much we use those things. And now, mmm, I want BBQ chicken.

Nice countertops! I think you're building the kitchen I envisioned schicksal. Blessing and a curse to not have total control. ;)

Took AJ to the vet. Ear nastiness and some skin stuff. I hate that the vet I like bought a practice too far away to practically use. I'm going to the owner vet now, who the inlaws have gone to since the beginning of time. He just doesn't like big dogs. He's better than the other gal in the office (LONG story) but I may start the search for a new vet. Sigh.

I did some packing, quite a bit more than I set out to do. :) And I also cleared a couple shelves in my office for stuff I don't want to pack but don't want anywhere NEAR the construction zone. I'll move our dishes there last minute. I made a box of paper plates, etc. and remembered to keep it somewhere accessible. It's funny that as I'm packing I'm starting to be able to think more about where stuff will go. I had a real block about that for the most part.

Sink and faucet are due today. Appliance guy called yesterday SO apologetic that the washer and dryer didn't come in. I'd said we'd take them now and just install them temporarily in the big ol' hole so we could wash clothes. DH didn't think we should, but I felt bad moving it. When he said he had bad news, I assured him that I bet it was good news. He was VERY relieved. I think he might have thought I might have gone a bit nuts. He knows I'm a little...particular.

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beautybutdebtfree: love your motto! it's so easy for me to get critical of myself. and i've let my expectations rise. for about 5 months after my mom died i was super hyper and got everything done. then i slowed way down about 2/3 through unpacking and at the beginning of the 2 big projects, kitchen and deck. today and yesterday i did make a tiny bit of progress so i will brag now.
concerning the kitchen, i have 2 cabinet makers generating estamites. they both have wives that are parners and do the designs. yesterday one of them came over and we let out imaginations go for 1 1/2 hours and came up with some good ideas to fix some difficult issues with the design. after she left i worked on my part of it, which is to write down everything i have relative to how i do things. then today she sent me some new designs based on our discussions. i also set up an appointment with the other team for next week to see their ideas. so i hope to be making a decision soon
on the deck front i went with my GC this morning to see the various permet people for the city, zoning, building and safety to get feedback on our plans and how week can work to replace my rotten deck within all the rules that changed since the thing was built 25 years ago. my neighbor is gonna hate it that one thing i have to do is build a "one hour wall" to resist a wild fire in places where the deck would encourage the spread of fire. the wall will be right accross from her front door! she and i are friends. she came to my 4th of july party and i really don't wanna loose that connection. so i'm not planning on telling her until we've designed it and i can show her how nice it's gonna look. (right)
i then went for breakfast and came back to the city offices to begin research on the question of whether the deck was permitted and inspected back when it was first built in '88. it was fun using a microfiche which i haven't done in over 30 years. of course that's how old the machine is and the printing capacity was broken. so i have to go back. but i didn't see what i wanted to see. nothing mentioning the deck specifically and the plans and drawings for the whole construction don't seem to be on file. i will have to contact the guy who built the house.
my adult daughter has started visiting once a week and i pay her to help me get stuff done. yesterday she made huge progress unpacking my "sewing room" where all my craft stuff is and well as my "real" computer" and tons of art (some of it my own). you can actually walk from the door to the far side of the room now. yeah.
so the rest of today will involve cleaning out the fridge :have a great day everyone. i'm excited cuz the sun is out today.

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Kaylarus, did you say you didn't get anything done?
Have you read your own post?!?

Enjoy the sun and appreciate yourself. You've gotten a huge chunk of stuff underway.

That, m'dearie, is an accomplishment.

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you are so sweet and supportive! eveyone here is supportive of one another. that's really important to me because i do tend to have high expectations. i get frustrated that i am in the middle of a million things and a don't get that sense of completion. so your post is very much appreciated! thank you.

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To be able to cook again tomorrow I am absolutely excited!

Thanks for the comments on the countertops. One of the guys asked if I planned on having trim around the columns (no...). Then I think they realized that a person + grinder would not work in this situation.

BTW the delivery guys just left. Oven #1 = 97kg, oven #2 = 52kg. Way more than I can lift. I may have to call for backup tomorrow. Unboxing to follow...

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Shicksal, that is some sweet looking packages..and it's so cool seeing your kitchen from the "working view" I like the galley walkway set up?

CEF, you might want to at least neoprene brace or at the least ACE bandage that...oh and lots of ice breaks with Ibuprophen and PB cups...yep..that'll do. ~wink~
And I only like dark chicken meat well seasoned and "sauced". I usually teriyaki it..grilled when the weather is agreeable..or baked when it's not.

I played with the coffee table a bit yesterday...got almost all the spray paint off it..the top was stained very cherry..the scraper across it sends burgundy liquid out..I actually like the color it is..so may just lightly hit it with some steel wool..then some poly..the skirt and legs are not the same stuff as the top..so not sure how to handle that..I have the legs in a garbage bag..they need to be citristripped some more.

Letting the top dry from two nights of the stripper..before I decide where next to go...trying to decide which shade of "beige" (as my 17 yr old said) to put in the hall way. It's actually what shade of tan..lol..he is not impressed with Paint Color names..lol

Went looking for dining table chairs...didn't find any bargins or "AHA"'s.
Nor really online.. Hmmm..

Measured my kitchen last night..my U is currently 11'x11'x9'..once I move the fridge out of that area..that's some good counter top range!
I'm very tempted to go upper free...or open shelves...

I've been wandering Houzz...

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Unboxing... This will focus mostly on the boring installation side of things since that is what I would like to do. There were a few surprises with the electrical connections that jumped out at me first. I am used to appliances coming with a lots without a plug that I make a connection with on a nearby box. Not so with this. The wall oven has a huge plug and the other one has a normal sized one. I am not making homes that big in the cabinets so I will install boxes behind them in empty space. BTW they all came with Canadian energy stickers. Nothing US in there at all. My inner hipster thinks this is cool. :)

Wall oven

Combi-steam oven

The oven is huge. The picture doesn't do it justice. I would have been fine with 27" but 30" seemed like a more widely accepted standard.

The rollers are smooth. I've never owned an oven that had those before. There are all kinds of racks and things in there.

The combi-steam oven came with all kinds of things I will have to read about in the manual. Do recognize a witted probe amongst the goodies. The interior is quite large. As big as you would expect a traditional 24" oven to be.

Time for me to get creative and figure out how to get this oven 18" off the floor and into that hole...

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Thanks, Terri! I would like to say it was planned but given the location of the kitchen as an interior room it was the only logical choice. There was really only one wall that want going away and everything sorry of fell into place.

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Teri, no. You're thinking about old fashioned strippers. You don't need steel wool, and frankly, shouldn't use it. Citristrip doesn't recommend it because it's so liquid, it can cause rust. Get yourself a plastic scrubbie and some water. I swear it'll be fine.

If you do want it to lighten, it'll continue to suck the stain right out. Don't spot strip, though, because those spots will end up lighter than the surrounding wood. If you want something off, put a layer on the whole thing.

That burgundy liquid is what I call BBQ goo. Who knew the stain would get sucked right out of the wood. I do think you could take the different parts down to bare wood and play up the fact they're different. Or, paint the base a nice color, and leave the top wood. Lots of options.

Shicksal, overwhelming. You must be dancing around the room! Such cool toys. :)

I cannot WAIT to see how this comes out!

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Well... It'll be a while because I have to call for backup. The oven weighs more than me. I was able to get the other one perched up there though, but the trim kit is not installed and it's not plugged in because it will have to come back down.

I also get to do a bit of carpentry. The cabinet people have the ovens installed proud, but did not take that into account when designing the pieces immediately above and between the ovens. They sit where the appliances would be if they were to be installed flush. It's not that big a deal since I can change it.

In any case I am tired and it's time to go to sleep. Today was a long day.

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The grain fluffed up a bit and the plastic scrapper loosened up some of the straight edges(splintered), so I went over the two drop downs with steel wool lightly to smooth it all back down after all the paint was off.
I have to work on the main body of the top a bit more and still put those legs and the skirt through more orange goo.
This is a reproduction no name..so the wood isn't top quality. But it was $30 and the right style and size. It is going under my picture window between my two Woodmark velvet chairs.

I am very tempted to see what the Citristrip will reveal of these horrid kitchen cabinet doors.

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I think that's a trade-off with Citristrip. Fuss with it before its time and you're not taking advantage of its properties. Let it sit long enough to actually get through the paint layers and its moisture can soften the wood a lot. I think I mentioned something to that effect in that thread to which I linked. That's why I strongly warn against wire brushes and actually steel wool, too.

Luckily, the people who know [ahem] everything about stripping furniture in these blogs and other venues of information are usually treating it like an old, chemical stripper and scraping the crap out of it (in a safety space suit, blah blah blah) within 15 or 20 minutes. That's not long enough to actually cut through more than maybe 2 or 3 layers, nor is it long enough to get into the stain and soften the wood.

I get everything I can off, then use the scrubbie and water. I take my scraper and with the grain, run it along the wood to press out extra moisture. A lot usually comes out. Then I let it dry at least overnight and use 180 to 220 grit to soften the raised grain or the edges that might be softened. Interestingly enough, I never really sand at all.

Teri, while some of my doors were 'marinating' I took a look around and spotted my Quakermaid, reuse center, beaded inset cabinets all ready installed. I looked at the Citristrip and said to myself, "Self? What have you got to lose?" Self replied, "Nada, chickie poo."

And that's how I ended up with what I think are THE most gorgeous, weathered oak cabinets ever. I put a baking pan under the base cabinets and just sluiced everything down into that. Of course, it helps to only have plywood floors... I can tell you that Wilsonart is impervious to Citristrip and Mineral Spirits (I was also painting) if wiped up in a reasonable panic.

Isn't it great that it doesn't remove your skin? Or that you can wipe it on your jeans and the color doesn't come out? Or... that you can do this in place and not die? I'm going to slather some on the bed I bought. I am looking for it to moisten some veneer areas that have buckled, so I can glue 'em back down!

Today I am going to see the movie 'Tammy.'
Enjoy the day!

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Action, around here, today. Although I'm not the one doing it, I just run drinks today.

We have 20 something stumps to grind. We lost a lot of trees due to the severe winter/disease this year, and we also lost several due to a lightning strike.

Industrial strength stump grinder with giant carbide teeth on a hefty fly wheel. Here it's being delivered.

This post was edited by beautybutdebtfree on Fri, Jul 11, 14 at 7:54

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Here's a shot of what grinds the stumps out. A series of bolts on the flywheel, each with a huge chunk of carbide as the bolt head (bottom of bolt, in this picture).

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Wow, BBDF! now that's a machine!
I have stump removing envy. I've lost 5 trees to tornadoes since 2008. It's always horrifyingly fascinating to see a mature tree twisted into splinters.
Put on your ear protection and grind away! Free mulch!!

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While I was taking pics of the stump grinder, I saw this in the front yard.


Schicksal - Nice new culinary toys. You will enjoy the quality and calories for years to come! I can't justify new kitchen appliances at the moment, but wonder what I will get next time the cycle hits me. What I really need is appliances that make it HARDER to create calories, and that make the calories LESS likely to be consumed!!

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Holy cow that's big!

I'd love one of those for the stump left behind from an 80' pine I removed last summer. It was dangerously close to our house and the neighbors, and our rafters bore the scars of years of dropped branches.

I'm going to have to come back and ask for help next month with stripping paint from doors and trim at the other house. There are at least a layer or two of latex on top of oil, on top of shellac. Not fun.

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Shicksal, you've been reading our Citristrip comments, right...?

BBDF, that's incredibly beautiful. Reminds you of the lovely things in the world, doesn't it?

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CEF - the guys are wearing full ears and also polycarbonate face masks with this monster. We have "collected" stumps for about 2 years now, before renting this monster. We had a huge lightning strike BLOW UP a large tree a year ago, and we think there is an underground something (stream, etc.) that transmitted the electricity of the lightning bolt, because all along a line in our property trees died after that, one by one, along the line. We think their roots got electrocuted. Here's a pic of the blown up tree. It blew half the bark clear off the tree, a hundred feet away! This tree was almost 3 foot diameter at cut level.

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And 'cause I'm such a geek and picture person, here is a shot of what the grinder does, ears thrown in for scale.

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Schicksal - I forgot to say: your counters are really nice and really compliment the look and feel of your walnut. Great choice.

And I've evolved to appreciate just how important patience is in DIY projects. Good of you to wait until you have adequate help to move those appliances. One injury can wipe out all your DIY savings, cause back problems ever after, etc. It's just plain prudent to do things RIGHT. It's worth the wait.

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Stump grinder..I need that! This house came with 12 stumps...most are cut nearly to the ground though..but some are nearly 3' across..

That morning tree/sun shot is stunning beauty!

Christine, I only used the fine steel wool after it had "dried" out a bit..I don't have any high 100's sand paper at the moment.
It was pretty crazy to watch the CS work..as I was slathering it on, it was moving the spray paint around in flecks instantly.
Yes, it was a good thing it doesn't stain I forgot what I was wearing and went out to slam some more on one evening and sloshed all over a pair of new black yoga pants...but all is good.. :)

I think next week I will take a door off the cabinet run I want pulled down..and give 'er a whirl with the CS. Can't be worse than the crap layers of soft chunky white paint.

We are going to attempt to figure put how to open the gutters and flush them out..they have a knock off Leaf Guard on them..and I am quite sure full of Fir needles..as there is a weed growing out of one of them..lol

Hmmmm something has agitated the neighborhood crows..they are fussin like nobodies business.
It was peaceful on the deck...

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Hey guys.
Went to see the movie 'Tammy'.
It was hilarious, and sweet. It was awful and ridiculous and a lot of fun. For a nice distracting interlude, it's worth the laugh.

Did you see the supermoon?
Edited to add: I forgot to mention my lawn mower blades came in, so a friend put them on. I got all 3 acres I landscaped mowed today. Now that is an accomplishment. :)

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