Found! Step stool ladder to reach high cabinets

kksmamaJuly 20, 2013

I've bought 2 now, was happy with the first from Home Depot but am thrilled with the 2nd from Costco (found in the store, yesterday). It is a Rubbermaid 3 step aluminum super light weight (

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Just a word of warning for those hoping to put it in a toe-tick drawer - at 3.5" thick and 42" high (long in the drawer), the drawer is unlikely to be deep or long enough for this to fit.

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I got one of those too and love it. I keep it between my big sink in the sunroom and the metal pantry cab. it is so easy to get out and use and so stable ! I love it. c

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I put a hook inside a broom closet/pantry just around the corner from the kitchen, and I hang my light foldable step stool in there.

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I have the Werner version and store in my pantry DH is supposed to put a hook system in but not sure when that will hapoen

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I'm waiting to see if I need a step stool in my new kitchen. The old kitchen didn't have high uppers, and I just hauled a dining room chair into the kitchen to reach. But in the new kitchen, I'll have a lot more storage up high.

Cabinets don't go in for another 2 weeks, though, so I don't know yet how it will shake out. If I do need/want a stool, I expect to put it under the sink.

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