Can this kitchen function with double ovens?

iheartgiantschnauzerJuly 30, 2013

Hi. Just trying to run through all options in my current footprint, although, i am exploring the feasibility of relocating doorway. But that design is for another thread

Can this small kichen handle the wall oven and advantium stack? What do you think of the functionality of the layout?

Whoops! Left the image off ! Here it is:

Thank you in advance for your time.

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Yes, at least I do. I bake a lot and I have about that much space between my cook top and ovens. Of course, I'd love to change that and have more room...but it is definitely possible.

The fridge (with pantry) has little or no landing space, especially with the wall oven and small counter space by the cook top. I think you can do the wall oven or the pantry, but maybe not both. Unless you want to incorporate a pull out shelf in the pantry.

You could have a small counter area by the fridge, with the microwave above. Also, you might want to look at some display kitchens with the 15" peninsula, right behind the sink. It looks great on paper, but just make sure there's enough room to eat...unless you just plan to sit and have coffee, visit, etc. Hope that helps :)

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Lav I thought 15 overhand was enough? We currently have raised bar that is 18. When we lowered I thought 15 was enough. I could easily increase it.... Plenty of room. What is the ideal depth?

Yeah the landing space... I was thinking of tucking a slim rolling cart next to the pantry. The husband is questioning whether a small narrow rolling island could be placed along side wall. I don't know, but I'm thinking that wouldn't work. Every option Is going to have cons in our limited footprint. At this point I am just trying to max out the good and limit the bad, incase we cant move the doorway. I'll have to think on this. I really want the stack as an advantium on top of the wall oven would solve our MW issue too! No need to find a place under a counter.

You once suggested the shallow pantry turned sideways .... But with the ovens there I shouldn't do that right? I could always do like a 15" next to wall then fridge then shallow sideways but I thought that may be too much across from the oven ?

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Your kitchen dreams are really taking off. Not surprising, often happens when people really start considering possibilities. It's just a little different from how you started the last thread, though. If you're serious about a more elaborate kitchen, perhaps you take another again a converting all or part of your family room. You mentioned that you had considered it once.

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I don't think my kitchen dreams have morohed into some elaborate kitchen with steam ovens, la cornue, a huge appropriate height baking center etc. I think it is still at it's core a practical budget friendly space. The oven stack seemed like it solved a few problems and elongated the prep space.

I respect your opinion that I should move the kitchen. However, I feel my home is pretty closely right sized for how we live in each room. The layout is great for when my grandfather visits in his wheelchair he can access all public rooms and bathroom up stairs. The den off the kitchen ensures he can catch the football game on Sunday and isn't left out of the experience he started at his house years ago. Doing what you suggest we'd lose the formal and informal delineation of the home. This is important to me. I love the way dinner parties flow with different conversation nooks in the living area, and music room and then the dining room... Plus, if we lost the den we would have no room for our older family members who do not wish to travel downstairs to the larger rec area. Or it would be put In the current dining room and I've no separation from tv noise like have now.

I am still exploring moving the door as well as pushing the kitchen out 2 feet (max) into den, but I most definitely will not be moving this kitchen into the dining room or den.

Does anyone else have any opinions on the functionality of this lay out? Do you have any suggestions for landing space by fridge? Must I lose the pantry as Lav suggested?

Thanks for your help!

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I understand that some of you dislike the increased depth of a cabinet next to the refrigerator.. But in order go get pantry storage and landing space, would this be a decent solution:

A 30 inch refrigerator and a 30" wide by 30" deep 3 drawer stack then counter but a large But 12" shallow top cabinet that goes to counter. Behind the doors Id have reach in pantry storage and food storage in the drawers. But I'd also still have 18" deep by 30" wide counter space.

I'm thinking something like this but with solid doors and a more pronounced difference between hutch and counter.

What do you think?

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I think that might be a really good solution! That way you have your pantry storage, with enough room to set milk or meat down, as you take it out of the fridge.

Those seeded glass doors are nice! I can see why you might want solid doors, but with the open shelves...would a frosted or other opaque type of glass work? It might bounce a bit more light around.

Also, I meant to ask you if a solar tube would be in the budget. I don't know if they're very expensive, but they do bring in some daylight to areas that don't have windows. Just a thought...

P.S. Meant to add, when people suggest moving the kitchen to another part of the home or changing a layout...they're just throwing out ideas. We do that for each other, all the time. They may work for you or they may not, or they may give someone else reading the post an idea. We don't know how each of us lives in our home, so we sometimes draw up a quick plan or suggest something, because it might work and it might not...but we thought it might help. That's all :)

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Thanks. Yes, I don't suggest something as drastic as moving an entire kitchen to another room--unless the owner has already mentioned the possibility. Well, virtually never. :)

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I'm not sure that your kitchen is big enough for landing space to be a huge issue. You are only a pivot and a step or 2 from everything.

I don't recall your previous threads, my kitchen is complete and I don't visit GW as often as I used to. Did you try the fridge facing the cooktop with the oven stack next to it? Then the pantry where you have the ovens now would give you 6 more inches next to the cooktop, which I think would be valuable. So I'd do ovens then fridge on top wall. Your peninsula would become the most logical landing space for fridge items.

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Rosie and Lav, please don't misunderstand me. I appreciate ALL ideas and thoughts. However, I just wanted to head off another repeated suggestion to relocate kitchen. Hopefully I didn't offend anyone. I just wanted to demonstrate I had considered the suggestion but ruled it out.

If we go the hutch route, I think we might do seeded.. Jars of beans, grains, legumes could add some colors behind the glass but still be obscured.... But the husband this it would look cluttered.. I think it could look nice with some glass jars and a few colored storage pieces... We will have to look at some more pictures before deciding.

Solar tubes hmmm. I like those my mum has them in her hallway. But we have a second floor above the kitchen, so I don't think I can do those can I?
Control- thanks for weighing in. Must be nice to have a completed kitchen! The wall you're suggesting is only a full height wall for 30 inches before it becomes a half wall (stairwell is behind). I love the thought, although, i am not sure I'd win the argument with the husband. He's afraid closing that wall would make a claustrophobia inducing stairwell. It is nice to see someone else also thinks the kitchen is small enough for landing space not to be a huge ordeal. Would you stay with the pantry then instead of hutch combo?

Thank you all! Hope others will weigh in with their opinions as well!

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Since you can't use that wall, I would not do wall ovens in this kitchen, sorry. I just look at your design and feel like the lack of counter space would really be a problem for me. I am trying to figure out where you will work, and the only spot is the corner between the cook top and sink. While a good location, it is small and you have no space to spread out or put a second worker.

Personally, I think the hutch would be beautiful, but not really provide you with "landing space." I envision glass jars coming out of the fridge then taking a tumble, or stuff being set down there and restricting access to the cabinets behind.

Have you considered switching the pantry and fridge? Many people have trouble with fridges being up against a wall and the doors not opening fully. They are an expense, but if you can afford it a 12" pull out pantry on either side of the fridge might do a good job for you.

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You will not be able to open your refrigerator doors fully if it's up against a wall like that and if you can't do that, you won't be able to get drawers out for cleaning, a pizza box in, etc. You need at least 9" or 12" filler (don't quote me on that - it might be 12" minimum) so you have to split up your pantry space, or you need to move the whole pantry to the other side of the fridge. I'd do the latter

I do like the idea of the hutch pantry. I would try seeded or ribbed glass for the top to obscure the contents. I feel like solid doors would defeat the hutch look - it's still floor to ceiling cabinetry, and the eye would perceive it that way.

I don't think you should close up the half wall because it won't net you more usable space. Specifically, you can't take cabinetry all across that wall because then the entry by the DW would be too narrow.

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Personally, I would hate the limited counter space of these lay-outs so I would vote against adding double ovens to your plan.

However, I came up with a plan that does allow you to have double ovens. I posted it on your other thread.

Here is a link that might be useful: Help Help this layout needs help!

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I don't know how much walking space is behind the seating in Lisa_a's layout because too small of a space would be a deal breaker. If there is enough space foe people to walk behind the seating at least when the chairs are empty then I think its great. It has great sections of counter space for prep and landing spots for fridge ad hot stuff plus you get the double ovens.

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IowaCommute, you made me wonder if the dimension for the aisle behind the seating was missing from my drawing but nope, it's there. Phew!

There is 42.5" between long side of counter and wall or stairway opening. I wrote that 42.5" is under the NKBA recommended aisle width of 44" behind seated diners but I didn't think that 1.5" would make that big a difference. But if it was an issue for Iheart, I offered alternatives to increase that aisle width.

As for how much walking space there is at the end of the island (the short side), the island ends 45" before the top corner of pantry wall, which is before the garage doorway into the house, so there is ample walking space behind a seated diner. In a layout that Iheart posted on the other thread, she showed the family room furniture ending before the garage door area.

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Sorry Lisa I must have missed it. I do think its a great layout, and I hope the OP is able to work with it.

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Lisa, again, I think your plan nails it! Only thing missing is seating for three. Overall though two will work...It keeps our formal and informal spaces. Has a place for my son to draw or for a someone to perch with a glass of wine as I cook or prep. It also seems like a plan that may be over the 25k budget (but we have all appliances except the advantium and that wouldn't be coming out of budget and flooring is done although we will need to fill in once we move walls etc, but I think the flooring costs shouldn't be too astronomical) but functions so much better than the first that I can easily justify the price...well long as I'm not all of a sudden in 75k range :)

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