Basalt slate formica update -- not so good

mabeldingeldine_gwJuly 28, 2011

Less than 6 months into use, and already I am regretting my choice of the Basalt Slate formica counter we installed this winter.

I am deep in gardening and canning season, and have lots of baskets of produce coming in for cleaning and eating/processing. Produce baskets have dirt, it can't be helped.

Last week, after my first batch of canning, I slid the clean, empty canner across the counter and heard a dreadful scratching noise. A deep scratch on the new counter, very visible on the black surface as the scratch shows white. A few days later, I noticed another scratch near the sink.

I had my old countertop for 10 years of similar use, and I must say while there were scratches, none were so deep nor so visible. If it were soapstone, the scratch would show but would eventually wear into patina. With this, it is just a big, ugly scratch.

My message -- think twice about selecting this material for a countertop. I deeply regret it.

Sink scratch

Peninsula scratch

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Can you figure out how to put a gray paint/stain in the scratch? Something that can be put on the surface and then the top part wiped off before it dries? That may minimize the look of it.... If you have a scrap or sample, I'd try out how to hide a scratch. So sorry this has happened. I can see the scratch in the pic, but luckily, since it is not a solid color, it shows less than it might have. Too bad it did not follow the grain of the pattern....

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This was a color I had considered for my own countertops last year. (Still haven't made a decision but decided I want light counters instead).

Is your counter the post-form kind or did you lay the laminate over an existing counter?

My cousin has Basalt Slate counters that she bought from HD around 8 or 9 years ago. They are the post-form ones that were stocked directly at the store. She has 4 small kids and does not baby her kitchen at all, and her counters are in perfect shape (I was there a few weeks ago checking them out).

I would let Formica know - maybe there's something they can do to compensate you?

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Yikes! I just had that countertop installed in my laundry room a week ago.

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i had cream formica counter tops for 12 yrs or so with 4 kids - never babied it and had no scratches. i guess I wouldn't have slid my canner across it tho.

I did have 1 knife cut tho.

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Was there something else under your canner at the time? My MIL canner is flat and smooth on the bottom. I am not sure how it could make a mark like that-especially if it was empty.

Are yours the "honed" finish, or the matte? I am wondering if the rougher surface is what is giving you some problems.

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We have had Basalt Slate pre-formed in our laundry room for almost three years. It has had an occasional minor nick or scratch courtesy of DH and various tools that he tends to leave there while working on projects.

I just fill it in with a Martha Stewart charcoal gray marker and rub it with my finger to blend. They become invisible. I use the same on my soapstone if it gets a ding and guests are coming before it will oxidize.

Perfect solution.

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Logic's idea might be just the thing.
Sorry your basalt formica is not working out. bummer.

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Thank you, Logic!! I will try that ASAP and report back.

I have the matte finish. No doubt there was a piece of grit under the canner, which has a ridged bottom. I slid it across the counter to make room for yet more prepared cukes, which I was getting ready to can into pickles.

My old countertop was that blond wood look, I don't know what brand of laminate. It had some nicks and plenty of scratches, but the scratches blended in more. If the underlayer of the Formica was darker it wouldn't be a problem. Oh well, I will definitely be shopping for a gray marker!

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Does Formica warranty the countertop for any length of time? I've had formica countertops all my life and have never seen a scratch like that.

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