Range Hood Copper/Bronze

jennifer11203July 9, 2013

Does anyone know where I can look for a decent priced copper or bronze range hood. Preferably under $2,000 or even under $1,000 :) I know that probably not possible buts it worth a try. Thank you

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Sophie Wheeler

Not possible by a mile and a half. Unless you completely DIY and cover a wood substrate with copper sheets that you get from a roof supplier and learn to braze yourself to braze the seams correctly. Even then, just the materials is likely to be beyond your budget. And then you'd have to still purchase the liner and blower motor.

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Thank you Holly. I actually did find one but im not so sure about the site I cant find any reviews and they dont provide much information.


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they have 100% positive feedback on ebay, so that's good.

the hood you linked to mentions that it's tin, and probably just a painted finish. if you're looking for just the rustic/antique copper look, maybe that's ok? also, the fan is only 200cfm, so that may or may not be sufficient depending on your range.

i've got the same dilemma-- the hood i want was priced out at $4200, and i just am struggling with that price tag, and have looked for lower cost alternatives, but also kind of have to have it. :) if this place had the style i want i'd totally give it a shot.

i'm looking for something curvy done in stainless with polished chrome or mirrored stainless lip accents. this is the one i lust over (from houzz):

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Thank you Maggie.. I checked there ebay feedback as well. They have beautiful bathroom sinks also! I emailed the company and the guy said "The frame is made of steel covered with tin metal treated with old copper color finishing. In general it is made the we we make copper hoods but instead of copper we use tin metal making the hood much more economical, copper is quite expensive those days". In regards to the fan Im really not sure what size I would need I have a 36" inch rangetop/cooktop with a griddle in the middle. Any suggestions? I havent really looked into it much, just started looking today.

I was originally going to go with a stainless steel range hood, a simple one, (I still may), but I feel like the copper/bronze ones are more of the look im going for.

Also, that hood is a beauty! I love it I can see why your set on it. I will keep a lookout and let you know if I find a similar one.

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Sophie Wheeler

Tin will rust. "Metal" will rust. Paint will scratch and chip. If you want a faux finished hood, it would be better to look for a local craftsperson to create one and faux paint it for you. At least wood won't rust. Yes, you will still need the liner and the blower. That's about 1K for it for something that will be powerful enough to go above your described setup. Your hood will need to be 42" wide, and at least 24" deep. 27" is better for a better capture area.

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i saw this one. called air king. the price is right. not sure it is the style you are going for. only 500 cfms, so if you are doing a pro range it might not be enough.

Here is a link that might be useful: air king copper hood

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The air king is a copper finish hood not an actual copper hood.

A solid copper hood is going to be at least $1500 plus blower.

That is the only thing that will give a genuine copper look.

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Thank you all for all your help.

michoumonster - I actually saw that hood and saved it. I think I like the darker copper better than that one. Thank you for your help :)

hollysprings - I actually found a few wood hoods that are paintable. Heres one: http://www.futurofuturo.com/wall-range-hood-WL36MASSACHUSETTS.php

IâÂÂm not really sure which route to go. I can paint it to match the cabinets since the cabinet company sells paint or a can still look for a copper/bronze hood. I feel like I should have planned this out better before I ordered the cabinets. I was originally going with a stainless steel hood with a mosaic tile all the way up, I may still do this, but I just love the look of these hoods.

IâÂÂm attaching a photo of my setup. Of course the colors will be different when done. What kind of hood do you think would look best? Also, my hardware will be a bronze color.

Thanks for the help

These are actually my cabinets in reverse - the dark will be the permiter cabinets and the light will be the island

This is my hardware and my island color. I got the hardware for free not sure if ill use it.

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Order the matching stained wood hood from your cabinet company. It will look the best. White painted cabinetry there wouldn't be a good choice aesthetically or functionally. Copper wouldn't really work either as its too dark against the darker wood cabinets and doesn't offer enough contrast without having smaller cabinets to either side to give it more presence. Stainless is also wrong here with the more traditional nature of the kitchen. However, you will have issues with anything fitting there with the two cabinets next to the hood being finished off with cabinet panels. They should be flush finished plywood.

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live_wire_oak - Thanks for your help. I wish I would have thought about this sooner.. I will look into the hood from the cabinet company. If I did the the wood range I linked above I wouldnt leave it white I would either add a copper/bronze finish or paint it the color of the cabinets.

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You're not really going to be able to match a 3rd party product to the cabinets. The stain is a multi step process that would require that the material be the same first of all, and that the same stain and top coat would be used, i.e. be done by your cabinet company. There are darn few people out there who are skilled enough to custom match a stain to something else, especially when it will be such a prominent feature in the kitchen.

Now, you could surely go the faux finish route, but that also takes an artisan to create something believable. You'll be up at the same cost of just buying something from the cabinet company. The big plus to buying from the cabinet company is that they usually offer inserts to fit their products exactly rather than trying to have an installer kludge something on site that doesn't quite work. When buying a separate insert and designing a hood to fit it, it all comes down to the skills of the carpenter and the installer. Communication is critical there, or you could end up with something that is the wrong size and that your insert doesn't work with.

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Thank you live_wire_oak. You post makes a lot of sense and I was thinking about that as well. I emailed my KD and lets see what she says. Thanks for the help.

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Ok so I contacted my KD and asked for a mock up of the wood hood and⦠I'm not crazy about it! I know I would need a valance over the window again to help it flow but it just donâÂÂt do anything for me! I asked her to change it out and put in a different one and hope that maybe I will like that one better. But, I found a picture of my cabinets with a bronze hood and love the look. What do you guys think?
Also, the problem IâÂÂm having is that my ceilings are only 8 ft. Does anybody know what the standard amount of space between the cook top and hood? The cook top says between 36 - 42 inches. IâÂÂm thinking I will need a shorter length range hood.

Thank you all :)

This is just a mock up my counter tops will not be black.

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Did you ever find this hood at a good price? It's beautiful!

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