how is your backsplash/drywall edge finished?

dlr98004July 21, 2010

I am designing our backsplash. I am planning a tumbled travertine subway layout (with some modifications). At three different locations, the cabinets end and the wall continues. Cabinet uppers and lowers line up perfectly so the "vertical line" or ending place for the backsplash is clear. However, I'm not sure if I should delineate that edge with a 1" travertine "cigaro/pencil" or a 1" x 12" piece of flat travertine that I round over or just stop the subway tiles where the line is.

I've looked throught the FKB and other galleries, but haven't seen any good shots of that detail. What do yours look like?

Thanks in advance for your feedback!

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Hi dianelouise..

I just stopped the subway tiles. I didn't use any edging. I like the way it came out...however I have seen edging on others and I think that looks good too..Here are some shots of mine, but they are kind of at a distance.


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When we purchased our subway tile (from Lowes), we were able to special order some of them with bullnosed edges. The bullnose edges were available in a few types: on one of the long edges, on a long edge and the right side, long edge and the left side, or just on one short side.
In these pictures you may be able to see the bullnose where the backsplash ends.

This one shows the bullnose edge on the right side

This pic shows the bullnose edge on the top as well as on the left side

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We just installed our backsplash (small carrara marble bricks), and I had them take off the pencil edging and just end it with the tile. The edging looked wrong in our backsplash, but it looks great in other splashes I've seen.

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Dear kitchenaddict, your backsplash is lovely! May I ask what kind of tile that is?

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I just ordered my tumbled travertine subway tile.. the tiler is going to round the edges for me (rather than use the pencil edging). I don't have pictures as I JUST ordered it.. HTH!

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Ours has no trim or rounding, like KitchenAddict's. I think it works in our two kitchens because we both have natural stone tiles and the same clean line, Shaker-type doors. If your cabinet details are more ornate, you might want to do something differently.

Something to consider -- few tiles are a full 1 inch thick, so the cigaro or the flat piece rounded over (like quarter round?) will stand away from the wall more than the actual travertine.

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Mine is bordered with trim -- which probably works because where it extends beyond the cab run, it's crowned with moulding:

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I used (now I know what it's called) the 1" travertine pencil vertically at the edge of my backsplash (travertine 3x6 mixed with 1x1 mosaic). At first it seemed really large since it's much thicker than the tile, but now it's finished I like it and it blends in really well. 95% done so will be posting photos soon!

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Hi marcydc...

Thank you..It's called Crema Marfil Tumbled Marble. I found it at Arizona Tile.


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Topping tends to be traditional/transitional and leaving it un-trimmed is more contemporary.

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Thanks for the pictures and suggestions. You've given me a couple of great options!

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