How do I place receptacles in Peninsula with 15" counter overhang

KentburyJuly 4, 2013

Hi folks,
I am remodeling a kitchen and just met with the electrician. The end of the peninsula is to have an ample overhang on all three sides to allow seating for at least 3 people. We are tall and have designed the long side (outside of the kitchen) to have a 14" overhang and the curved "end" to extend 15" over the cabinets. The electrician had indicated that we won't meet code for our receptacles in the peninsula because they will not meet the 24 inch rule.

Does anyone have any suggestions? Could we build out some type of box and have the outlets sticking out from the cabinets? (not ideal)

I really don't want to decrease the overhang. Am I stuck?

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Sophie Wheeler

You can do a filler box at the end of the run or between cabinets before the end, with the receptacle facing the working side of the kitchen. Or you can do a cabinet with a "wide stile" at the end or middle of that run with the outlet in that stile facing the work surface at the top. Or you can do a wide top rail and attach plug mold all along the whole run. Or, depending on your inspector, you can do a pop up outlet in the counter surface to the rear of one of the cabinet boxes, but you will need to shorten the drawer(s) inside that cabinet to do that, and it's not accepted by all localities.

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