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twobellesJuly 21, 2014

So, after a tremendous amount of research, I've decided to go with a Lacanche range in our new build. I'm torn between two seemingly different choices. The first is the Citeaux in corail blue (essentially a Tiffany blue); the second is the Sully 2200 in matte black. As we are going for a soft vintage vibe, I'm planning to do brass and stainless trim.

We are building a coastal style home. The kitchen can easily accommodate either size, but we are at the point in design when I must choose one and stick with it to complete the other elements. My other design choices will be white cabs, honed Danby marble, and a pickled/lightly white-washed white oak flooring. Walls will probably be a soft yellow toned ivory. (Think eggnog in color...)
The honest truth is that I'd like to choose the larger Sully in the corail blue, but my concern is that it will be too much color. Will I regret it in five years? But the color makes me smile. Of note, it's been my favorite color since I was a teenager..... Which has been a while ago!

Any input would be greatly appreciated. Thanks so much!

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The Coral Blue is beautiful. It could be your wow "piece" of your space. I think if you love it, have always loved it, then go for it. Everytime you see it, it will make you smile and happy.

What other color options would be used for your other appliances?

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They'll both be stunning (of course). I love to tell other people to go for color, but have a hard time pulling the trigger myself, so I understand your dilemma (mine is with adding some color to my taupe-grey-black-white great room). I hope you decide to go for the blue, especially since it's been your lifelong favorite color!

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Wow, I'd say go for corail blue. It's a very soft color and it sounds like it would work really well with your coastal look of white, pale gray, and light wood. Based on image searches, I really love the look of the Citeaux: very balanced and lovely. But if you feel like the Sully 2200 would be more functional, I think that would look beautiful in corail blue as well. Only you can know if it's going to be too much color, but I would hands down choose corail blue in either range.

Have you tried putting together a mood board with something like Olioboard? I think you could get a good idea of what the look would be with either range.

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All the words you wrote say "go for the corail bleu". Go for it, and don't look back. It will be perfect for a beach house with your other elements, plus you'll have fun with accents.

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Go for it! You've already designed the kitchen around Corail Blue. :)

IF you're going to chicken out, black is the wrong alternative. One thing to note is that a large expanse of your favorite color might be enough. Like the lady who wore purple all the time, then painted her house purple and felt freed up to wear all kinds of different colors because she had so much purple around her. Not that you'll get tired of it! Just that it might give you your daily fix and when you see other things in your favorite blue, you might shrug rather than being attracted to it.

That's a might, and it's not a bad thing. Just a thing.

So if you don't want to go for it totally, the step back would be to delft blue which is a 250 year old soft vintage kind of color, and totally classic for this kind of range. And a sea and sky color that's just a little less vibrant. If your gut response is "Are you kidding me?? I want Corail Blue!!" you have your answer. If part of you is thinking that it might be better in the space even though the other is your very favoritest color ever, then that's worth thinking about.

Oh, but if matte black is the spouse's choice, I guess it does deserve thinking about. There might be another color that's not the top of either of your lists that both of you like. Like naming someone.

But why color for the smaller range and not for the large Sully? I think the bigger they are, the more they need color! In fact, I've seen quite a few behemoth ranges, and they are almost all light colors or bright red. Who wants a sucking black hole in the kitchen? It's not like you're trying to have a continuous black space with black cabinets on either side...

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Thanks so much for the input! Especially since y'all are in favor of the corail blue! ;)

Terri_pacnw, our other appliances will be paneled to match the cabs

Sjhockeyfan, I hunk you're right!

Pricklypearcactus, excellent suggestion! I think it will get started on that...

Gooster, you're prob right since I felt relieved that y'all agreed with the blue.

Plllog, you've brought up some very valid points. The black was not DH's choice, it was my "safe" choice. At this point, I think he will be thrilled if I just decide and quit discussing it! I had to laugh about your suggestion of the delft blue and your follow up comment, "are you kidding me?" Because when I read delft blue (which I think is beautiful, BTW) my nose actually scrunched up a bit. So, I guess I may
have my answer!

Thanks for your input, keep those comments coming!

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Go for it. The color will make the kitchen your own. HB did a whole piece on a kitchen done by Tom Scheerer, who's a terrific designer. It including the range and some lovely tile with dots of the same aqua.(link below)

Here is a link that might be useful: Tom Scheerer kitchen

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It'll be your statement piece, I say go with the blue.

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Any questions?

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Thank y'all so much for the encouragement to take the plunge! In my area, most people choose dark cabs and Mediterranean style. Light colors and a coastal look are not common at all. So, it is harder to choose such an investment piece when it is so "out of the box."

Rococogurl, thanks for the link!

Terri_pacnw, thanks for the encouragement!

Kitchen detective, LOVE it! That pic makes me smile!

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See I told you! It'll make you smile, maybe even giggle to yourself.

I wish I could afford something like that and I'd need a much bigger kitchen too. Lol

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That color! Oh that color is gorgeous! Please do it. And then post loooooooots of photos of it.

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Well, that's an easy one! If you should be in a position to wish to sell your house stipulate that you're keeping the range and it isn't included. Let your agent know that you'll leave it if that's a stipulation on an offer. :) People want what they're told they can't have...

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Full disclosure, DH and I are eyeing a baby Cormatin and I am staring at a coral blue enamel chip. It would be going in a laundry room for use by guests staying in the guest room and it would be next to parrot green cabinets. I am afraid there is not enough contrast with the green, and the walls are Farrow and Ball Blue Ground to boot. Fabrics on bench and windows are Sunbrella Dupioni in Paradise with Sapphire welting, and a narrow striped cotton that has aqua, lime green, turquoise, royal blue, powder blue, Delft blue (which, to me, is a deeper, more vivid blue than the Lacanche version), and parrot green. (Not for the colorphobic, LOL!) The Portuguese blue would provide brightness and contrast, but that coral keeps beckoning. Plus, DH loves the mandarin with the cabinets. That would mean changing my fabrics, I fear.

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