Last big purchase--CC range--arrives Monday

BellsmomJuly 25, 2014

This is a cross post with Appliance Forum, where I only post occasionally

I am so excited. The old JennAire I have had for 20 years finally blew a circuit board and I can justify replacing it with the range I had planned on when I remodeled the kitchen. DH said Go For IT! and wrote me a check!!!

The new self-clean 30" CC will arrive Monday. The delivery guys are also certified installers (whatever that means) and the same company does high end appliance maintenance in a large urban area near us.

I had the salesman unbox it at the store and check for dents or other obvious problems. He called and said it appears to be perfect. I know to check to be sure that the burners do not continue to click after ignition.

Can you suggest anything else I should have them check while they are here?

Can we learn anything by just turning on broiler and oven for a few minutes?

I KNOW it is just going to look like any other stove, but I will post pics when I have our first meal cooking. This forum is the godparent of my entire kitchen so I must share the last major addition when it arrives.

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So exciting! I look forward to seeing it.

And I love the 'godparent' statement. So. True.


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I posted over in Appliances for you. And, btw, IMHO it doesn't not look just like any other range. :)

Congrats on a wonderful piece of cooking equipment and for being near the finish line! Looking forward to pics.

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Thanks, Breezy.

I know my caption in this forum doesn't make clear that I am soliciting ideas for a list of What to Ask the Installers. And I can't edit the subject heading to clarify.

But here, FYI, is the check list I've accumulated so far from the Appliance Forum:

Before the installers leave, WE will
1. dim lights, turn up the burners and check for flame color--nearly all blue and very little orange.
2. turn down the top burners and check for simmer and no click
3. be sure the gas regulator is hooked up to the range top.
4. turn on all oven and broiler burners to be sure they ignite and also do not burn too orange.
5. Check each burner grate and the overall range with a long level--front to back and side to side.
6. Make sure drip trays and oven shelves pull out easily.
7. Carefully check oven door alignment and closure.
8. After turning on all top burners, turn them off, run the exhaust fan on high, and smell for gas.
9. Evaluate the burner knobs. Do they turn to full on and off easily?

Any other suggestions? Anything you wish you had checked and didn't?

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Make sure the stove top is LEVEL - side to side, front to back

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Thanks, Lazygardens. I added that to #5.

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