KitchenAid oven (shut down during self-cleaning)???

zoey75July 8, 2013

I thinking of going with all Kitchen Aid appliances. But I am concerned about the oven I am considering. The Kitchen Aid 30'' Double Oven Freestanding Dual It rates good on consumer reports. Does anyone have info on the self cleaning issue?

On a side note...
I am having a really, really hard time choosing appliances. I have been reading and researching for days & still really do nothing to show for it except a few headaches. I have my original appliances from 12 yrs and this is only my 2nd time having to choose appliances.
I have a small kitchen and was also looking at a Bosch but I am afraid it will look terrible with a different brand fridge because I do not like the Bosch fridge. Any help would be so appreciated.

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I'm confused by your title. Do you have a specific concern with the self cleaning feature?

You don't need the same brand appliances for them to coordinate. What color?

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Yes..KA was having problems with their ovens during the self clean process. I am looking into stainless. Thank you for your help.

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KA makes good fridges and DWs (although there have been some DW issues in the last few years). Their cooking products particularly their ovens have not been well-reviewed due to several issues.

You really should research individual appliances and be willing to mix brands.

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was also looking at a Bosch but I am afraid it will look terrible with a different brand fridge

No it won't. I don't know where this idea came from that different appliances don't look good together. Who dreamt that up? Oh wait, I do know. The large-scale builders who were putting together thousands of identical homes all in one spot who wanted to buy thousands of identical appliances to install all in one spot. They bought appliances on the cheap all from one source, and made this seem attractive with the sales pitch "all GE appliances!" or some such. Hooey.

Take Weissman's advice above. Buy individual appliances that you like and fit your budget, and don't worry about matching appliances.

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