Pullouts, 9" brand help please

kksmamaJuly 3, 2013

Today's freakout is about the 9" spaces on both sides of my rangetop. I think they could easily be adjusted to slightly larger if that would make a difference.

I've read many great threads about pullout pantries and organized pullouts with hooks and figured I'd use mine for some pantry items (containers of popcorn, bottles of oil and sherry) and maybe prop some pans or lids on lower shelves, put spices (perhaps in boxes to help organize them) on upper shelves.

But the designer sends over specs that say the units are 6" wide! Aack! He also said my drawers in my deep base cabs are going to be the same 20" as in regular base cabs - what is the point of that?!

So I'm super grateful to GW for helping me know to ask the detailed questions and object (while we are still pre-demo) but also concerned today that my custom cabinets are not being well planned without my attention to every detail.

I looked for A2's Hafele/Kessebohmer pullout but couldn't navigate either company's website well enough to find an easy link for my contractor. Rev a shelf has this one http://www.homedepot.com/p/Rev-A-Shelf-9-in-Base-Filler-Pull-Out-432-BF-9C/202855372#.UdQhf4zD_IU which I think would be good. Anyone have other brands to consider? I imagine this is an annoyance to my contractor -"does she really have to micro manage eveyrthing?" he wonders... and I think I have to answer - "only the things that are going to matter to me, every day, for the next decade."

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No suggestions for you, just sympathy. Just because other people don't pay attention to all the details doesn't mean that you should not!

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The filler pullout you link needs a panel on the range side.
Framed, frameless- makes a difference.
Hafele numbers to search for-
546.62.806, 545.59.267 Trays sold seperately in assorted sizes will have some to fit either.
545.47.224- is 7-7/8" wide

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The Rev-a-shelf website has a variety of base cabinet pullouts of differing widths that you can check out.

Here is a link that might be useful: Rev-a-shelf Pullouts

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Saw your post in the other thread. I don't have any base units other than my 12 in tray, but I searched a lot to find the 3 in upper pullout I used. I'd suggest you find something you can make good use of, and size the area to fit.

To expand on Jakuvall, who is spot on as usual, here's some helpful info.

Framed vs frameless matters a lot, especially for the smaller spaces, because that determines how big of an actual opening you have to work with. For 9 inches, even a 6 inch usable shelf space might be optimistic.

Cabinet pull out vs filler is also important. A cabinet pull out will need to be sized to fit in the opening the cabinet provides. A filler is designed to fit between cabinets (or cabinet and wall or end panel) with no seperate box/frame of it's own. So the size of the filler will be the size of the opening, and it will attach to a filler panel or door directly.

You need to carefully examine your cabinet measurements for opening clearances and frame measurements. Then carefully examine any potential item you find to make sure it will fit.

I'd look at Rev-a-shelf, hafele, and try hardware places like Lee Valley and cabinethardware.com

I think you will either need to go to a 6 in filler unit, or if you want to stay with cabinets, see how much interior shelf width you will have and consider moving to a 12 in if necessary. It just completely depends on how you want/need to use them.

I still think you should find the units and plan around them.

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Thanks Annkh and Jakuvall. The cabinets are frameless, full overlay. I think here must be panels already, since I have a rangetop with drawers beneath it. I appreciate the Hafele numbers.

I'm already calmed down a little, this guy really is patient and trying to accommodate my TKO. He called and we agreed to go full depth on deep base drawers with regular glides, I like having the opportunity to seem reasonable and make reasonable compromises (that is one, right?).

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Thank you, Williamsem! I did, just this morning, realize the difference between cabinets and fillers. I started off just wanting a 3" upper for spices but have grown attached to the idea of having those base units. And it is not just because I picture myself having a conveniently located bottle of "cooking" wine.

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I have a Revashelf base pullout with shelves, inside measure 6.5" wide, door size 9" wide (framed full overlay). Love it. Make sure you get the soft close glides, makes a big difference.

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Thank you meek95 and gpraceman, I appreciate the responses. I sent my GC some hafele and Rev-a-shelf links, and so I think this particular freak out is resolved. But tomorrow is another day...and demo is scheduled for Tuesday!

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we agreed to go full depth on deep base drawers with regular glides

Make sure that is regular "full extension" glides, which would pull it out to the full extension if your drawer was 20" deep. But since your drawer will be 23" deep (or whatever), it will only pull your drawer out 20", not the 23" it would take to be full extension for the deeper drawer.

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Thank you, Angela. They are full extension (on 20" drawers) so I don't think I'll mind the extra 3" being recessed.
He would have called their hardware person about longer full extension glides, but I think he was saying that those would mount on the sides instead of underneath, so there would be compromise there in the drawer width. And I think I remember reading here that they are much more expensive. He has willingly made so many adjustments, and special notes for the fellow employees who will be doing the work, that I was happy to offer the suggestion. It doesn't seem like I would often pull out such a deep drawer to full width, especially given that I expect to have long and or heavy things in there (pots, appliances, utensils). As with all things, this is a massive step up from my current kitchen and from the kitchen of my pre-GW dreams.

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Perfect. If I had to do over, I would have requested the same thing. I would have rather had a 22" deep drawer that only pulled out to 20", rather than a 20" drawer that pulled out to the full extension. I wouldn't mind that back 2" not pulling out completely. Like you said, I was already used to a 20" drawer that only pulled out 15" in my current kitchen. Yes, I think i have also heard the glides that pull out more than 20" are a lot more expensive.

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Thank you so much for your posts about drawers, Angela, I've read them several times and will again (for the Lee Valley dividers). That is what prompted me to ask about the drawer depth. Actually, I don't think I knew that "deep" drawers referred to depth until I read that - I'd been thinking "high". Now I'll have both, thanks to you!

Here is a link that might be useful: best drawer planning, deep and high

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