Correct sink installation? Hercules Universal Sink Harness Kit?

spartans99July 16, 2014

We are still debating between two countertops (soapstone vs steel rock granite - and yes, I know it's like apples and oranges - argh). However, I just purchased my Kraus 32" stainless sink last night and I am reading up on proper sink setting procedures . I am a little TKO on details like this, but I don't want to spend thousands of dollars and have problems after the fact.

So, all of that brings me to proper sink installation for an undermount sink. I have read we shouldn't be screwing the sink into the stone. I have also read we shouldn't just glue / epoxy the sink in place. The following link from Vermont Soapstone walks through a process with plywood build up in the sink base for the sink to rest in.

I have also read on this forum about the Hercules Universal Sink Harness kit. Do I need this in addition to, or instead of, the plywood build up as noted above?

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated!

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There are many good ways to mount a sink, gluing not being one of them. (If there is glue involved, find another way).

Plywood is ok but there are simpler ways, such as Sinkits Sink Clamps, Hercules Sink Harness and several different mounting brackets.

Any of the above would take the place of plywood.

Here is a link that might be useful: Sinkits

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Forget the plywood and stud inserts. You want your sink supported by the cabinets, not the top, which is exactly what the HUSH does. Use it and nothing but a bead of 100% silicone at the flange to mount your sink.

I've installed at least 30 sinks with the HUSH. No callbacks in 5 years.

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Thank you @ kevdp4 and Trebruchet!

Just one additional question - if I use HUSH system and only put silicone at the flange, what about the area between the top of the sink and the bottom of the stone? I am assuming there may be a small crack where water could enter. Would you agree that silicone "caulk" would also be applied in this area to prevent water getting between the sink and stone?


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Sorry for any confusion, but I'm calling the top of the sink, 90 degrees to the sink wall, the flange. This is where you apply silicone that goes to the bottom of the stone.

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Thanks for this question, spartan. I should be at sink installation in a couple of months, so am starting my research. What is HUSH?


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Sorry. Hercules Universal Sink Harness:

Here is a link that might be useful: HUSH

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Thanks Tre!

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Trebruchet, the HUSH doesn't add depth to the sink, does it? It seems to sit higher than the sink drain in the pictures. I am working with very tight clearances and want to make sure I get the right pullout trash set up for below the sink.

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The HUSH adds no sink depth. The wires are attached to the top of the cabinet sides and hug the sink when pulled together, so it will have virtually no effect on your trash pull-out.

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Thanks, Trebruchet. That's good to know. I will specify it to be used with the fabricator/contractor.

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Hi My counter has already been installed and the sink is just glued with shims. is it too late to use the HUSH?

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Your sink will fail. It's not "if" it's "when". If you have rodded countertops this could be very serious.

Have your fabricator remove the sink by driving a scraper between the flange and top, then install the HUSH.

It can be installed without removing the sink. Screw the clips to 3/4" plywood and screw the plywood to the cabinet sides.

Here is a link that might be useful: Retrofit HUSH

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Old thread, new question. It was suggested to me on the bath forums to use the hercules harness. I watched the video and it seems easy enough. The video shows a double sink so the long piece is under the center of the sink. I'm not sure where to place that part when installing a china/porcelain undermount sink on granite, because of the plumbing in the center. Can it be off off to one side and have drain between the wires? I believe the countertop place does drill and give you clips, but the sinks are not installed for you.

Which forum should I ask about transporting a 72" piece of granite with double sink cutouts. We have a tahoe, but you aren't supposed to lay it flat. It's from a home surplus type of place. For $100 they will deliver. Any tips?

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