Why do people chose the commercial (deeper) depth range?

happyx5July 31, 2014

I see people taken to task on here for posting questions that have been asked and answered in previous posts so I did a google search of garden web and could not really find any thoughts on this topic so please forgive me if this is boring, or has been explained before, but...

In doing a new build kitchen or any kitchen where there are not many space constraints, is there any benefit to selecting a commercial depth range vs. the standard counter depth?

I have a range wall that is about 19 feet long and am planning a 48" Wolf range with mantel style hood. on the lower cabinets that flank the range I could easily bump those out the extra few inches if I get the commercial range. I'm just trying to understand, are there benefits to having a deeper range, other than aesthetics?

There will be an island 48" across from the range if I have the standard counter depth, but I do not see the loss of a few inches cutting into that 4 foot aisle as being a huge deal -- is it?

Thanks in advance!

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I've never heard depth of range being discussed. I've also never heard commercial ranges being discussed. Many people opt for pro-style ranges. We're getting a Bluestar 30"RNB. DH wants it for the high powered burner and fine control of the heat. (We're about a week and a half out from getting it installed).

I think many people did commercial ranges before there were pro-style. (BS, American Range, Capital C-something, as well as the bigger names). There's much more of this discussion on the Appliance forum. (But I hate when people say to make sure you've looked etc.)

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Thank you for responding - sorry for not being clear, what I mean by commercial depth is, Wolf offers two "versions" of their 48" range. One that is 24" deep, and one that is 28" (or around there) deep, which they call "commercial depth"... just their terminology for different models of the Wolf range I'm considering, which would impact my layout a little I guess.

Viking used to have a commercial depth too, I don't know if they still do, when I bought my previous range (Viking) I was space constrained and definitely wanted a 24" deep range to be flush with the countertop and surrounding cabinetry, so a deeper range wouldn't have worked for me anyway.

Maybe I should post on appliance forum, they are definitely knowledgeable there but I feel like this is a kitchen design choice somehow.

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I have to ask - what kind of cooking do you do? The only times I've thought a deeper stove would be useful is when I have 2 large pots, one in front of the other, on the stove at the same time. That maybe happens once a year when I can.

A 48" stove is already huge, like you have 8+ kids or run a catering business from home or something. I know large stoves are kind of the thing, but do you really need all that range top space? Wouldn't you rather have more storage and counter space? Maybe not. If you actually do need the width, then the question becomes how often do you have multiple large pots in use at the same time that need to be on adjacent burners? If the answer is fairly often, then go for the extra depth. If not, go for the extra aisle space.

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A lot of people also like deeper counters. When I was doing my kitchen, a lot of GWer's were discussing getting 30" deep counters where there was no range at all. I didn't want to give up the floor space for that, but with a projecting V-cap, deep enough cabinets for flush integration, running the counter into the windowsills and overlapping the "table" counter with the island top by 6", I got plenty of deep enough counter for my purposes.

Why? Because while some people talk about width of counter space, functionally, you can only work at the breadth of your hands spread at waist height without taking steps, but you can also work at hand's reach. It gives you a bigger, yet more compact on the linear footage, workspace.

If you're unsure what you would like, mock it up with boxes and see how you like reaching. If you're short and standard counters are a little high for you anyway, you might hate a deeper counter. If you have longer arm you might find it wonderful. Or you might not like it at all. Try it. :)

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I don't have one, but I would guess it's one of three reasons. Either the deeper range provides needed depth for multiple big pots or fits better in extra deep countertops needed for additional cooking space. Or it's a style choice so that the range area can be bumped out. Many kitchens with pro-style ranges will showcase the range as a design feature and bumping it out from the rest of the cabinetry would certainly make it more of a focal point. Do any of these fit your needs? I wish I had the floor space to necessitate such decisions.

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Hi happytimes,

Different option here. We have 30" countertops, which is a HUGE benefit, on our cooktop run. Lower cabinets are all 24" (which in hindsight, I wish I'd made deeper, i.e., the full 30 or add'l 3" at least) - all pulled forward 6". Our 48" Capital Culinarian (and adjacent pullouts) are pulled forward an additional 3". Three years later, I have to admit rarely ever cleaning the backsplash.

Cooktop pulled forward 9":

Between cooktop edge and island edge (prep sink and prep area) is 39". Perfect for prepping, twirl, throw into skillet. Fine for multiple people cooking at same time as well.

I like the 24" range pulled forward (backsplash stays cleaner). Also, with 30" deep countertops, I have 18" deep uppers, so store my large serving bowls vertically (and spices on the doors).

Last - huge plug for the 30" countertops. Love 'em!

But of course, probably any change will be a huge improvement. Here is my old layout (which produced so many happy and successful meals):

Good luck!!

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I have the Wolfe 48" dual fuel. Including the handle, it has a depth is 29.5". The Wolfe 48" All Gas Range has a depth of 28 3/8". I'm not aware of any other 48" range models that Wolfe makes unless it is a new model. There's all different configurations for the cooktop area. I think I have 42" between the handle & island. Plenty of room.
Oldbat, love your kitchen. Jealous of the stainless steel behind the range, your bowl storage & your obvious cooking skills. I really need to make the move over to the cooking forum. Maybe when the grilling season ends.

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Wow, oldbat2be, I hadn't seen those perspectives on your fabulous kitchen and I love them, especially the deep paint color against your white ceiling and trim!
I thought I was oh-so-clever having deep counters and setting my big rangetop back into them so it doesn't protrude into the aisle - but you are surely right about the cleaning of the backsplash! That aspect is well worth considering during the planning and selection of materials stage.
I have a deep KA rangetop because I do use large diameter pots and pans. If I had to choose again I might choose a range, but wouldn't want less burner surface area. Many cooktops, especially gas ones, have knobs on top or otherwise compromise the space available for things like griddles, paella pans, etc.

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romy718 - your distance is just about the same as ours (isn't it great?). Thanks for the kind words (-nice compliment coming from you, love your countertop and backsplash choices). It was an adventure finding the local person to do the custom SS - and hood - surrounds. SS people are incredibly detail oriented!! I like to bake, I like to cook, but when the kids aren't around, we go out regularly :) The vertical bowl storage is a luxury; I smile every time I put a bowl away or prep for dinner.

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kkmama - thanks!! - the deep colors lasted less than 24 hours, as I was due to host the 8th grade parents' class party (nice contrast but couldn't live with it). Bah, you gain with front space; pros and cons to everything.

Tell us more please about the benefits of the deep KA range. There are times when I want to put a large pan (say, 4 pounds of mussels or something) over two burners - are the burners wider to accommodate?

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In our last house we had a 36 inch Theramador gas range. "Commercial " depth. That allowed a full "lunch lady" 26 deep sheet pan into the oven. THATS why.

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Just measured, my 48' DCS range is 28" deep (including handles). Counters are at 26" and they swooped the granite out to meet up with the edge of the range.

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My cooktop edge to prep island edge is also 39". If my rangetop bumped out I'd have less; as you say, pros and cons to everything.

Oldbat2be, my burner centers are 11" apart both side to side and front to back. My widest pans are 13", so I don't straddle them except for my griddle. I couldn't agree more on the deep counters. That, and setting uppers high enough to allow the VM to clear, are two of the important and free things I learned on GW!

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