How do you get rid of old appliances?

hisgal2July 15, 2008

As everything else in this house, the kitchens have old appliances....well, an old stove and an old sink.

I think we are going to get a dumpster to throw away the old cabinets, old linoleum, etc., but do you just throw the old stove and sink and counters in there also??? My mom said that some salvage place might want the is an old Westinghouse in near perfect stains or anything on the booger!! The sink may also be valuable. It is an old white sink with a drain area built right into it on the left hand side. Here is a pic of it...

Excuse all of the dishes. Having a kitchen torn up PLUS two kids under the age of 14 months makes it hard to keep up with the dishes. I don't have a pic of the stove right now and the camera battery is charging. Anyways, if these things are desirable to sell to a salvage company or something like that, how do I go about finding one and everything??

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You might try the Salvation Army. In our area they will come and pickup your items and they have a "resale" shop. Plus its a tax donation! We had a huge above ground pool that we drained and took down - called them and they came and took it all, and left an itemized receipt. The sales they have makes money for various things. To us its a win - win situation. We've called them to pick up refrig, oven, stove top and microwave.

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Or you might try to see if there is a group in your area.

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Oh my--Please don't put those old cabs in the dumpster. The quality of lumber used in them will be far superior to what you can buy today. If you can't re-use, then put them alongside the curb. Someone will latch onto them. Listing them on Freecycle is also a great suggestion.

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We sold most of our old appliances on
Another idea would be to talk to someone at your local Habitat For Humanity. Although they may not use your stuff in one of the houses they build, they may want them for their store to sell.

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we freecycled everything out of our old kitchen. people came very promptly and happily hauled everything away. it's nice to know that someone is putting those things to good use.

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Every once in a while I see ads for Westinghouse stoves on Craigslist for $500 or so (YMMV) -- those looking for MCM type looks pounce on them. HTH.

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ci lantro, the particular cabs in that picture are going to be reused in the pantry if we can get them off the wall in one piece. I just didn't know what to do with the 2 that are horrible. btw.....we even have an early craftmaid cab!! date on that one tho. I think I will list the stove and sink on craigslist.....didn't even think of that! Maybe the old stove can pay for part of a new one!!

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Jean Popowitz

I sold my appliances and cabinets on craigslist but that sink you have is desirable and you should contact a architectural salvage place or sell it on eBay. I spent a long time trying to find a double-wide sink like yours (in good condition) and gave up and went modern instead. Good luck with your reno!

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Hisgal2, I'm so glad that you're planning to reuse the cabs. Although there's a good chance that they were built in place and won't come off in one piece. :( You might want to hang onto the other (horrible) ones for parts--both the hardware & the wood. It might come in useful when you go to reconstruct the ones you plan to re-purpose. That old stuff has a charm all of its own. I love that you're keen to that!

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is the sink desirable even tho it only has one bowl to it? While it is a double wide, only half of it is the sink...the other half is the drain area. I will do as you suggest and look into an architectural salvage place. ....will also look on ebay and see what they are going for and such. Thank you very much for the advice.

Anyone know what a 1958 Westinghouse fuax double oven goes for? I cannot find ANY information online on the thing. It is in good shape and everything works. Of course, today the dogs knocked over a floor scraper and it fell onto the stove putting a very small chip into the enamel (can you just imagine my "luck"?!). That's what I get for keeping the two ginormous beasts penned in the back room while I worked.

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Another option...check with your Church (or any local Church). We had needy families in our Church who jumped at the chance to have a 12-yo, perfect working condition range (in very good cosmetic condition as well) and a 7 or 8-yo working DW (slightly yellow on the inside). Friends took the sinks (Kitchen & PR), my brother the faucet, and we're reusing the 12-yo cabinets & laminate counter in the garage. We kept the Refrigerator & MW.

We had a lot less trash than was expected by our contractor!

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We donated our appliances to Habitat for Humanity

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I just dropped a cooktop off at Habitat for Humanity's ReStore this morning . They use their ReStore to take in donations of building materials and furniture and then re-sell those items to raise money to build more houses.


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Circus Peanut

Depending on its color and shipshape, the oven should go for a few hundred on Craig's List or eBay. :) Ditto for the sink, if not a little more.

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We offered everything to Habitat for Humanity.

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Please don't throw anything out (dumpster) until you have checked to see who would take these things off your hands for free.

My Habitat for Humanity wasn't terribly helpful though they did come and take some of my old cabinets, shower doors, windows etc.

I listed the remainder of cabinets on Freecycle and several people came to take them off my hands. I also listed the range and DW and got rid of them that way. Even our old tiles from the bathroom was picked up by the Boy Scouts in my area. They were using the tiles to make something for Mother's Day. We ended up not needing a dumpster after all! I can't even remember what else we gave away, but I am proud to say that everything was recycled and barely anything dumped.

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We've had much better luck with Craig's List than free cycle. For appliances, we sold them on Craig's list - we actually got lucky with the frig and oven and found people in the wanted sections and negociated a reasonable price/no hassle and that was it. Sold the dishwasher. Gave away a few cabinets, threw away a few (disassembled/left by the curb/cut up to smaller pieces). We tried Habitat - they first didn't come, then came and didn't take much... never will use them again. Frecycle folks are usually a hassle - want you to deliver, don't have a truck, can't lift themselves, and lots of drama but that's just our experience.

We haven't had to rent a dumpster - we just slowly throw stuff away - get good trash bags and load up 2-3 trash cans each week. Sometimes we'll move one over toward the neighbor so they can't tell whose it is... she wouldn't mind if we put it at her end nor would several others as she has the same house we do and loves what we are doing. For windowes (example), we threw out 3-5 sections each week for how ever many weeks and it worked out fine. Saved dumspter fees and a trip to the dump - neighbor was going to try to get rid of them too but why bother him.

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Hey! That sink and cabinet are EXTREMELY groovy!

I am being completely serious. Those handles? Love 'em. Dig the placement of the sprayer. Some design went into that!

If it all came out in a piece easily, I think you could sell it even. It's perfect for a small space. I would not separate the sink from the base unless it were unavoidable.

In my art school neighborhood, it would not last an hour on the curb, it would be snapped up and slipped into somebody's swingin' loft. Painted lacquer red or jade green or something, it would be fantastic.

For the stove, try calling places that relocate homeless people in your area. They never have warehouse space, so it's kind of hit and miss, but if they turn you down, ask for another couple of names of places, and you may hit lucky.
Good luck!

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