Which replacement LED lights for venthood?

strayerdarbJuly 13, 2014

Hello, I love having good light at the cooktop, but the halogen bulbs are blazing hot!

Someone told me to order replacement LED lights on a website called 1000bulbs.com. I went on there and it looks like I found the replacements ones that will work. The 2 "warm" colors that they come in are 2700 K and 3000 K. The other choices are cool light up to the 5000 K level. I don't know the difference between 2700 and 3000. Which should I choose?

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3000 is a brighter white - like a halogen. 2700 is more like an incandescent bulb.

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Strayer - which hood do you have - I am thinking of swapping my halogen for LED as well.
I would go with 3000 if I swap

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I have Vent-a-Hood BH234PSLD

34 3/8âÂÂW X 22 ýâÂÂD X 12âÂÂT

I went on 1000bulbs.com, and it 'looks' like the bulbs that will fit are Toshiba

6.5 Watt - LED - MR16 - GU10 Base - 20 Watt Equal

1100 Candlepower - 3000 Kelvin - 81% Color Rendering - 25 Deg. Narrow Flood - Toshiba 7GU10/830NFL25

There's also the 2700K one.

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a2gemini, why do you say you would get 3000K? Is that because it is the most like the light you'd be replacing? I do want bright light there and everytime I turn on the halogen lights I always turn them on the high position. I'd actually love it if the hood came with 4 lights.

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Here is a dimmable one from Ikea for only $7.99 if you need a GU-10 base. They also have MR16 wihtout a GU-10 base.

Here is a link that might be useful: GU20 LED bulb

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I think it also may depend on what kind of dimmer your vent has?

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Thanks for the link.

My vent has a switch for high and low, no dimmer. To make the hig/low switch work should I buy the dimmable type?

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So I ordered the LED replacement lights that I thought were right for my vent hood, put them in, and it all seemed good. My 12 yr old was helping me with dinner. I reached up to feel how much cooler the LED lights would be than the halogen and it SHOCKED ME!

I said "I'm shocked!" My kid said "Great Mom, it's cooler." I said, "No, the light literally shocked me!"

It did. Why? I guess I ordered the wrong product. I'm not sure why it would shock me just by touching the surface of the light.

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there are some dangerous LED's, the fact that you are getting shocked is very worrisome to me.

Here is a link that might be useful: dangerous LED's

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I did remove the lights. My 16 yr old told me to use Dad's rubber gloves from the workshop. I thought this would be a simple task, never expected to get shocked.

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thank goodness, i was really worried about you! I don't know if it is the LED's or the hood itself with a broken or hot ground, but better get that checked out by someone who knows what they are doing. Smart 16 year old!

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I'm not sure what product to order now. I'd like a replacement light that is safe and effective. I thought this would be an easy errand.

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Thanks Scrappy. I've man-handled the halogen lights several times in the past 6 months, so if it was a problem with the hood or the grounding wouldn't that have already been discovered? I've touched them before because I took one out to carry around in my purse to try to find a replacement in a local shop, etc, put it back in, took it out another time, etc. So there have been maybe a dozen times that I've touched the light in the last 6 months.

This is so strange. I started this thread just to ask what replacement light to choose. I didn't think it would turn into an electrical problem. DH is overeas. I agree I have a smart 16 yr old. Thank goodness!

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Stayer - ouch!
Hopefully can figure out the shocking reason and fix the problem.

As far as 3000 - I like the whiteness and brightness of 3000. My LEDs are all 3000 so I can see while cooking! My DH says light should be white and not yellow.

I have incandescent lights as well for when I want warmth (color)

Take care and be safe!

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There is a large difference in the amount of power used by a halogen bulb and by an LED.

The LEDs do not get hot because they don't produce heat. Incandescent bulbs use 90% of their energy producing heat. LEDs are brighter at any color temperature. I recently switched to LED bulbs in all my table lamps (some general info on the link), which goes a long way towards giving shades longer lives as well.

LEDs are not necessarily 'replacement' bulbs when switches are made for incandescent or halogen lamps. You may have been shocked because the bulb was not properly seated or because there is more current coming into the receptacle than the bulb is using.

Those doing renos now are lucky to be able to rewire for LED and have the proper switches. Dimmers made for incandescent & halogen can be a problem with LED even if it's a dimmable LED bulb. Switch companies have lists of approved bulbs sizes and types for their switches. This is still emerging technology and not fully worked out.

Bulbs in my hood are halogen and on a dimmer. I replaced with GE Reveals which have a 3700K color temperature and give excellent light. They are incandescent and get hot. But they are safe in the fixture and work.

Safe is paramount, needless to say.

I would call the manufacturer and ask if LED bulbs can be used in the hood. If the answer is yes, then which bulbs are recommended?

Lowe's does a surprisingly good job on light bulbs -- at least the branch near me. I've had good luck finding any bulb I need and their house brand has decent prices.

Here is a link that might be useful: Table Lamp Light Bulb Intelligence

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I found this thread whilst searching similar topic. Could folks chime in on this twist?:
We just installed a new Broan Elite E6400 hood. It also uses the 50W/120V MR16/PAR16 GU10 base bulbs. I chose to install LED bulbs (UtilitechPro 8W,MR16,GU10) that were the "50W equiv". They are also labeled "dim able".
The LED work but only on one setting. The lighting knob is a rotary 3 position(OFF-low-high). It appears we just get the "high" output.

Is there another LED bulb that would allow utilization of high and low, or is this the trade off vs. halogen? I'm OK if that's the case, bc the halogens get so blooming HOT. Just wondering.

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Konadoc, I used these bulbs in my Zephyr hood and they work on high & low giving me two levels of light. The switch on the Zephyr is not a rotary switch. You press a button once for high & twice for low (or vice versa). The bulbs are a tad longer than the halogens they replaced and stand a bit proud of the lighting recess. Doesn't bother me and isn't really noticeable unless you look for it. That may not even be a factor in your hood.

You may need to change the switch in your Broan in order to get two levels of light with LEDs. But these linked bulbs did work without altering a thing in my Zephyr.

Here is a link that might be useful: Lighting Ever Dimmable LED

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Konadoc, we also have a Broan hood and these LEDs from Amazon flicker at low but work great at high. http://www.amazon.com/Dimmable-Light-Equivalent-Recessed-Lighting/dp/B00KW5TZSQ/ref=pd_sim_hi_24?ie=UTF8&refRID=1EYKYH047944JCYBQBB5

I am still hunting for LEDs that will not flicker on low, but not much success so far. It may be a hood issue, not a bulb issue.

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