Show me your Giallo Napoleon granite countertops

tj_shopperJuly 1, 2009

I am 90% sure that I am going to choose Giallo Napoleon for my granite countertops. Can I see pictures of your countertop and what type of edge you did? I'm torn between the ogee and the full bullnose. I haven't considered another edge because I haven't really seen any. So, if you have another type of edge, please show me.

Also, please show me what type of tile backsplash you did with this particular granite. I haven't decided and would love to see what you did.

Thanks so much!

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I have GN granite and an Ogee edge and love it. I think the full bullnose is kind of bulky and heard it makes drips run right down on cabinets. I guess it depend on the look you want.

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Marybeth1, we've spoken before. I love your cabinets, tile backsplash and your granite. In fact, I'm thinking about doing a while island too. But, I'm torn between white and black. I'm ordering a round table in ebony from Crate and Barrel and this table is going to sit in any area right next to the kitchen. Also, I'm replacing my current cherry color hard chairs in the peninsula area with dark brown leather chairs. Decisions, decisions, decisions!!!!

Thanks for the pictures. I do love the ogee edge on your countertops. I never thought about the drips -- you're right.

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We just got GN counters installed last week & DH is currently prepping the walls for the backsplash so I can't give you a kitchen "glamour shot". This is for our kitchen "refresh" for selling the house in about a year. We have golden oak cabinets, and white for tile floor, appliances and double door pantry so white & yellow are dominant colors.

Here are some pix of the edge and what we plan to do for the tile:

The edge is what our fabricator called a 1/4 bevel (+ a full Silky Terrier).

We really liked the GN because it wasn't as grey and the Santa Cecilia and has lots of garnets & got it for the same price.

We went to Floor & Decor (or as DH calls it "Fleur de Coeur" to make it sound Frenchified; with a Carolina accent it works. LOL!) and decided on 4x4 vanilla tumbled marble with about 10% "random" accents thrown in of 1x1 pineapple onyx mosaic cut as 4x4's.

This is what we laid our at Fleur de Coeur to see whether we wanted mosaic or solid onyx. I was kinda dubious because onyx seems more bathroom to me, but its not that much and I like the contrast of textures. Since this is for resale, we didn't want to go too far out there, but all tumbled marble was a bit boring.

HTH - Jo Ann

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Thanks for showing me those pics. It looks great -- the little doggy too!

What type of edge is that? It's hard to tell.

Would you say that the GN granite is like the GO (Giallo Ornamental), but darker? In the showroom, it looked the same. It was hard to decide when I got home with the tiny little samples. I definitely will have to check out the slabs before purchasing. It's so hard to decide. I have cherry birch cabinets. I've attached a picture of my current kitchen.


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We went to the stoneyard looking for Santa Cecilia since we wanted entry level granite for the refresh. A couple of GN slabs were with the SC and the guy said they were very similar (plus he charged us the same as for the SC, so we were happy.) I've seen GO that looks pretty close, too. I think this has taught me that it is not worth getting too tied up with names and just pick a slab that is appealing (for the right price).

Here is the best I can do to try to capture the edge. The white refrig is really reflecting off the top of the island. The fabricator called it a 1/4 bevel. We just love it and will probably use it for our new home. I like the way the edges get rounded. Its simple, but not so plain that it might read as laminate counters for pix posted to a real estate website when we go to sell.

Good luck. I know I will have myself in knots when I'm picking slabs for my "forever home". This was an easy warmup.

Jo Ann

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Thanks for taking a close picture of the edge. It looks very nice too. This is just too confusing -- too many choices.

While getting quotes from various granite places in Chicago, Illinois, I found that a lot of places don't necessarily have the same granite with the same name. A couple of places didn't even know what Giallo Napoleon was. They had other colors on their website that could pass as Giallo Napoleon but was named something else. So, I guess I'll just have to go visit all these places and check out the slabs at their warehouse and decide from there.

It's frustrating that they don't use the same name -- sort of like buying a mattress!

Thanks again!

P.S. Your tile choices are very nice too. I'd love to see the finished product when you're done.

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Not sure where in IL you live but this is where I got my GN. I would highly reccomend them.

Here is a link that might be useful: Giallo Napoleon

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This is a small world. TTS is one that I am considering. I live in Tinley Park. They have an office in Mokena. Thanks for the referral. It is nice to talk to someone who has used them.

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ti shopper, no problem. BTW I live in OP were neighbors!

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marybeth1, I've probably ran into you at the mall and didn't know it -- lol!

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Hi TJ,
I was also 90% sure I was going with Giallo Napoleon until the last minute. I love Mary Beth's but I could not find a slab that didn't have a blueish tone to it. The gray/silver flecks were showing more blue and I have no blues in my house. Did you ever decide to go with it, and did you find your slabs? I'd love to see your pics. I decided on a Giallo (this is where it gets tricky)Veneziano or Giallo Fiorito depending upon where you look and what they are calling it. Its a bit darker than the Napoleon but I can handle it because I have a bright kitchen. My slab has browns, tan, black, and a little cream with a little bit of that same rust in the Napoleon. Its quite neutral and will go with many colors (according to my decorator) My templates are being made tomorrow so I should have it in maybe by the end of the week. Let's hope I made the right decision. Good luck with yours.

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Hi Nursetammi,

I went to check out some granite slabs on Friday and decided on the New Venetian Gold. I loved the slabs. It has lots of garnet specks in it which looks good with my cabinets. It also has black in it to tie in with the black island I'm going to get made. It was very confusing because they didn't have Giallo Napoleon and the New Venetian Gold sample that I received from another granite place looked nothing like the New Venetian Gold that I picked out. I would have thought maybe it could have passed for Santa Cecilia, but they had that color there and it wasn't the same as the sample that I received either. I'm glad I wasn't set on one color. Lesson learned is that the color you pick might not be the color you think it is at the warehouse. The guy at the warehouse showed me some other New Venetian Gold slabs that were from a different lot than the one that I picked and it looked way different. It wasn't as gold and it had more grey.

Anyway, I'm probably about a month away from getting my granite because the kitchen island is currently being made. I will post pictures when I'm done. Please post pictures of your project when you are done -- I'd love to see it. Good luck!

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Friends used TTS Granite (ubatuba was their choice) and the fabrication job is beautiful. They chose a bevel edge also and the fabricators even beveled the backsplash edges (full backsplash) and used a blind return on the ends of the front edges. We were treated to a tour of their fabrication facility and go to see all phases of the fabrication process. It was fascinating.

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Hey TJ,
I know exactly what you mean about the NVG. My sister and friend both got NVG recently. Theirs look very much the same but during the last 2 weeks I have been to many granite places and the NVG's look nothing like theirs. They look more like the Santa Cecilia's. One granite place told me that they are mining the NVG so much that the newer pieces are coming out like Santa Cecilia. Funny though, the other day I got a sample of what a granite place called Santa Cecelia Gold. I thought it looked alot like my other sister's granite so I brought the sample over to her house and it looked exactly like hers. She got out her receipt
from a few years ago and it said New Venetian (not Gold) so go figure.

Here is my sisters NVG

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Your sister's kitchen is beautiful! I love her color choices -- from the light fixtures, to the backsplash and the faucet. In fact, I think she has the faucet that I'm thinking of getting which is the Delta Leland Venetian Bronze.

Thanks for posting the picture. Her cabinets are about the same color as mine and it gives me a good idea of what my granite would look like. I think the one that I picked is a little bit golder with more red specks -- the granite guy calls it "garnet".

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Good Morning everyone! i am new to this website and i am hoping several of you might be able to help me. I am frozen in place trying to pick out a paint color. We have giallo napolean in an interior bathroom (no natural light). I am looking for a warm netural for the walls and also some ideas on what to do with the cabinets....right now they are painted the same color as the walls. Every time I think I have a color I put it on the wall and the flourescent lights change the color! Also I am looking for a warm neutral to paint the rest of the house and am coming up short. Any ideas? Thanks!

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Hi marybeth1- I love your island. Could you tell me where you got it?

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