The Black Hole: Upper Corner Cabinet

dilly_nyJuly 27, 2012

What do you store in your upper corner cabinet? You know, the biggest upper of all, the one where the interior space is larger than the door opening and things get easily lost in the big black hole.

I had decided to use the bottom shelf for bread and the center shelf for kids snacks, but that plan is not working for me. Kids are climbing to get snacks and pulling out everything because their favorite snack is not in front.

So I'm planning to move the snacks, and maybe the bread. But then what should I store there? Should I get some lazy susans like Deedles showed in her corner pantry thread?

Thanks for any ideas. I just know GW must have a better way! TGIF!

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Since you don't have the option of putting a built in Lazy Susan, figure out how many you can fit on each shelf. You might have to turn them sideways, or move the shelves to get them inside, then lay them flat.

There's no law that says 1 turntable to each shelf. Those corner cabinets can hold two and sometimes 3 if you plan it correctly.

That would at least let you move things towards the front.
In the meanwhile, since the kids are getting snacks more than bread, switch the shelves until they're taller.

These, like blind base corners, are just a stupid waste of space.

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If I take out the shelves, couldn't I retro fit a tiered lazy susan? Not sure that would be any better, but I saw they have one at ikea.

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I was wondering about those cabinets, too. My sister has one and she says it is best to keep odd sized items in there like bowls, cheese grater, small food processor, etc. I want to keep food boxes, spaghetti, tea, flour, sugar, etc.. in that corner so I decided to go with an L-shaped corner cabinet instead.

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My mother inlaw keeps all her coffee cups on one shelf because it was so hard to access it when various things were stored.

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I've had them in the past and like them.
1. Coffee cups or glasses or wine glasses -- items that you have many of and they are interchangeable, so that whichever one you grab is fine.
2. Large items -- big platters and bowls that don't fit in regular upper cabinets. Because they are large, there are only a few items in there, so they are not hard to find and can't get lost.
3. I currently keep cereal boxes on the top shelf now, lying on their side, lined up, so you can see the tops with the type and pick which you want. Yes, this "wastes" the corner spot, but on the top shelf, I couldn't reach it anyways. Probably wouldn't work if you have kids, but for the 5-6 kinds we have with 2 adults, works fine.

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I think you could definitely put a tiered one in there is you took out the shelves. Get ready for working in a tight space! :)
But yes, I am fairly certain you can.

My suggestion was if you wanted to keep the shelves -- which to me are [wait for it ] stupid.

Wasted space = just dumb.
In this day and age and will all the ways to utilize space and all the storage inventions, magazines, gurus, etc., i do NOT get why anyone would put in a blind corner of any sort, or a corner cabinet without a way to reach the back. i.e. lazy Susan.

Sorry. legallin, you could reach it with a lazy Susan in the back. They're available at the hardware store in all sizes and materials!

Don't get me started on organizing the world.

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I found, as you have that I simply couldn't reach the back of the shelves.

You can retrofit super susan shelves. These are SO much better than the center pole ones.
I am in the process of doing just that.
Determine the largest susan that will fit on a shelf. Rev-a-shelf makes several sizes in D, pie-cut, and round sizes. I found that the most space efficient for me were rround, even though I have D-shaped shelves.

Original plan was to buy 24'' circular susans from rev-a-shelf, for my 15" deep upper cabs, cut off the front to form a D, attach an edging strip, and install.

However, we found that the uncut shelves fit (barely) without cutting and decided to just install them as is. I tried staining the edge, but it was going to be very hard to get a stain or gel the cordovan color of the stained cherry cabs to take on the hard, deep finish of the susans, so I just painted the rims in a matching color. The susans will be behind pebbled glass and the color is almost a perfect match. If I don't like it, I'll ''grain'' it with a darker stain.

Here's the way they look waiting to be installed:

Look at all that accessible storage space!!

Unfortunately, I find I (70's female) am not strong enough to lift the heavy shelves plus susans back into place inside the cab, so I'm waiting for my GC to come by to do the strong-arm stuff. He'll attach them to the existing shelves and bottom and lift the shelves into place.

I'll post a pic when it's done.
If you have standard 12'' uppers, I bet 20'' susans will fit. I can no longer find the 24'' ones, which were on closeout when I bought them for my 15'' deep uppers.

Here is a link that might be useful: Rev-a-shelf susans

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Lower blind corner: kept as "dead space" which allowed us to have my tray cab (for cookie sheets, baking pans, cooling racks, & pizza stones) next to the range. We had an access panel cut into the side/wall of the tray cab, and had the required (by code) gas shut-off installed in the "dead space" by our plumber.

Upper blind corner: coffee and tea canisters, bags of coffee beans, coffee mugs, cups, saucers, spare/back-up coffee maker parts (carafe, filters......).

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Bellsmom - those look great. What do you plan to store on them? Are you just going to place them in the cabinets? Or will they be screwed down?

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Stuff you only use once or twice a year for holidays.

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1. What will I store on them? Lots of stuff. Almost everything on the bottom two shelves will be visible when rotated.
The bottom shelf: requently used glasses, mugs, mixing bowls, ''stuff'' I don't have room for elsewhere and need fairly often to daily. Smaller, more frequently used items to the outside; larger, less used items to inside.
The second shelf: Mixes, vinegars and other bottled condiments, nesting casseroles and serving bowls.
The top shelf, where I need a ladder for all but the front edge--seasonal items, especially off-season china (I enjoy switching between summer and winter daily china).

( I have some helper shelves I may use in the center of some of these. Not sure. Centrifugal force may make putting items on an unrimmed helper shelf an invitation to disaster. We'll see.)

2. The susans are screwed down. They come with the turning mechanism attached to the susan. The little ''plug'' you see in the pics comes out and, as you turn the top, the plug hole aligns with screw holes in the mechanism. You insert a screw, rotate to the next aligning hole, screw, and so on four times.
Click on the rev-a-shelf link I posted with the pics above, zoom in on the pic, and you can see the four holes in the rotating base under the shelf. Really easy.

3. To attach: remove the shelves. Check to be sure you will have clearance (after you attach the susan) to insert the shelf and susan vertically, and rotate it to level.

Assembly may be a bit of a logistic problem. But it is possible.

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I think there were some susan round shelves on RevAShelf closeout a week or so ago when I checked. If you're in the market, do check the website for clearance items.

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My gosh, how big and deep are these cabinets? Those lazy susans look huge! And we're talking uppers, right?

Dilly: you could do as Christine suggests... just go buy one kinda cheap turntable and try it out in there.

I'd still like to know what the dimension of these cabs are inside anyway? I was thinking of getting one.

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I took out the middle shelf, and keep big containers of flour, sugar on the bottom shelf. Other misc. cooking/baking stuff like oils etc. Also cake mixes, brownie mixes. The top shelf is for wine and alchol. It's a good fit for the taller bottles.

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Can't find the rev-a-shelf closeout today, but that's where I think I ordered the first three susans for about $45 each. The best price I found today for the 24'' round was $50 each at Pulls Direct plus $6 shipping. I could not find D-shaped ones anywhere.
Pulls Direct also has 20'' D-shape susans for around $30 each. Too small for me, but might work for 12'' cabs.
I think I am going to add a fourth shelf to this cab. I won't put tall things in here, the revolving shelf eliminates the need to see to the far side, and I can always use more storage. This will allow me 7'' between the top of the rim and the bottom of the shelf above. Enough, I think, for what I want to store there.
Here's the link to Pulls Direct, if anyone is interested:

Here is a link that might be useful: Sale on D-shape 20'' susans--$30 each

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My wall cabs are 15'' deep, actual inside measure 14 1/2'', instead of the standard 12''. A GW suggestion that I heartily endorse! The 24'' susans fit snugly front to back with about 1 1/2'' to spare on the sides. I hoped to find 26'' D-shape, but I would have had to build them. These are easy.

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15" deep uppers sounds fabulous! I have 12", but I am going to measure and see what size susan will work. I can see that the lip on the Rev a Shelf will keep things from falling off (most of the time) compare to the standard susans they sell at Bed Bath & Beyond. Thanks!

Any other good corner storage ideas?

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Another solution if you haven't already renovated is to have a double door that hinges in its center and opens the whole corner. Still handy to have the susans in place since the corner is a little farther away than the rest of the uppers.

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I already put in a standard corner upper. I loved the space when I decided, but the reality is a different story.

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Annie Deighnaugh

I have a blind corner in my upper cabinets so I got a couple of these that fit perfectly into the corner and the handle makes it easy to pull out. I keep plastic conatiners and lids up there for food storage...I always seem to have more of them than I need, but they're easy enough to access when I need them.

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AnnieD- I was thinking those type of baskets would work on high shelves as well.

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If you are still interested, I finally finished putting susans in my upper cabs. Here's the link to the way I did it.

Here is a link that might be useful: Super susans in upper cab

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