sstrazisarJuly 20, 2013

I'm close to a final layout, and am trying to balance form and function. Here's a pic of the DW, sink, range view. The 2DB will have hanging files and plastic ware. The sink base was flipped so we can store trays in the bottom drawer (we currently have a tip out and find it useless). The 3DB on either side of range are 30" wide, and the upper cabs above them are also 30". Does this look too jumbled...not enough symmetry? If so, how do I fix it and still have the function I desire? Thanks!

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Also, here's a view of the fridge, MW, bar area. I used to have 2 3DB flanking the bev fridge, but when we put in a prep sink we had to swap one out for door/drawer combo. Now one is drawers and one is a door/drawer. (Open cabs and shelf likely glass to work with under cab lighting) I have the same concern re: symmetry! But practically, what are my options?

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The pictures are upside down. Try re-posting them using the directions in the "Read Me" thread - post them directly in the message; don't user the "Image file to upload" option.

Here is a link that might be useful: New To Kitchens? Posting Pics? Read Me!

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Funny, they look perfectly ok on my iPad.

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Can you add some dimensions? How far is it from the fridge to the stove? How much uninterrupted countertop space do you have?

The pics are right-side up when I view them.

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click on them and they appear right-side up

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LOL, sorry for the photo confusion! Attached is a ugly layout I drew, please forgive the colors. I have a comfortable amount (to me) of counterspace. The work layout isn't an ideal world I could switch fridge & pantry/MW (I can't). That's a big reason why I added the prep sink, based on comments from helpful folks on GW & Houzz. Thank you all!

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