Vote for Granite, please.

vdinliJuly 21, 2014

Can the collective wisdom of GW help us decide on a granite, please?
Our kitchen is a small galley which should require only one slab. We wanted to keep it light and transitional in style. Our cabinets are Ultracraft Cherry with a Honey stain. I am staying away from the gold colors that have been traditionally done with the stained wood doors to keep it from looking like a 90s kitchen. Since we don't have much light and it is a small kitchen, I don't want to choose a dark color for the counters.

DH and I both like stones with movement. We have finally narrowed it down to four choices. Can you help us decide, please?

Sienna Bordeaux

Bianco Romano

White Springs

White Ice

Thank you in advance.

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I like Sienna Bordeaux or White Springs, they seem to have more purple in them though, and the other two have a yellow-y green.

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All very nice choices, I don't think you could go wrong with any of them but here goes.

My first choice is Sienna Bordeaux.

On my monitor the White Ice looks really nice with your cabinet door, too.

I like some parts of the White Springs but not all of that particular slab, but it seems too cool for your cabinet color. I've always loved Bianco Romano but the Sienna looks to have more browns in it to compliment the cabs. Good luck!

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I like White Springs. I'm right there with you for staying away from the 90's gold granite with stained cabinets.

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#1 seems to pick up the warm brown of the cabinet.

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I like #1 - less yellow than the others. #3 doesn't read yellow, but I'm not keen on the purple.

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#1 gets my vote.

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#1 Sienna Bordeaux

Gorgeous...good choice on the cherry stain!

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Number 1 looks great. I am doing honey cabinets also and am trying to decide on a granite. I love brown fantasy with them but I believe it's a marble from the tests I did on it. I also picked out Taj Mahal but dh says it's too expensive back to the drawing board but I think no 1 looks really nice.

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#1 for me too - less yellow and purple than the others.

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I think #1 looks great with your cabinet color.

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Sienna Bordeaux or White Springs. The shots you have aren't apples to apples, so it's hard for me to say which one I'd pick between the two. I'd want to see both straight on and look at the other choices you have in the kitchen -- if you have made other selections (floor, splash, paint , adjoining room colors and textures, etc.). Either of those will look good with your cabinets.

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I like the Sienna Bordeaux best, followed by the White Ice, with the caveat that the lighting differs from picture to picture, so it's hard to make good comparisons.

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Wow, given 4 choices I don't think it is common for so many of the votes to be the same! Add me to the majority which likes Sienna Bordeaux. White Springs would be my second choice, but not the right side of the slab.
Please be sure you get to see and approve your templates on the slabs; I love the upper part of the Sienna Bordeaux and would feature it on my island.

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I vote for sienna bordeaux!

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Oh wow! Thank you so much. Sienna Bordeaux is the overwhelming favorite and we liked it best too. White Springs was our second choice too. Ithe way the slabs were laid out at that yard, there was no space to get a head on picture of the whole slab. But, as far as I remember, there was no purple. DH and I both like the movement in that particular SB slab. Hoping it will still be available when we go to tag it tomorrow. Yes, will insist on being there for templating.

Ladybear, I know the feeling. I was so dissapointed when the fantasy brown sample failed my staining test. When we first started looking, I loved loved Dolce Vita -it is again a marble often sold as quartzite. I wouldn't have minded paying the 50% up charge if it were bullet proof. But alas it is not!

Lascatx, no other choices made yet. Flooring will be red oak-am waiting for flooring samples. I was hoping to do a light stain to keep it easy to maintain. But, the flooring guy thinks dark stain will help blend the original and new hardwood better. Will have to see.

Thank you all once again! And cross your fingers, I get that slab!

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I can't evaluate color--purple, yellow. . . .I don't trust my monitor and the lighting under which you photographed.
But I have a consideration other than color:

I like Sienna Bordeaux also, BUT if you need two slabs, will you be cutting it in two long ways? If so, the two slabs will show less movement and look really different from each other.
White Springs, if sliced in two long ways, seems to me to be more symmetrical, each slab having some of the same elements.

White Ice is a safe bet for cutting in two, but seems to me to be "busier" but with less "movement."

On the basis of movement only, I would vote for White Springs, especially if you can eliminate or position inconspicuously the three circular black dots.

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Bellsmom, We should need only one slab as long as it is the right size which this lot of Sienna Bordeaux is. I get what you are saying with the other stones being symmetrical and more uniform and so will be easier to match. I have a call in to the fabricator. I will ask him what he suggests too. I like the white Springs too. I will have to stop in the yard again to see if it looks purple.

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I am in with the rest of the group - SB for sure but they are all pretty!

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All great choices! I love granites with so much character vs the plain black ones. I like the Sienna Bordeaux the most but if you will have joints on your countertop, the White Ice will blend better.

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Such beautiful options! I love your cabinet color and the granites are all wonderful. I agree with the PPs that the Sienna Bordeaux seems to work best. I look forward to seeing your kitchen - I planned all along for our galley to be a medium stained wood and only changed at the last minute to painted greige/taupe. It's great but I do sometimes wonder if that last-minute change was wise. I will live vicariously through yours!

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White springs.

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White springs first for me and then the Sienna Bordeaux. Please let us know what you choose. All four slabs are beautiful.

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Thank you everyone for the votes! I am more confident in my choice now that I have GW's 'seal of approval' :-) I know I should get what I love etc but it doesn't hurt to know I am not going completely off track. I worried about the cool grays in both SB and White Springs clashing with the warm doors. I am hoping they balance each other out.

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Don't know how I missed this thread yesterday, but I concur. I have the same thing happening and the same concern: warm (cherry) doors and cool granite.

Sending good thoughts that that slab (or equal) is still there, and WS is my second for you as well.

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I like the white ice and the bianc0 romano, and of those two, I like the white ice. I like the veining better, and, at least on my monitor, it goes best with the cabinet.

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Sigh. I stopped by the stone yard before work and that particular slab is not on display anymore. I am hoping it just got shuffled around. The good news is they have 10 or so slabs from the same lot. I will go back later this week to tag the slab-hope to find that one or an equally pretty one.

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Did you decide on the sienna bordeaux? That's what we picked and love it. Can't wait to see what your backsplash choices are - I still can't decide!

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Jkprach,yes. We did pick Sienna Bordeaux. It will go in about a week or so. We ended up with a different slab than pictured here. I think we will end up with one run of counter being mostly creams and one run being gray. Backsplash hunting has been terrible as finding something that will work with both has been hard. On top of that, DH doesn't like the standard subway tile. I have a few crackle tile samples that could work but I am waiting till counters go in to decide. I will be interested in knowing what you decide too. Good Luck!

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