Flor de Liz same as Cold Spring granite?

mirucaJuly 9, 2013

We love the slab/samples of Cold Spring granite that we came across - now that we are at the ordering point we are having a difficult time finding it.

I did find cold spring at a PNW Home Depot (that also had a seperate and distinct White Spring) - but the house being built is in the NorthEast. The east coast Home Depot said "oh we call that white spring on the east coast"... NOT!!

Another place called it Flor De Liz as seen on marbleandgranite.com ; however it is difficult for me to tell from just a picture on the internet.

Does anyone have any information on whether Flor De Liz is the same as Cold Spring?

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Call Cold Spring Granite @ 320-685-3621. Ask for "slab sales". Someone there will know.

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Ok - I'll try it ... I see them on line - i think they are just another granite company though.

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Cold spring granite company is not the same as cold spring granite from Brazil which is what we are looking for.

Very disappointed to view a slab today of Flor De Diz that we were told was the same as cold spring. Not even close.

Cold spring seems hard to find in the NE - and people seem more than willing to make up explanations that "...here in the NE it's called xxxx".

Looks like we are headed to the Boston granite companies in search of two slabs of Cold Spring. Found one at Vector Stone ... but need two. Ironic that the Home Depot in a small town in Alaska can get it!!!

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Have you seen Alaskan White? From the photos I have seen online, it appears to be very similar. It is very white with darker brown in it. It might be easier to find in the NE

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Alaska White it is! We found two slabs with a lot of white - with "vintage" added to the name. It was an instant yes. We did see another Alaska white that was exquisite but did not have enough white.

We found four slabs of cold spring - but it just didn't compare.

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