Help please choosing BM color for cabs

nirenaJuly 11, 2013

Hi all~

I got new granite counters last week, pergaminho (they are a taupe color w/ brown, cream, gray & lots of sparkle). I painted my cabinets white 3 years ago. It was my 1st home project ever. Now that white looks awful next to the granite. It's like a neon stark white :(. I'm checking out BM colors to re-paint them. I don't really want a cream color because I feel like that will clash w/ the white woodwork & wainscoting. Soo, I'm looking at some off whites w/ grays and tans. Anybody use any of these colors and do you think it would look right on a cabinet??

BM silver satin OC-26
BM balboa mist OC -27
BM seapearl OC-19
BM pale oak OC-20

Thanks much for your input!!

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You should post some pics of the granite as well as the current color of the cabinets. Without at least seeing the two together, it will be a shot in the dark as far as color suggestions.

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Thanks GreenDesigns. Here is a pic. Any advice is much appreciated!

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we did BM oc-11 Clay beige because we wanted light, but not white--

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I have looked at using BM sea pearl and pale oak for my bedroom. I really love sea pearl. To me, the pale oak seemed to have a pinkish undertone. but i went with BM sea salt instead, which is very similar to sea pearl, but a little more deep.

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Thanks Christine40! I will add Clay Beige to my list of samples. Your kitchen is georgous :).

Michoumonster, I think you're right, in some light there IS a pink undertone to the pale oak. I don't want that!! I will check out sea salt. Thanks!!

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I think you are on the right track. It's hard to know how the colors will play in your space and your light. I was looking at BM Olympic Mountains, which is in the same general family but with a bit more color. You might also want to look at Dove Wing--I'm pretty sure I've heard it mentioned on the board for cabinets, and it's similar to Seapearl.

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There is an amazing color called Bittersweet chocolate that -- given I'm looking at the photo in a monitor -- which I would suggest for the base cabinets with the granite you've picked. It would unify the look completely and blend with dark appliances (unless that is just a black panel).

Here's the color card -- the link is below.

Then I'd use one of the creamies for the top cabinets.

I suggest this as I feel it will help ground the kitchen with such a dark granite counter.

Here is a link that might be useful: Bittersweet chocolate

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Thanks rococogurl. I never would've thought of that! Going that dark makes me nervous but I think the result could be amazing too. Have you ever used this particular color on cabinets?

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I like that bittersweet chocolate with horizon for the uppers....we have a pretty dark granite and our island is a dark stain in contract to the clay beige perimeters:

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A long time ago in this forum, a woman outside Chicago painted her cabinets Bittersweet chocolate. It was one of the best b&as I've ever seen. When we redid our apartment kitchen, and I knew I would repaint the cabinets, the first color I went for was Bittersweet chocolate. I had always kept it in the back of my mind.

I used a dark brown, just a bit lighter for the base cabinets -- because my marble had the exact color highlights in it. Went with a creamy beige for the top cabinets (and matched the splash to the top color).

I put it out to you because it looks like your granite will be great with the Bittersweet chocolate. And it was serendipity that the color card had the horizon and white rock -- which had come up in the discussion as alternatives.

What I did to test how I liked the dark brown -- I wasn't sure at first -- is cut pieces of poster board to fit the cabinets and coated them with sample pot color. I actually unscrewed the handles and put them back over the painted poster board pieces to keep them in place. I think I taped some edges down as the paint made the board curl a bit.

After I lived with it for a while I saw how it would look at different times of the day. Once it was up I knew it would be fine because as the light changed throughout the day and at night the undertones were good.

If that BSC isn't on the money with your granite, there will be another good brown for sure. When I googled BSC the card with the coordinating colors came up. Expect they do that for most of the colors. Makes it easier, for sure.

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