Reduce length of Kobe range hood chimney?

penguinmarcJuly 3, 2013

I bought a Kobe range hood (RA-092 Series) whose chimney section, alas, turns out to be three inches too long to permit the hood to be installed at the recommended height. My ceiling is 7.5 feet. I bought the hood from an over-stock company and the carpenter has already opened the box, so I cannot easily return it at this point.

I'm thinking of having a metal shop simply cut the chimney to reduce its length by three inches. The chimney has two parts, an outer and inner, that slide to permit adjustment of the length. Both pieces would have to be cut.

In principle it seems like this should be pretty straightforward. I even thought about doing it myself with an angle grinder or similar tool, but my carpenter is advising against it. A local metal shop is saying they can do it for about $50.

The alternative is simply to install it as is and have the bottom of the hood be at approximately 63-64 inches from the floor. The hood is only 20.5 inches deep so we probably could live with this if necessary.

Any relevant experiences or advice to relate?

Many thanks.

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You need a plasma cutter, not an angle grinder.

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It definitely can be done, but also, definitely should be done using the right tools or machinery. When we needed to have our "chimney" (duct cover) cut down, we were "warned" that it needed to be cut using "X" in order to avoid bluing or discoloring the SS around the cut.

The distributor of our range hood had it done for us by "their" guys, after DH marked where it needed to be cut. Had they not agreed to do it, I think we planned to contact our A/C guys and ask if they would do it (they cut ducting for A/C installations every day).

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I have this done by a local metal shop that also specializes in stainless. We supply a plywood box for support and they cut it with a band saw on low speed.

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Thanks for the replies so far. I'll see if the metal shop I found would use a plasma cutter.

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@penguinmarc - Do you really care how it gets cut or how it looks in the end? I'd be more interested if they are experienced with cutting stainless and to see some examples of their work than what particular technique or tool they use to cut it.

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