Do you own a brand new 2013 48" All Gas Wolf Range?

Eliza6ethJuly 29, 2013

My head and heart was all set on an all gas self-clean open burner capital range until I discovered price wise it costs than 48 Wolf. Now I am all confused...

Consumer reports gave the new a Wolf terrible review. It also appears is if Wolf decided to get rid of open burners and update the models not for overall improvement but for cost savings and as a result the quality of the brand has been sacrificed. I looked at the new Wolf, I thought it was nice looking- I don't mind the updated knobs or oven doors- etc. What I did mind is the shiny black surface of the sealed burners and all I can keep thinking about now is the time I will spend getting rid of grease smudges. Also, looking at the boittom of the range it looks like Wolf means business but when your eyes go to the top the new grates and the entire cooking surface have quite a "wimpy" appearence compared to the knobs and the oven doors which look mean and serious.

I know there are so many debates about open burners vs sealed burners and I have been told over and over again that wolf has superior burners (even sealed) and is the best at overall cooking- also, repuatable from a service perspective,they hold their value-- all that good stuff.

Here is what I am having a hard time digesting:

1.Sealed burners: Open vs sealed cooking isn't really something I care about rather than the cleanup. I've owned shiny black surface sealed burner ranges before-- and there is nobody out there that can tell me it's easier to clean a shiny black sealed surface vs cleaning drip trays and cast iron burners. NOBODY. When you're a crazy person like me and obsess over smudges on surfaces shiny black flat out sucks. I would have to steam clean the range surface to get it to my standards of clean twice a week. Also, every basic domestic range has a sealed burner system. I feel like open burners look mean and serious-- open buners are what makes that commerical home range special.

2.The new design of the Wolf- was getting rid of all gas open burners a mistake for them? Are the new Wolf ranges an insult to the brand- in terms of quality and performance?

3. Would I regret paying more for a range (like capital) that isn't on par with Wolf from an overall quality perspective?

5. Who owns a new 2013 model Wolf? Did you own an older model in the past? How does the new model compare?

A few side notes-- I know Capital is a newer company so the hisory isn't there. I am aware Blue Star has "history" but I hate the sold door on the second oven on the 48"- I don't think blue star is attractive enough for the kitchen unless it's really dolled up which I don't want to do. The other open burner options like American or Five Star aren't for me... I don't care about gills or griddles. The range choice would be all burner.

Also, the store I am working with is desperately searching for the last model of an Open Burner range if there is one out there still. If they can find one, 100% I know that's the way to go.

I would love to hear your thoughts-- it's a big purchase that I will have to live with for a while so I would LOVE to hear what you have to say!

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Older model Wolf ranges have been appearing fairly regularly on eBay and they are posted as "New", so that might be an option.

Plesser had a couple for sale and you might want to Google appliance stores as they sometimes have floor models that they are changing out. This channel is shrinking though.

If you don't have an aversion to one that has been installed, in our area craigslist often has a few that were installed in homes but rarely used and are being sold by firms that buy appliances from foreclosures, etc.

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Eliza6eth, I would do as Winnetka suggests ... wait to see if you can locate a floor model of the older style AG. One poster on GW found one recently, so there may still be some out there. I would also make some calls on my own to other stores rather than relying on one dealer to find one for me.

The older style Wolf AG still has the black shiny top that you aren't fond of. However, I've found that it is a snap to clean, and a final wipe with a microfiber towel gets rid of any smudges and fingerprints. The entire top comes off if you needed to soak it in the sink, but I haven't made any messes that required more than a soapy sponge to the surface.

In response to your 2nd question ... is Wolf's new design a mistake for them? I tend think so, because a lot of people who would have been attracted to their old-style range are not going to appreciate the new, sealed burner model and are going to look elsewhere. Because they no longer offer that option, Wolf is going to lose out on that entire demographic that does not want sealed burners.

Personally, I wouldn't want one of the newer Wolf AG ranges ... the top no longer comes apart and there are too many cracks and crevices on the cooking surface for food and liquids to fall into. The grates are gigantic! I prefer the single grates on the older version because they are easier to lift off, clean, etc. and I really like the beefy look and feel of them as opposed to the newer grates.

The new style AG oven has a spark ignitor which "click, click, clicks" each time it relights, whereas the old style has the glowbar style that doesn't make any noise at all.

I looked at every little thing on both the old-style and new-style Wolf's when I was shopping for a range, and IMHO, the old-style is far superior in build quality and design. I don't know if performance has been sacrificed, because I haven't cooked on the new version.

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Thank you both.

Wolf still has all gas open burners- 2012 models which is a relief-- and yes with that shiny surface. I wasn't aware however, that you can pull it apart to clean that's actually very interesting...

I absolutely see that isolated demographic-- I am in it! Now the question is, would I be happier with the Capital since they seem to understand my demographic. Did Wolf just committ brand suicide with the new models and in 5 years will I have an outdated machine where everyone talks about the days when Wolf made the best...

Everyone says just go with the name, but look at what happened to the Viking brand in just a few years (no offense to anyone who owns and loves their Viking). You can't count on name alone.

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Well, you'll be in good company in 5 years because lots of people have them. Even if they are discontinued, they should still last for a good long time beyond that 5 year mark, and parts will be available for a long time to come. I did not get my range based on the name. I looked at everything that was out there, and this particular range filled all my requirements.

The range will only be "outdated" if it no longer does the things you want it to. I prefer simple, functional things, so I don't worry about it becoming outdated ... I see it as being classic and timeless. Perhaps 10 years down the road Wolf will see the error of their ways and bring back a "vintage" version of the old style all-gas range. Get one now and you'll be ahead of the game. :-)

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100% what jellytoast said... get it and enjoy

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I would certainly take the time to investigate how the porcelain is holding up in the oven on the Wolf range.

We have seen quite a few posts about porcelain problems on their current wall ovens, (circa 2012-2013) and also a post or 2 about the same problem with the oven in the ranges.

Goggle Wolf oven porcelain or chipping . etc. You can also check here in Garden Web, and Chowhound.

I can not recall a single complaint about chipping on any Capital Ovens, whether wall ovens, Range ovens (GAS or Electric).

Course if you really wanted something that "Always looked pristine" and with the absolute minimum effort, You would get an Induction range.

Good luck with your pending decisions!


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I thought the porcelain chipping issue was confined to the units with the blue porcelain. I haven't heard of any complaints about the Wolf all-gas ranges which have a black interior.

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You are correct on that, I,m pretty sure JT. I believe the range oven problems were the dual fuelies.


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Thank you all! I believe I read every single posting on this site and elsewhere about wolf and capital-- all the positives and negatives of both. I was completely torn between them both and ended up deciding on the Wolf because it's an amazing piece of equipment that would be great for a first time "commercial" range owner like myself, it is a safe "gamble". However fate took over when my appliance guy put in the model number and saw a 1k increase on pricing. It was last years model (still at the factory so it wasn't a floor model) open 8 burner all gas. Honestly, I didn't see the value for an extra 1k just for brand-- I saw the value when the Wolf was priced $75.00 higher than the Capital but not 1k. The old Wolf is actually priced higher than the 2013 model (which was not even a contender). My guy called wolf, they were confused as to why it increased, they checked with finance, turns out the pricing stood. So I said well that makes what was a difficult decision much easier, I guess the Capital was meant to be. If i made a mistake and should have spent the extra 1k then there is always next time and hopefully by then Wolf will have an offering for someone like me again. My house will be completed in September so I won't know if I was wrong until October or November.

Thanks again everyone!

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I agree wholeheartedly that spending an extra thousand dollars "just for the brand" doesn't make sense. If you like both ranges equally, and they both offer the same features and aesthetic that you like, spending less makes perfect sense.

Seeing all the choices in person ... opening the oven doors, moving the burner grates, getting a first-hand look at the fit and finish, checking out the burners and their placement, seeing how the range tops were put together and whether or not they'd be easy to clean ... all these things really helped me to cement my decision about which range I wanted. I needed a balance of form and function.

I do believe there was an increase in price when the new Wolf model came out, but the available units of the older model were being liquidated at their regular prices (at least around here), but certainly not at raised prices. Floor models were discounted. I find it very strange that Wolf has raised the price on a few remaining units ... something doesn't sound right to me.

Regardless, the CC is a fine choice, so enjoy the fact that you have made a decision. I'm sure you'll love it!

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We are currently in this situation now... What did you end up getting? Can you post an update :). Did you you look into other 48" commercial style ranges (dacor, thermador, dcs, bluestar, kitchenaid) before narrowing down?

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