Another bump in the road

Kristen HallockJuly 15, 2013

So I've encountered another problem in my remodel. We were installing more base cabinets Saturday and started to line them up and realized that they werent going to fit on the wall!. I dont know exactly what happened, but we had a 192" wall and I had planned for a 36" lazy susan, 36" pot/pan drawers, 36" range, 36" pot/pan drawers, 24" 3-drawer stack, 24" 3-drawer stack and when we put in the cabinets we were short 1/2" for the range opening. Arg! I did measure the lazy susan and it was .25" wider than the 36" it should have been.

So now I am returning a 36" pot/pan drawers and getting a 33" one instead. Luckily I had a 33" one for the island so we will use that one for now and wait for a new one to come in for the island. But this means I will have to wait for that before I can get my countertops templated. So disappointed! Oh well I've waited 3+ months, another few weeks wont kill me, right?

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That is frustrating! I hope the replacement comes quickly.

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How annoying! I hope you have better luck as you go forward.

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Holly- Kay

Hoping the replacement cab arrives quickly!

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This may be a stupid idea especially since I don't know your layout etc.. but can you add 3" to the island and use the 36" one there?

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Sorry to hear that, how frustrating! Our demo starts tomorrow. I think its good for me to read these things to prepare myself for what lies ahead. I think. ;-)

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We hit a similar snag because the GC put up drywall over old drywall and it added 5/8" on either side. They were able to trim some off of a center cabinet but I think that is unusual. The KD had that cabinet built with extra on either side just in case. It is a bumpy road though, isn't it?

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