best way to clean shiny laminate countertops?

planningnutJuly 6, 2008

hello! our kitchen is finally done and installed (pics to follow soon!) and I have these gorgeous shiny black laminate countertops that I have no idea how to clean... I tried dish soap & water and it left a streaky mess...




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microfiber cloth, barely wet, no soap.

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I agree with mitchdesj...No soap. Too hard to get completely cleaned off. Just water or some kind of spray on kitchen cleaner/disinfectant if/when necessary. But ALWAYS dry as you wipe to get rid of streaks. I didn't have microfiber when we had our shiny laminate, so don't know if that would change the process of having a damp rag in one hand and a dry towel in the other when washing the counters.

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In a spray bottle mix 1/2 rubbing alcohol, 1/2 water and a couple of drops of dish soap. Use with a mircrrofibre cloth. This is what I use for all shiny surfaces, windows, mirrors, etc. For more ideas pose your question on the cleaning forum.

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I use 1/2 water, 1/2 clear ammonia in a spray bottle to clean just about everything in the house. I tint it blue with food coloring to make it easier to see.

A microfiber cloth helps enormously.

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I have this stuff called "Countertop Magic" and it comes in a spray bottle. It is a sort of milky/pasty consistency, and you spray it onto your formica and rub it in with a cloth, then wipe it off with a 2nd cloth. It reminds me of the concept of waxing a car. It works great. I just used it on an old piece of black glossy formica to freshen it up and now it looks great.

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Microfiber cloths. BTW, be very very careful with sliding anything across your counter, or with having debris caught in your cloth when you wipe it. The plain glossy laminate finishes are very delicate, and the laminate manufacturer's do not recommend gloss finishes for horizontal applications, even though countertops fabricators create countertops out of them. They scratch horribly, and, as you've discovered, show every water spot or swirl from cleaning. I make sure I inform any potential customers of these drawbacks when considering a new laminate countertop, and it's rare that any choose the glossy finish after seeing a 2 year old example in our showroom that is scratched to heck and back.

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