OT- easiest photo sharing?

OOTM_MomJuly 13, 2014

I have been amassing my photos and writing up explanations hoping to post my final reveal... but I am multiphoto posting challenged!

Which hosting site is the easiest to use? I primarily work on an ipad, only get on a regular Mac about once every two weeks, so if it can be done from an ipad that would be better. I did read the stickie at the top of the posts, and I tried sharing photos from an instagram account but they didnt show up. I'd like to be able to paste the links into Pages on my ipad, and then cut and paste the whole post into GW. Is that possible?

Thank you

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I use Photobucket with my phone all the time. I write my own HTML tags and copy/paste the direct links, but using their HTML links probably works too.

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I use photobucket also. I find it easy to post from. Just click on the "link" icon, click on the type of posting (blogs, forums) and then paste into your gw post. You can put in as many photos as you like in one post.

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I find photobucket easy to use. You can upload several at a time and it's easy to click on the link, as debra posted.

I don't keep any personal photos under that email account so I don't have to worry about mixing in gardenweb photos with family photos.

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Ditto. I have other photo sharing for other purposes. I just keep house pics in a specific cal_quail photobucket (some dogs and cats do sneak in though). To me, that's easier than making some things private and others not. I also find, when I look at other people's kitchen/house pics, I like to look at more than just the one they linked. So that set up provides that for others.

I upload pics from my iphone all the time. I haven't from my ipad, but I'm sure it's just as easy. I'm sure they've got an app. What I haven't tried is to make albums or actually post from the iOS.

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Thank you, I will give photobucket a try! I have set a goal to post reveal before friday. I work better with deadlines. :-)

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