My Almost Finished Barker Cabinet Project

gr8daygwJuly 2, 2014

For the longest time I have been trying to accomplish this look for my laundry room. A couple of years ago I put a new sink, faucet and counter top just where the sink is. Then I got a new washer and dryer front load and have always wanted to do the appliance cabinet with same black pearl granite that is on the sink cabinet. Then I added two new cabinets across from the W/D with the black pearl granite that was just installed yesterday.

Some day I will change out the wallpaper but for now, I'm happy with the new changes and will have to tackle that another time. The wallpaper looks awful in these pictures but it's not bad in person. It is nearly bullet proof and has survived numerous big dogs and all manner of abuse. I had a roll of the paper left over from 16 years ago that has been in the attic all this time. When I moved a cabinet and had to repair the wall in a large section I patched it with the paper and it matches perfectly. It even still had the pre paste on it so I just wet it and put it up. I just can't bring myself to tear it off. I've stripped wallpaper before and know what a job it is. It would look so much better without it but it's not too bad with it. Still have to repair the baseboard and a few other touches. So without further ado, here is the almost finished laundry room.

Barker Cabinet Washer/Dryer Appliance Cabinets RTA from Oregon to Atlanta special order
Kraus sink and sink grid
Black Pearl granite
Faucet Hansgrohe can't remember the name
Battery operated stick on under cabinet lights

Cut out for access to water valves. I hated to do this but I put a basket over it. I opted not to lower them behind the washer because the granite is so heavy and it might have affected the drainage of the water. If this was a new build we could have figured out a better way. I did have the plug lowered for the W/D and kept the old electrical outlet that is above the W/D.

Across from the W/D are the two new cabinets with the black pearl granite top. Still have to put the pulls on.

The new lamp.

I just covered the cutout with a basket that I can put my laundry soap, softener and stain sprays in.

I love my stool from Wayfair that I can sit on when sorting, loading/unloading W/D and folding clothes. I like to inspect everything so I like to sit there at my leisure to sort the laundry and also to dry inside of washer etc.
The whole room:

another shot:

That't it. It's so nice to have all the space to fold clothes. We put all the doggie treats and dog food stuff in some of the cabinets and used the top drawers for office supplies. So nice to have a place for this stuff. Also moved all the computer modem and Ooma phone stuff out there. We had them drill a hole in the granite to access the plug and pull all the wires through from under the cabinets. I'm so glad to have all of that out of the kitchen. I also put my Vitamix in the laundry room because the laundry room is right off the kitchen. It's really like having a scullery kitchen. I use it for a lot of things. I was able to get rid of the island sink in the kitchen which took up too much room from the work space, we never used it and now just use the laundry room sink if I do ever need a second sink.

Thanks for taking a peek.

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That is the most amazing "laundry room". It's so fancy!

You did a great job making it your own.
I love how polished it all looks..
Perfect little "hideaway" space too.

I had never heard of Barker Cabs..maybe it was you that mentioned it a few weeks ago...I will be looking closer to them when the time comes to redo our kitchen.

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Very pretty!


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What an awesome space! I hope the laundry area in my kitchen turns out as well.

And the wallpaper, I think you might have waited long enough for it to come back into style. :) I think it's kinda cool. I put up lots of wallpaper in my teeny condo in the late 80's. I took down lots of wallpaper when I moved into this house. Wallpaper in general seems to be back and I like the bold pattern.

re: your cut out in the granite...My W/D will be in a corner of my kitchen (same location as now, just going with smaller, Asko units). I'm trying to decide what to do for access to the back. I think you made your cut out specifically because of the height of your water valves. Mine will be low enough (I think) but since it's an older home and I've had plumbing issues, I want to be able to easily get to the drain pipe (and everything else would be a bonus. I was thinking of stopping the granite short all the way along the back. Maybe having a wooden piece made to fill the gap or something. There is a tall pantry to the left of the washer and a wall to the right of the dryer so that back won't be super visible and I can put some things along the back to hide it. I think. Based on your experience, do you think that would work? Or maybe just a couple strategic cut outs like yours?

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Thanks! The wallpaper looks pretty hideous in these photos but honestly in person, it is rich with color and the flowers don't stick out so much. I had to laugh when I saw them online, it really doesn't look like that in person.

cal_quail, we had the option of moving the water over to under and within the sink cabinet with an access door for the hoses which maybe you could do this while you're at it. My issue was worrying about the draining of the water. I didn't want to have any problems with the drain being too low etc. and then have problems with these temperamental new front loaders. I think your idea would work fine. I thought of that too or just going with an all wood top would work as well like the walnut ones that are so pretty or doing a lighter weight material over them. But I really wanted it to be all the same as the granite sink surround that was already there in my case. I got lucky as the new black pearl matched the old well enough to not be noticeable at all. So if you go the cutout route, would you just have two of them? This cutout is 8" wide by 5" deep, big enough for my husband to get his hand back there and the bonus is that it is big enough that we can also reach the hose connections on the back of the washer in case we have to change them out someday. Once I put the basket there it's a non-issue. I'm sort of relieved that it's there. Before we made the cut out I was just thinking we could slide the granite forward and not seal around it but that slab is 5 feet long by 30 inches deep and it's heavy. Two big guys were huffing and puffing setting it in place so after I saw that I knew there would be no sliding it back and forth to get at the water shut off valves.

I'm really pleased. The only thing I was surprised at was how tall it is. But I had to make it that tall to clear the top of the W/D with about ½ inch for beathing space but then the wood for the cabinet is about ½ or ¾ inch and the granite is 3 cm so it raised it up even higher so it's a tall cabinet! I'm tall enough to still be able to fold comfortably on it but if you were 5 feet or less it might be a challenge for you. It ended up being about 42 ½ " tall.

Good luck with your project!

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Functional and elegant. I would definitely hide out in there w my dog and a cup of coffee in the morning, while the machines made nice white-background noise.... The wallpaper looks great! But then I am partial to using paper if it fits the house. And it does seem to fit this room. I don't mind the water cut-out. In fact, it's great it's in such a handy location. The basket tucks it out of sight.

Barker cabs have been great for us, very pleased we went this route. Hope you found the same.

Enjoy! Jennifer

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Yowzer, gr8day, that's an amazing laundry. I had no idea you were so talented! Even a couple of windows? My washer and dryer are in a closet in my hall, but I call it the laundry room. I love what you've done.

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Beautiful laundry room. I am contemplating remodeling our laundry, especially since our office is in the same room.. The dryer is running right now as I type. The office is very functional with cabinets and shelves and a window to look out at the backyard. The problem is that the built in washer and dryer are small to me. Would you mind sharing what washer and dryer you bought and how deep they are from the back wall with all your hookups?

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Thanks Linelle and everyone. You are so sweet.

Karenseb they do stick out a bit but it didn't make them protrude any further than they already were. If I could I would recess them somehow, the water valves and the vent for the dryer is what makes it stand away from the wall.

It's GE GFWN1100L2WW. I don't think they make this model anymore but a very similar one. It's been very dependable so far. They were not expensive, in the $5-600 range for the W. I've had the set for about three years. The washer isn't the bigger tub but it's the same size cabinet surround as the larger tubs. From the back of the wall to the very front of the washer it's 34" including the distance it stands away from the wall with the hookups. The height is 42" to the top of the granite. It is 5 feet wide over both W/D. If I had it to do over again, I would have gotten a little bigger tub size but not the biggest. I think this tub is 3.6 and a 4 or a little over would have been fine. I didn't want the great big tub because it goes out of balance more and it's just the two of us. These are not built in W/D's. For the last 3 years until yesterday they were free standing and they are actually the stackable type, a big reason I wanted the flat top with the cabinet. The stacking appliances don't have a flat surface on the top. It was sort of annoying and also I have been seeing this done on Houzz a lot and I really liked the look of it. You could do this with any FL washer and dryer of any size. The really sleek built-ins with the flat surface all the way from the sink to over the W/D are the smaller type of W/D's probably European. I wanted the full size washer and dryer and didn't mind the bump up from the sink to the cabinet over the W/D.

I noticed that GE has a new model that is flat on the top and is higher than a regular front load with a built in pedestal but not as high as the separate pedestals. You could make this work in your office/laundry. The washer is extremely quiet as is the dryer. I fell in love with this set when we rented a condo in Hilton Head. It was stacked in the unit but I knew I couldn't do that so went this route. I think you would like having the nice surface over the W/D in the office. It's very sleek. Good luck!

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I love your room AND the wallpaper. Just beautiful.

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Congrats on your room, it is lovely. I for one love that wallpaper. Is it Schumacher?

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Thanks for the information. I will look into the new GE. My problem is that I actually have 30 inches depth before the counter takes a right turn and is at the sink. The extra 4 inches is a lot. I think two inches would be okay because the sink has doors that I could still open. Your size washer and dryer sound perfect.

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Wow! That is one beautiful laundry room. I'm envious of how spacious it is.

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Wow! I've never seen such a fancy laundry room. With a chandelier! It's beautiful. I'm not sure it would make me love laundry, but it would certainly seem like less of a chore and be more pleasant than doing laundry in my open ceiling, cinderblock wall, cement floor laundry room!

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Cute space, I think your walpaper suits it and seems in line with your style. You have good natural light in that room and it makes a big difference.

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How elegant! I really like how everything works together here. Honestly, the wallpaper completely elevates the space and keeps it from looking dull and utilitarian.

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gr8 laundry room! Elegant. Love it.

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I love it! Love the feeling in that space…the little lamp, the richness of the wallpaper, beautiful floors and art! You did a fab job!

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Love this space! I really think the wallpaper works in here.

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This looks great! Thanks for posting this as I have a long laundry room similar to yours, except I have air handlers where your desk is. It helps for me to visualize it finished. I like the wallpaper - I would not change it. I also like the desk, chandelier and dog pic!

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I'm ready to move in! It looks wonderfully warm and rich. Congratulations and happy folding:)

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This looks great! Thanks for posting this as I have a long laundry room similar to yours, except I have air handlers where your desk is. It helps for me to visualize it finished. I like the wallpaper - I would not change it. I also like the desk, chandelier and dog pic!

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Thanks everyone! Since I last posted I put some brighter bulbs in the light fixture and replaced one that was burned out. World of difference in the light! I'm really enjoying having the granite over the W/D for folding and the extra cabinet space. The whole thing just works better now. Thanks for the kind words about the wallpaper. It's much more palatable in person and also knowing that you all don't think it is so bad. It's cheery and rich and hides all manner of doggie paw prints and mishaps.

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What a cozy room & I would love hanging out in there. The lamp, chandelier & wallpaper are wonderful together. Another vote not to remove the wallpaper.

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