uconnventional uses for pantry anyone?

illinigirlJuly 31, 2013

Does anyone have a secondary use for their pantry aside from food/appliance storage?

Its looking like my plan will have a single window within the pantry itself. Its still plenty large (16 linear feet for shelving) but i am trying to figure out a creative way to enjoy the window in there. Perhaps a seating space. Pantry will probably house my shredder and paper recycling.

Are there others out there using their pantries for more than food?

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Perhaps you could put a desk in there for clutter hiding? I could see it as a nice mail sorting place.


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That was basically my idea. One of my favorite pantries in a picture belongs to I think a professional cook in her home kitchen. It's pretty compact, but she fitted her "cooking" office in there too, and and one gets the feeling it's a very special, as well as intensely practical, space to her. No window, but the desk is built in to one side of the door, and a window cut-out above it has a view of the kitchen.

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Check out nini804, she has a little office niche with window by her pantry. It's a great use of space and kind of 'hides' the pantry. If you google nini804 pantry + gardenweb it should come up. I asked her some specific questions about it and she posted a few pics for me. On my phone or I would find the link for you. Moving, no Internet, no fun, lol.

Sounds like a great idea. :)

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oh thanks! because of square footage getting too big I had to nix the mini-office that I wanted in my laundry room.....but I think I can accomodate something that I need in the pantry space.

Just a place for mail, paper recycling and shredding, and perhaps some of the kids school paper 'to do' items (forms, permission slips, schedules, etc) and maybe even printer.

thanks! I'm still interested in hearing from others how they might use their pantries differently. :)

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How about a cushy window seat and a small bookshelf? I always wanted a place to hide. Who'd ever look for you in the pantry?

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I had a friend that had a built-in desk for her laptop, phone chargers and cordless phone base. Along with grocery lists, coupons, mail, etc. I think her cookbooks were in there too.

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It may be a nice place to sit and look for recipes. I plan on having a quiet space for me next to my cookbooks to find and create recipes.

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I don't have a photo, but a house we built in the early 80s had a darkroom adjacent to the laundry room. It was never used for that, so turned into a window-less pantry.

ETA: Pre-digital camera era.

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About 12 years ago I designed a kitchen and walk-in pantry for a client who was building a new home. The walk-in pantry was huge, bigger than some people's regular kitchens. If I had to guess, it was about 11'x15'.

She wanted it designed as a Baker's Pantry.
She loved to bake and wanted a space just to do that....so her regular kitchen looked clean all the time and was just for family meals.

This room had a double oven inside of it, a sink, DW and full size refrigerator/freezer. Basically, this lady had TWO kitchens. Working and Show! It turned out really nice. We did mostly open shelving held by brackets for easy seeing and retrieving. She also had a dropped down countertop with marble countertops throughout.

It was neat for someone that loves to bake that much.

No pictures....sorry.

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For me? I love those "hidden pantries". I would So use that as my PANIC ROOM!

Here is a link that might be useful: Panic Room Pantries

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I am back and attached the link in case you didn't find it and also thought it would be helpful to have on this thread. Finally - internet at the in-laws. I am going through some serious withdrawals and looking at gardenweb on my iphone is giving my eyes quite a workout!

Nini804's Pantry/Office

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Definitely search for willowdecor's pantry! It has a window with seating and a gorgeous butlers pantry look.

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I was just going to post that you should look at Willowdecor's butler's pantry--one of my absolute faves--but aokat15 beat me to it :)
Her website is being flagged as malware right now on my computer, but here is another blogger's link and info about it

Here is a link that might be useful: willow decor butler pantry

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