Must island outlets be GFCI?

weedyacresJuly 31, 2013

Home inspection just came back. Inspector said outlets on kitchen island must be GFCI. I thought just those near water needed to be. The island is just cabinets + granite, with a couple outlets on the side wall of the island.

Can someone clarify? I've got an NEC book, but couldn't find the kitchen requirement. Code references would be greatly appreciated to bolster my case (if I have one). :-)

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All kitchen small appliance circuits needs to be GFCI protected. Island outlets should be part of the 2 (or more) required small appliance circuits.

Edited to add:, Just change the breaker might be the easiest for you even though it's the most expensive. It'll pass code for sure. Or, if this is a tap off an existing circuit, find the first upstream outlet and change it to a GFI outlet. That will protect all of the downstream circuits. What they don't want to see is when they trip the circuit, the lights somewhere go out etc. You can't have lighting and small appliances share a circuit.

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Thanks, live wire. Yeah, I think we'll just change the breaker, since these are outlets that are inset into the cabinet wood and thus not easily changed to GFCI outlets.

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