Please help with backsplash options - Thank you!

qwertynycJuly 3, 2014

Hi Everyone,

My wife and I are near kitchen installation but have not decided on our backsplash option yet. We would greatly appreciate the GardenWeb community's assistance! I've attached a mockup of our kitchen, but here's our situation:

1. We are installing a modern minimalist kitchen - High Gloss White Cabinets, Pure White Ceasarstone, push to open cabinets and drawers.
2. We have about 30" between the countertop and bottom of upper cabinets.
3. The wall cabinets end mid wall on the left side. So there is a 30"x83" area that we would potentially backsplash.

Options we were thinking of were:
A. Do a light grey Venetian Plaster/ waterproof cement/stucco look on the entire wall that the kitchen is on.

B. User a 4" pure white ceasarstone "splash guard" if sorts, since there will be no cooking on that run of the kitchen, just a sink. Though would this look too old fashioned?

C. Tile just up to the end of the cabinets (though I never like when tiles end mid wall.. not a fan of that metal edging, or bullnose)

D. Use 4 Large tiles to match the size of the 4 upper cabients.

C. White back painted glass (but we've ruled this out - too much glare in my opinion)

We're totally open to other suggestions. Thanks for taking the time to read this and share your thoughts!


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Have you seen a backpainted glass backsplash in real life? My friends' did not glare at all.

Below is a link to German high gloss white kitchens. I'd try to go for a seamless backsplash.

Another option, which has come up here is Neolith, a very thin porcelain slab. Google it and the discussion shouldpop up.

Here is a link that might be useful: high gloss kitchens

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Thanks so much for your response! Would you end the glass or neolith at the edge of the cabinet before the L? If so, how would you deal with that seam?

Thanks again!


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This would be our ideal, but i think it will be too expensive...

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We have ordered a single glass architectural art glass piece for our back-splash. Most cities have architectural glass specialists who can make you anything. Ours is only 3/8" with carved out and metalic design on the back (looks 3-D), but we were also partial to thick "fused" glass slabs 1 inch or more thick - really spectacular, but we decided to go with an art design.
We considered tile and metal, but nothing talked to us. I think all galss is the way to go, especially with modern look.

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i like option "A", think that would look it some contrast in texture to all the smoothness....

love your inspiration pic and i am not "modern" person

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I agree that having a tile that ends where the cabinets end may look strange. If you go with glass, I'd just end before the L. Since the glass is very thin, there's really not much of an edge.

Still, I think having the whole wall the same treatment would look the cleanest. If your "ideal" is too expensive, how about just paint or something like this. Without the black edge:

You can also google for splashback (UK) and see what pops up. They have lots of ideas for a splahsback just behind the sink or cook top.
What are you planning for the other side of the kitchen?

Here is a link that might be useful: splashbacks

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Definitely a good thought on the splashbacks. On the other side of the kitchen is just a wall that will be painted a whiteish color. Probably decorators white.

Can you think of anything I could treat that wall with so that it would be waterproof, and in turn just have a painted wall?

And what do you think about bringing the ceasarstone up the wall slightly just to stop water from going behind the cabs and hitting the wall?

Thank you so much for the feedback, it's super helpful!

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What are you planning for behind your cooktop or range?

I think you could use enamel paint and caulk where the counter meets the wall. There's paint that can go over drywall tho make it handle wetness better. Or maybe put those sheets goods over for bathroom walls.

Here are some other ideas.

Alternatively, is there a way to have a natural break where the uppers end? This looks a bit weird, but maybe something similar?

Look slike low backsplash all around and glass behind range.

Maybe ask specifically how people handle L-shaped counters in kitchens when the wall continues into the room? There must be lots. I think most people just end either at the uppers or the bar.

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Thanks! The red kitchen shows the lip so well! Right now I'm leaning towards doing a matching 3" lip of pure white ceasarstone along the entire length of the countertop. Then going with the nice dark paint on the rest of the wall.

I think it will be practical and sustain the integrated feel of the kitchen. I'll share some pics whichever way we go!

Thanks again for all of your input - it's been super helpful!

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