kitchen cabinet marks help

rosemarynjJuly 22, 2014

Hope someone can help me. I have maple kitchen cabinets (very light color) and they were installed in 2006. They are a China made cabinets. They have marks on them that look like tiny circles, drip marks etc on them esp. around handles but other places too. I have no idea how they got there. I bought Magic Cabinet and Wood Cleaner to try to get them off, but they are still on there. I don't want to replace the cabinets as they are not that old and I like the Caesar Stone tops. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to get these marks off and clean the cabinets? They are driving me crazy!

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If you don't use a vent all the time when you cook, oil can settle as drip type marks on cabinets, especially if you do a lot of frying. Mineral spirits can break down oil and won't hurt the finish, it's flammable, and you want to be careful that you aren't using it near any flame, and open the windows while you're using it. I also use WD 40 to remove sticky stuff and oil, it might work if you have it available. If these products don't work, I'd try a water based product, like vinegar and water, with a soft cloth. Magic eraser is a great little product, but it shouldn't be used on a surface with a gloss, it leaves a dulling mark. One of my favorite cleaning products is steal wool, but it has to be the extra fine steal wool, I think 4 or 5 zeros are in the number and it's more of a polishing cloth than a scrubbing cloth, but it can be used with any of the above liquids without harming finish; don't use it dry. You can buy it at home improvement stores, not at the grocery store, that stuff is too harsh.

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Can you post some pictures?

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We had some marks on our bed headboard that looked similar to what you describe. I tried a bunch of things to get them off. My husband eventually tried Dawn dish detergent and that worked. Seems like it was oil (probably from hands touching it in our case - in a kitchen could be this near handles and/or cooking oils) and the Dawn took it off.

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