Beaded inset: on door or frame?

carolinesmomJuly 24, 2009

I'm STILL considering inset cabinets, and understand that I can order a bead on the door OR on the face frame. First of all, not sure if I want flat or raised panel. Leaning towards raised at this point, and wonder what combination would look best. I'm afraid of the maintenance/cleaning of the bead, but it does seem to add definition. I'm not concerned with creating period kitchen, etc. Just want it to look airy and a little elegant, if you will. Any suggestions on the right combo? bead door/bead frame/raised/flat. Cabinets are painted. Thanks!

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I have the bead on my frame. The only time I have ever seen it on the door is when it isn't actually an inset door, but a full overlay door designed to look like an inset door. I have seen this on some cabinet lines at Home Depot and Lowes. Also, the local cabinet maker who did my laundry room cabinets didn't have the machinery to route the bead on the frame and tried to talk me into doing the bead on the door(he could order in the doors). He even made up a sample door in the frame which I no longer have. I didn't think it looked right.
Good Luck.
P.s:Just about every high end cabinet line has a place on their website where you can look at door styles and some have them in the door frame. OH, and my doors are raised panel too. I just love them!!!

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I also have a full inset with the bead on the frame. It looks terrific. I also choose cabinet doors with the cleaning in mind. All those nooks get so grimy over time. I got flat panel doors mostly because they were most authentic to the Victorian reproduction look I am going for. I love them, the character comes from the wood and some other details like chamfered edges and furniture feet.

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It isn't "beaded inset" inless the bead is on the frame. I have beaded inset with a classic raised panel door. I saw one kitchen that was full overlay with a bead on the edge of the door and it looked very nice also.

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I have the bead on the frame in my kitchen, but have it in the door in my bathroom. Doing it on the door, with overlay doors, saved a little money and allowed more room for storage. I love the way it turned out and think my kitchen would have looked fine if I'd done it that way, too. (Kitchen is Kountry Kraft, vanity is custom built by our cabinet maker who, in hindsight, I WISH we used for the entire kitchen!)

Kitchen door w/bead on frame -

Master bathroom vanity w/bead on door - the most obvious difference is you can not have exposed hinges with this.

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Thanks so so much everyone; I just LOVE this forum. I don't know what I would do without it. Smarge, I clipped your bathroom pic because we're doing vertical storage like that and I could figure out if I should do a soffit or not; yours looks nice w/ the matching panels.

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Something to consider when having a soffit is, do you paint the crown for the rest of the room the same as the finish for the crown on the soffit.

Our room is trimmed in BM Navajo White. The cabinetry is also painted in BM Navajo white, but with a glaze so it didn't look "built in" and looked more like furniture. We painted the trim & crown against the walls regular MW and had the cabinet guy add the glaze to the crown that touched the soffit since it looked stupid to have the crown a lighter, almost cleaner looking color than the cabinets. But, it would also have looked odd to have the crown around the entire bathroom glazed and NOT have the trim around the doors glazed. But, if we glazed ALL the trim, then it would start to look built-in again...

We had to do a soffit due to the roof slanting there and us needing the recessed lighting above the sinks. I would not do a soffit unless it was absolutely necessary! (Of course, if you are not doing crown molding around the ceiling, this won't be an issue.)

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Pretty kitchen and bath cabinets! Especially love your bathroom faucets. DO you remember the manufacturer and model?

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Smarg, love the pictures... I am just getting bids for inset cabinets and kountry kraft is one of the bids, wondered what you think about your kitchen cabinets? I saw you mentioned that you'd use your custom cabinet maker for the kitchen if you had to do over... I'm in seattle and dont know of any truly custom one man type shops...
But interested in the Kountry Kraft? Thanks

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With inset cabinets, the bead would definitely go on the frame. Reason being that inset doors, before the advent of factory cabinets, required tweaking when they were installed. By that, I mean that they had to have bits planed off of them to sit properly in the inset.

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michelleMarie - sorry, I've been away and didn't see your question. My bath hardware is by Rohl, their Perrin & Rowe Country style with cross handles in polished chrome. We love them, with the exception of the handheld shower for the tub and the shower (we have two). They are EXTREMELY heavy and cumbersome to use. Unless you are dying for the Perrin & Rowe name to be on your hardware, I'd say get something else. Hindsight is 20/20 and can save you some big bucks! (I was still under the influence of a snooty interior designer when we succombed to buying the Perrin & Rowe stuff.)

In my opinion, Restoration Hardware makes decent hardware that looks very similar. Their "Vintage" line looks very similar to what I have and is on sale right now. Check it out - I posted a link below.

Here is a link that might be useful: Restoration Hardware Vintage faucet style

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kmkeenan - I am pleased with my Kountry Kraft cabinets, don't get me wrong. It is just that I now believe I could have had a better/finer end result for very close to the same money if I'd gone with a quality individual cabinet maker. No big commercial outfit is completely custom - they all make boxes and fit them into your space. A talented cabinet maker can build on site if needed for certain situations.

My "big" issues with KK are as follows -

The seam where two boxes would meet was very obvious and you could see it get thinner where the installer had screwed the two together. The reason, I'm told, is that the factory sands the edges of each box ever so slightly, which rounds them a bit so that when two edges meet, they have a bit of a shadow between them that really shows up a lot with white inset cabinets. In contrast, where my installer had to scrib a piece of cabinetry onsite to "fill" a space, the resulting seam was almost invisible bc he cut the piece himself instead of it being done at the factory, so the edge was very sharp and not at all rounded.

Anotoher flaw, which you could probably prevent if you clarify in your contract. I had exposed hinges with my inset doors. Where two sets of doors met in my kitchen the hinges weren't aligned in a level way, so one set would be slightly higher than the one next to it. If you get exposed hinges, you should ask that all your hinges be carefully installed at the exact same place on each cabinet door so that when they end up next to each other, they are level. This is something I never would have thought of until we saw them installed and it really bugged us.

Here is a picture - (you can see the seam issue here as well. Basically a dark line where every box meets another!)

One of the big corbel things on my range hood cover had globs on it that could not be redone and wasn't able to be touched up very well. This was a simple quality control issue that fell through the cracks and left a bad taste in my mouth. The average person will never notice it, but I do.

My KD promised me all the bells and whistles I wanted would be included in my price (knife drawer, divided sections in my storage drawers, etc.) Well, he had never designed a kitchen with dish drawers before and says he didn't realize that the wooden dowels that are required for the drawers would cost $55 for a set of four (4 are needed to corral each stack of dishes/bowls - a minimum of 4 sets per dish drawer, and more if stacking items of smaller diameter!) He only gave me 4 sets for my two dish drawers and I had to pay for more myself. After spending over $90K for my KK cabinets, this nickel & diming ticked me off. Get EVERYTHING promised in writing! Everyone will be happier for it in the end!

Last, I had a few doors and drawers damaged by my *%*(&($ Contractor and they had to be replaced. The replacements came in a slightly pinker hue than the rest of my kitchen. We even sent in the cover to my desk drop-down drawer so they could redo it and try to color match perfectly, and they still came back pinker. This is incredibly noticeable to me in the daytime and still makes me boil a little every time I notice it. I'm certain that if my cabinet maker guy had done my kitchen that he could have done a better job matching the color for the replacement doors/drawers.

The bottom line is, with a big company you will not get the attention to detail that you would get with a talented, quality cabinet maker.

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Does anyone know if you can do a bead on the door of a cope and stick cabinet?

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Yes, you can.
Go to the cabinet joint . com and you can read all the pros and cons.

You could probably do a miter, but trying to order one just doesn't seem to be able to happen.

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