How would you trim these windows?

MichKerkJuly 29, 2013

Nearing the end of our kitchen reno and trying to figure out how to trim the two windows over the sink. Prior to demo, they were treated as two separate windows with wide moldings (original to house) leaving a small space in between that had backsplash. I was thinking of trimming them as if they were one unit, but I'm not sure how it would look. The space between them is about 13 inches. What would you do? Here is a current pic.

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I would decide on what you are doing with the backsplash first. On a project where the whole sink elevation was tiled, we tiled all around the windows and they had no wood trim at all, for example. Or, if it's a shorter backsplash, how the bottom of it ties into the window sills could be important.

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Trim them each individually as that is to much space for single trimmed units.

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Thanks for the feedback! The trim including back band measures 4 3/8. The backsplash will be white subway tile that will only go to cabinet height. The reason I was considering trimming them together is because it looked kind of weird with a few tiles in between previously. But I also don't know if it will look weird trimmed together.

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I get that it looked weird with just a small piece in between. But I think it would look weirder to have a really wide trim piece in between the two. What about making the trim a lot narrower than the rest of the home? Or, use some type of decorative ceramic chair rail as trim instead of wood. As in making the whole wall ceramic? Including the sill. That would fit an old fashioned and modern kitchen vibe all at once.

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Just wanted to thank you all for the responses. We decided to trim them as single windows and deal with the tile in between. Livewire - I did appreciate all of the photos you attached for ideas.

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Why don't you consider putting shelves between the two windows? Not deep ones, but maybe 5" or so. It would give you a place for small pots of spices? Then you can trim the entire two windows as one unit and it will not look odd.

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A couple more pictures that might help if you are still interested:
Sort of as someone suggested above, a VERY narrow little plate rack here, a kind of narrow vertical wall shelf unit would be nice, perhaps?

Contemporary Kitchen by San Francisco General Contractors Mascheroni Construction

A soffit or short horizontal open shelf above both might help tie them together as one and still be good if you frame each window separately


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How are the other windows in your house trimmed? You may want to duplicate that trim for a more cohesive look.

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