Same fixture or different over sink?

brightmJuly 22, 2014

For a task light over the kitchen sink, did/would you go the same as other recessed lighting? Something different?

When we were considering 6" recessed lights, I would have put 4" over sink to differentiate. But we're now going with 4". The plan is to put the same over the sink, but I'm second guessing it. 3"? Nickel trim rather than the white that the rest will get? Something different entirely?

We're installing 6 (I think) 4" recessed lights, 3 pendants over the island, and under cabinet lighting. Plus, one task light over the sink. The way I described it, those will each be a separate switch. The room is 13' x 17'. It's a 1947 ranch/MCM and the kitchen will be transitional I'd say (shaker, granite...)

Since this is more of an aesthetic/personal choice thing, I'm posting here rather than lighting. Thanks for your suggestions, experiences and potential pics.

Oh, and the sink/task light will be centered in front of a 52"w window and there's one of the recessed cans not terribly far away.

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I like pendants over my sink.

One of the first things I did in this house was buy a pendant and replaced the stupid mushroom cap white light fixture, likely original to 1979. :)

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Gives a nice just right light. We leave it on during the evening even when no one is in the kitchen. We like the warmth it adds.

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Nice. We thought that maybe the three pendants over the island might be too much and we might put one over the sink and two over the island, but laying it out, nah.

So as much as I always thought about a pendant over the sink, I think that would detract from the island pendants.

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There will be pendants over my peninsula when we remove the mondo cabs too.

Never thought of not doing that? Lol

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I have a peninsula with 3 pendants. I put the same pendant over the sink. I like how they look.

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