Your Dream Kitchen?

halgreeneJuly 17, 2014


I find myself in the (somewhat) enviable position of being able to design my "dream kitchen." Well, not's a little on the small side (condo) and the budget, while generous, is certainly not unlimited. So no La Cornue stoves or Meneghini fridges. But the usual suspects: Sub-Zero, Wolf, Viking, Thermador, Miele, Gaggenau...yeah.

Here's MY wish list (so far). Am I off the mark on anything, or more importantly, MISSING something? (I recently read something on this site about something called a "Miele Speed Oven." Huh?)

Anyway, the list:

1. Viking Double Wall Oven (this is a carryover from my last kitchen so it's pretty much a given unless there is a compelling reason to sell it and get something else).

2. Gaggenau or Thermador 36" freedom-style induction cooktop. (Apt. has no gas. :p )

4. Sub-Zero or Thermador 48" side-by side fridge/freezer.

5. Sub-Zero or Thermador 24" wine cooler.

6. Some kinda hood (open to suggestions. My current kitchen has a Vent-A-Hood which works great but is a bear to keep clean).

7. Some kinda full-size dishwasher. Again, looking for suggestions. I hate the idea of having to carefully scrape my dishes, pots and pans or else be forced to clean out a little "food strainer," so "Eurostyle" machines are pretty much out. My current machine, a KitchenAid, is serviceable but not stellar and has been unreliable. I once had a Maytag that was like the nuclear furnace of dishwashers: everything came out spotless and it couldn't be killed, but I understand that is no longer the case.

So if YOU were doing a new kitchen from scratch, what would be on YOUR list?


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Honestly, layout, flooring and cabinets are my big dream kitchen factors. They're far more difficult to change out than appliances.

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Deep (top to bottom, and front to back) pot and appliance drawers. Deep upper cabinets and counters. Cabinets to the ceiling, with carefully selected glass fronts and interior led lighting. Bullet proof cabinet finish, and honed quartzite countertop (or soapstone, or acid wash marble).

With a dream budget, I think I'd be looking first for a dream designer, probably one of our helpful GWers. I've learned a lot, but will never have the expertise they do.

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I've pretty much got my dream appliances for my budget, although not as generous as yours.
Gaggenau oven - ebay steal w/ great features and love the door swing.
newest Bosch induction - now same company as Thermador/Gagg, but would have liked the zone-less.
Electrolux all fridge steps away from a full size freezer in the laundry.
Bosch d/w - not as fiddle-y as one thinks and not a big deal cleaning that little filter.

What I'm missing is a great layout and drawers for most of my lowers. That's where my dream would start, then fitting in appliances that optimize the layout.

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My dream kitchen would include a walk-in pantry.

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My dream kitchen is much more about layout and function than appliances (but I don't live in a high-end house or neighborhood). So for me, the priorities are functional work space, convenient storage, efficient use of space (I don't care how much space I have, I don't want to waste a bit of it).

Good lighting - as much natural light as possible, supplemented with overhead and task lighting.

I suggest drawers and deep cabinets (15" uppers and 27 - 30" lowers).

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How do you use your kitchen? The dream is different for different people. For a single person or a couple who love to entertain I'd want a wine fridge and other do-dads that are geared toward entertaining. For a vacation condo it would be different. For a family with kids, or a retired couple, different again.

Luckily I've had good kitchens at every stage. Tell us how you are going to use your kitchen - what kind of food do you like to cook, do you have/want a view, do you entertain a lot, do you cook for a lot of people or just 2, etc.

I like deep drawers for pots and pans, carefully designed functional layout, high quality cabinets to the ceiling with excellent finish. All or almost all drawers in lowers (I have 1 cabinet). I'd add some bells and whistles for storage such as the customized organizers and such to maximize the usability of the space. A walk in pantry if you have a family or cook at lot from scratch and keep lots of staples on hand. Excellent lighting and venting. I have a vent-a-hood that is easy to clean (put parts in dishwasher), so maybe some of the newer models will work better for you.

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Drawers, drawers, drawers & more drawers. What are you doing for a microwave? The Miele Speed Oven, a combi convection/microwave oven, is a microwave & a 3rd oven. Worth it if you need a third oven. Too expensive as just a microwave.
You might also research combi steam ovens?

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I'm in a condo too.

My dream elements:

* beautifully proportioned, generous windows (architect)

* functional layout with excellent flow and sightlines (architect)

* gorgeous flooring (site finished wood if in northern climate) continuous throughout the space

* Viola Park cabinetry

* professionally designed elegant lighting for mood & task with Forbes & Lomax rotary dimmer knobs

* discreet paneled fridge

* minimalist range hood with external blower to minimize noise

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I didn't really make myself clear. I'm working with a designer and I have a layout, I'm really just looking for feedback on the choice of appliances. Perhaps I should ask in the "Appliances" forum?

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Yes, do check in the Appliances forum. That's where you'll get the best feedback on appliances.

If you want the best oven get Gaggenau. (There are some excellent runners up, but Viking is nowhere near the list.) Yes, you probably want the matching combi-steam oven. You are unlikely to be disappointed by induction. Most people who have it would never go back to gas (there are whole threads on the subject in Appliances). The best regarded dishwashers are Miele and KitchenAid. A lot of modern dishwasher function is in the detergent. Try Finish Quantum Powerball in your old machine and see if that helps.

Once you're set for appliances and all, do come back here and let the collective wisdom check your design. It might be fine, but most of the Totally Kitchen Obsessed here understand kitchen layout and function far better than most designers.

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Layout is the single most important thing. A designer can design a layout, but I wouldn't execute unless and until you have the stamp of approval of gardenwebbers. Unless your designer is Mick DiGiulio.

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Many of us have learned, often the hard way, that some "designers" are only interested in cabinet sales. Or in cabinet sales, hardware and materials selection. There may be more to a dream kitchen than you realize; there is certainly more to one than many "designers" understand.

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Appliances: yes, go on the appliance forum.

I vote for induction. I have it, I would never go back. It makes my kitchen a dream kitchen.

Counter depth fridge that is paneled so it blends in with cabinets or is a finish that you love to look at. My Subzero is 20 yrs old and still going strong.

After you decide which appliances you want , you should run the layout by the designers on this forum. Not me, I'm just a homeowner, but the real designers will be very helpful.

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My dream kitchen:

A finished one.

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Top of the line appliances would be important, but not the *very* top priority. My 'dream' is to repurpose vintage French armoires, buffets, and other large pieces of furniture into cabinetry, which would be similar to on site building, but I would be providing the product. A woodworking craftsman would definitely be required, and I'm sure with the price of a plane ticket, a little convincing, and some great American food, my connections to one in Denmark could become a I also want a fireplace in my dream kitchen. Not asking too much, huh?

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CEF: LOL. I'm kinda feeling there.

My 'dream' kitchen has changed over the years. Early on, it was about space, every appliance, etc. Now, at my age, it's about making what I have, work with my current and near-future needs. Most important was a super functional space. This had to be tempered with need for lots of storage space. Then throw in the things that absolutely had to stay, so my 'dream' kitchen has turned into a lot of difficult decisions. I threw in a couple of necessities and a couple of splurges to make me feel good...'my dream' kitchen.

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Well, as far as appliances go in my little condo's dream kitchen---I needed and wanted the quietest dishwasher I could afford, which is a Bosch with I think a 46 decibel rating. My kitchen is open on both ends to the living room and I did not want to have to turn the TV up to drown out the sound of the DW. This one is so quiet that I have to put my ear up to it almost, to hear if it's running.

And since it's just me, I wanted a 24" wide (but tall) fridge, because that's all I really need and it seemed silly to use up valuable storage space for a bigger fridge. I got an LG that is now discontinued but they might have a new model by now. I LOVE it. It's perfect for me.

I have tons of storage and I have one long wall with no uppers, a look that I've been hankering for for 10-15 years!

And lastly, I've always dreamed of having a dark gray/black slate floor and I got it. Whee!

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I'll never have another kitchen without a plumbed in Miele coffee maker. Best invention ever!

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I'm with those who say layout, layout, layout! It doesn't need to be too big -- in fact, too big = too many steps. A large pantry is more important than counterspace; too much counterspace just invites clutter, whereas a good pantry keeps all your "stuff" organized behind closed doors.

The prep space is the most important area and should include plenty of drawers for sharp knives, cutting boards, etc.

Natural light ranks high on the list of must-haves, as does a small restaurant-type booth.

Quality materials, especially in the cabinets, matter. I don't want things to look ratty after only a couple years. Also, nothing too trendy that will look dated too soon.

Appliances -- eh, the specifics aren't really all that important. Definitely no double anything.

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Yes - the plumbed in Miele coffee maker! My sister has this and it has made her kitchen a true dream kitchen! I wish I had thought of it during our remodel.

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Two American dishwashers. Check. Two ovens. Check. Gas cooktop. check. All underneath a high CFM hood. Check. Wide aisles, lots of windows, walk-in pantry, large sink. Gravy on top.

After a while you may take the 60" Wolf range and 1500 cfm roof-mounted hood for granted, but if you cook you will never be sorry.

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