OT: breezy, regarding your photo bucket question

badgergalJuly 7, 2012

Breezy you asked about using photobucket on an iPad with an older operating system. The photobucket app says it is for iOS 4.0.

Perhaps you have never updated your the iOS for your iPad. Upgrades have been no charge. If you have not upgraded, you should do so. Go to your settings icon and under general settings tap on software update. It should search for updates and download them.

I apologize if you already know this but I thought if your iPad did not automatically notiffy you of updates you may never have done so.

It is easier to post picture with the photobucket app. I just haven't figured out how to make the pictures smaller using photobucket with an iPad.

Can anyone out there in GWville tell me how to resize pics on an ipad?

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I use iPad as well. The photobucket app is very convenient. I have also noticed that on my new iPad (upgraded recently) that I can skip a step, and take a picture with my iPad through the iPad app, which allows me to skip a step. The picture then goes to photobucket and my photos--or I can take pictures the conventional way.

The camera is amazing--better than my digital. I do not know how to resize. And as far as I know I can not right click- which is irritating if I want to post a pic from Houzz, etc.

Badgergal--I had the ipad1 and I did upgrade the op system as you suggested and it worked, but if I remember took awhile--but was definitely worthwhile.

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Oh and I did use the photobucket app on my iPad 1

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Annie Deighnaugh

If you can post the phrase...however you do it...that looks something like this in pointy brackets

img src="xxx.jpg"

then if you add a width="550" your image will be of reasonable size so, in pointy brackets

img src="xxx.jpg" width="550"

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Hi Badgergirl! Thanks for thinking of me and for trying to help this non-techie.

I had no idea you could do a software update so I tried, but without success. I can't find anyplace to click "software update." I'd love to be able to use so many of the apps that I can't download with an IOS lower than 4.0.

Here's what I see when I go to the "General" tab in the Settings icon.

Location services
Auto lock
Passcode lock
Date and time
Battery percentage

Under none of these tabs can I find a place to update software. Can you please steer me in the right direction from here? Am I missing something?

I'm starting to wonder if I have some reject iPad as I have other issues with it also like the generic "Mail" tab not connecting to my email anymore. I love this little gizmo, but it's starting to annoy me all the things I can't do on it that others seem to be able to do.

Thank you!

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I better check DMs OS
I can do PB but have to open the picture and then hold the HTML on the right side to copy/paste.

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I just realized that with the iPad1 you have to update through your your computer. (after you update to the new iOS you will be have the settings I mentioned).
It is a little more involved and can take some time doing it through iTunes on your computer. Make sure you back up your pictures and files before you do the update.
The Apple discussions board is very helpful for solving problems and answering questions. Here is a link to a page I found about updating the iPad. Hope it helps.

Here is a link that might be useful: Updating iPad

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connect your ipad to the computer with the power cable(just unplug the usb end from the plugend and plug it into your conmputer). It should immediately open up the itunes software on your computer. The update is managed from itunes. You will see a pop-up to update iOS. Say yes. You will need the login information for the itunes store.


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Badger and Lalitha,

Just realized I hadn't come back to this thread to thank you for the info. I'm planning on trying to connect the iPad to computer to do the update sometime in the next few days. It would be great to fix up this "old" (lol) iPad so I can use some of the apps I can't use now. Thank you! Thank you!

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You will love the photobucket app.. It is well done.

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I finally did it! Last month I had a little surgery and needed something non-physical like laundry, dishes, etc to do (too bad, I know ;) ), so I thought I'd figure out how to upgrade the iPad. Using the link Badger posted, I worked through it. It took hours and involved having to delete iTunes from our ancient and infernally slow PC and then re-installing it to even find the update. The actual ipad updating process once I had the new iTunes and found the update took about an hour or so. I can't believe how many more apps I can download now. And the email app finally works for me again!

Is there a way with the photobucket app to edit pics like you can using the PB site?

Thanks again for your help, ladies! It's great to move into the hip, current iOS level with everyone else.

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Good morning Breezy,
As far as I can tell, when using an iPad, you can't edit pictures with the photobucket app or even the photobucket website because you get this message: "You need Flash player 10 or better to be able to use Pixlr Editor". iPad's don't support Adobe Flash and I don't think they ever will. So it looks to me like you have to edit from your PC or laptop. At least with the updated app and the updated photobucket website it is easier to upload pictures.
You can do a little it of editing on you iPad if you click on the individual photo on your camera roll or in your albums. Haven't figured out how to reduce the size of the pictures yet.
I am not very computer or iPad savvy so hopefully someone else can chime in about this

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Thanks Badgergirl. I can't find a way to edit on the iPad either. It's that infernal lack of Flash. I can't find a way to manipulate the photo size either, except to try to remember how to do it within the HTML code after copying and pasting from photobucket. I'm not a computer expert either.

Thanks again for all your help! DH and the kids bought a refurb ipad 4 for me at Christmas so we can FaceTime with DH on his work ipad while he travels, which is often. Now that you helped me upgrade the ipad 1, I don't notice too much difference with the new 4 other than the lack of camera, of course!

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