Reorganized Charging Drawer

dilly_nyJuly 16, 2013

I love my charging drawer, but it has a tendency to be a tangled mess of wires. Like this:

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Thanks to Pinterest, I found this idea to keep cords tidy using binder clips. Luckily, I just happened to have some pretty ones on hand. I also repurposed a mesh wire utensil tray (normally used for flatware) to compartmentalize the devices. I am pleased with the result:

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Great visual! Thanks for sharing.

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That's so clever! I will definitely use the binder clips idea for my charging drawer. I like the wire basket, too, but since I'm charging my laptop and ipad in the drawer, I don't think I can make use of it. This was very helpful!

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Maybe you can find some baskets or other drawer organizers you can pass the cords thru. I am going to look for something for my DD iPad. Might need to do a double decker.

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How does the power cord run out the back? Just drop down to a plug? I have an outlet that got covered up with my cabinets and am hoping to make a charging drawer.

Thanks for sharing! I was worried about how messy mine would get. Now I am going to have to snag a few clips from work as well!

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Looks great !!!

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Sltkota - yest, the cord on power strip just run down to an outlet. It's handy.

So far, the drawer is still neat. The real test will be next week when the kids are home.

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