Does anyone have a gas slide in range that they love?

positanoJuly 27, 2008

I was looking at GE Profile with convection, but some of the reviews were not great. Anyone have it?

Any other suggestions, seems like there are not too many options for slide ins. I need to put a microwave over it too.

I posted on the appliance forum, but thought I'd try here.


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My slide in is the Kitchen Aid Architect II Series. Stainless steel with black cooktop. I really like the grates, there are just 2, and how it cooks but you have to get used to the strange noises it makes!

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Hi All! I haven't posted here in while. I really love my Jennair Model #JGS8860BDP . We have been using it for about 4 months and not a problem with it (my DH has even started cooking!). It has two high power burners, convection oven and warming drawer. It is a slide in and has more of a professional look (without pro. $$)This was taken a few months ago, one day we will pick out a backsplash so I can post my finished pics!

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That Jennair is a good looking range. What's that down the middle though? Is it a downdraft? Looks to narrow to be a grill.

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just a decorative grate that sits on top of stainless. It's so you can slide pans across the top.

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I like the dual fuel Bosch (Model # HDI7052U/03) that we put in the garage apartment at our lake house at the beginning of this year. It has one high power burner, two medium, and one low. The high power and low power burners also have a low simmer feature which I really appreciate. It's easy to slide pots across the continuous grate. The convection/normal oven has three racks, one of which can be converted to a half rack. Although I didn't get it, the range is also available with a warming drawer. Here's a picture (hope I do this right....):

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I'm usually just a lurker here but for once I might actually have something to contribute.

I have a KitchenAid Pro Line Dual Fuel Range. I'm not sure, but this may be part of the Architect series. I have been very happy with it. It cooks great and I love the way it looks.

If I could change one thing it would be to make one of the burners a simmer burner - something that doesn't burn quite as hot. I miss that feature on my old GE Profile.

I would also mention that this thing can put out some heat! As you can see from the pictures (assuming I actually attach them properly) we only have a very old microwave with a fan above the range. This really is not adequate (and may even be unsafe). I would strongly recommend using a proper range hood with this range. We hope do that in our next kitchen overhaul.

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Thanks all for posting the pictures and the information. I wanted to get the Kitchenaid, but all the reviews were so bad. I guess there are problems with self cleaning and the grates are so high that it takes a long time to boil water.

I'll look into the JennAir and Bosh. They both look great!

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I have a GE slide in range. It is gas and does not have a convection oven. It was the cheapest GE slide in I could get and although I don't regret my purchase, I wish I saw the product in person before I ordered it.

My concern and what I would look for in the future is the ease of cleaning. The grates on this GE slide in are connected on each side and meet in the center (only 2 large grates). That means if I just use one burner say to make an omelet and want to clean after, I need to take off the grates for both the front burner and the back burner because it is all one piece. Not only is this cumbersome, but the grates are very heavy and I worry they will crack my granite if I put it down too hard.

I'm sorry if my comments are confusing. It probably would help enormously if I had a picture but I don't own a digital camera or scanner. What I'd recommend is seeing in person whatever slide in you decide on and seeing how easy it would be to clean up after cooking.

Good luck with your decision!


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I did see the GE in person and know about the grates. I saw reviews where owners said the grates didn't come together properly and made the pans wobble. You have a great point about cleaning. Thanks for the info.

NClakehouse- can you tell me anymore about the Bosch? Would I be able to put a microwave above it? Or does it need a powerful hood? Do you enjoy cooking on it?


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Couple more questions about the bosch Lakehouse. Is the fan noisy? A few reviews mention loud noises. And is it glass under the cooktop or stainless? How is it to clean? What about the electronic controls? Do you find it hard to navigate?

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Hi Positano,
I am really surprised to hear that anyone has complained saying that the oven fan on the Bosch is noisy. When you turn on the oven, there is a quiet hmmmm from what I guess is an exhaust fan, but that's all. I think it's a fairly unobtrusive noise, and is even quieter than my overhead exhaust ventilator fan - which I think is quiet. I think there must be some pretty noise sensitive people out there!
I can't tell you whether you can install a microwave above it, as I only have a ventilator fan/light combo above (See photo below). I suppose if you got a combo microwave/ventilator fan (they make those don't they?), you could do that, but best check with a Bosch dealer.
The cooktop surface is black glass and is fairly easy to clean using glass cooktop cleaner. I occasionally use GlassPlus or Pledge Multisurface cleaner on it, just to remove dust etc. My cooktop at home has a stainless surface, and I prefer cleaning this black glass one, although it does tend to show dust/dirt more easily than the stainless one.
Hope this helps.

Photo showing cooktop and inside of oven (with silicone mat on floor of oven):

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Ooops. I forgot to address your other questions.

The electronic controls are pretty straightforward. Since I'm not here at the lake all the time, I occasionally have to check the manual to remind myself how to reset the clock if we've had a power outage, but that's about it.

One nice feature that I neglected to mention is that the oven automatically adjusts the oven temperature downward by 25 degrees if you select to "convection bake." I was initially confused when this happened, but after reading the owners manual (duhhh) I understand why it's happening; it's nice to not have to make this adjustment. The adjustment can be overriden, if you so desire.

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I LOVE my Kenmore Elite gas slide in range (model #36723)! It has gas on glass top with sealed burners, a 27,000 btu bridge burner, a 17,200 hi output burner, convection oven and warming drawer. Everything I need!

My microwave (model 80823) is also a convection oven that is great! It allows me to cook 'oven' meals during the warm summer without heating up my large oven. It is quick and easy to use.

Both appliances got great reviews at ConsumerGuide products. I got a great price on both at Great Indoors (Sears) on sale at a better price than Sears. Good Luck!

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I think I have the same GE profile that Karen has, and I don't like it. It came with this kitchen. I'm a serious cook, and have some experience of stoves...
All four burners are different sizes...the larger ones are in front, which I don't like...all of them are slow to heat. The flame on the larger two sits so far out toward the rim of even my largest saute pan that it heats unevenly and slowly. It takes so long to get a pot of water to boil, even on the smaller burners, which can be cranked up high to place the flame where it ought to be, that I just boil a kettle full in my electric kettle and pour it in to get started.
It's also very hard to achieve a good low simmer on any of them.
As you see, I don't recommend it!
I suspect that it came from one of the big box hardware places, which means it is a stripped-down version of the I can't comment on the better versions. I had a GE Profile electric range before which came from a good appliance dealer, and I liked it very much.

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nclakehouse- THanks for the extra pictures and all of those reviews! Glad to hear its not noisy. I love your backsplash, care to share the details?

ngng- I'll look into the Kenmore too, sounds wonderful. It's nice to hear someone say they love it!

bronwynsmom- I appreciate the info about the GE, its very similar to the reviews I read.

I'll let you know what we decide!

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I think I have the same one as fourtogo

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mustbnuts zone 9 sunset 9

I have the Bosch slide in dual fuel pro range. I have only cooked on it a couple of times since it was just installed. So far, I love it!

Yes, I read on the appliance forum the fan was noisy. It isn't. I love the full extending rack. Mine came with the warming drawer, which I used for the first time tonight. It is great! Kept my hazelnut crusted trout warm while the rest of the dinner was finishing. Mine is total stainless except for the top which is glass. It has a proofing mode, convection oven, and a ton of other features. I bought mine sight unseen as it has the biggest oven in a 30 inch stove.

You can tell I still don't have the hood yet. Maybe someday, that will finallly show up!

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Oooh, the Bosch in all stainless is beautiful. I think that's the way I would go. How is the top to clean? Your granite is gorgeous. Thanks for the picture, I think I'm sold. Do you remember what you paid?

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I don't have a gas range, but I do have the electric Bosch and can attest that the fan is NOT loud. As mentioned above, it's a humming noise that does not interfere with conversation, radio, or TV volume in that you must turn it up.

I love our range (1+ years) in use now, and would highly recommend this brand. It's a nice looking range too in the SS. The Sears repairman was here the other day to check out our OTR GE microwave and he commented on what a great range the Bosch is.

Just thought I'd tune in since many have complained about the supposedly noisey fan, perhaps turning others off to a wonderful product.

Good luck.

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mustbnuts zone 9 sunset 9

If you can tolerate Lowes--they are not on my good list, I found them to be the cheapest. Go on a weekend where they give an additional 10% off or ask for it. They will sometimes give it to you. I can't recall what I paid. Lowe's gave me the wrong product and I ended up getting it from Sears with Lowe's making up the difference since they were the ones that messed up.

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I am reading this with interest and hope someone can help me. I have a GE dual fuel cafe and I like it OK. This is the first time I have ever used gas and I am still learning. My concern is how to clean grease splatters on the stainless top beneath the grates. This is also my first experience with stainless and I am so afraid I will ruin it. Grease needs more than water and rubbing.

Can someome tell me what they use for grease splatters that will not harm the stainless?

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Hi Positano,

Glad that others are seconding what I said about the fan on the Bosch NOT being noisy. I don't think you will be disappointed if you choose this range.

Not to hijack this thread, but to answer your question about my backsplash -- Thanks, we have received many compliments on it. It is a porcelain tile made by Edimax, color: Ramata, series: Materia Forte. I like it because it looks like stone (chiseled edges) and is "quiet," but has more variation in it than most tile. A couple of close-ups of the tile are available at the link below. In real life it is more gray/green in tone (with some beige/brown) than these pictures make it appear. It also comes in another colorway called Bronzea which is also quite attractive.

Here is a link that might be useful: Link to Photobucket pictures of tile backsplash

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That would be perfect. I want the look of stone, but easy cleanup. Can I ask what your countertop is too? You've been such a great help.

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this is my Kitchen Aid mdmc...we must have different models. I wanted as least black as possible after having an all black front on my old range.

Here is a link that might be useful: kodak kitchen pic

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Hi Positano,
The countertop is Cambria "Sussex" (#2095). Hope this helps!

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I have the same KA that fourtogo has. It's at my weekend place not my house. I've been very happy with it for a little over a year. In fact I've thought to myself how much I like it compared to my Wolf cooktop and Dacor ovens at home and how much less expensive it was. I like what I have at home but I'm quite satisfied with the much less expensive KA range as well.

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Thanks lakehouse, I just ordered a sample. Do you love it? How is it with fingerprints, staining and durability? What color does it read to you most of the time?

I'm really getting a lot of great ideas from you!

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I have the "gas on glass" GE Profile convection slide-in range, and I love it. No problems with wobbly pans on grates, the self-cleaning cycle works wonderfully (and I let it get really dirty between cleanings) and I have no problem keeping it clean. I'd do it again in a heartbeat.

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Hi Positano,
Re: Sussex "Cambria"
I love it. All the usual benefits of a quartz countertop: stain resistant (nothing has stained or etched it), heat resistant (I'm careful not to test the limits of this), and doesn't require sealing (as most granites do). This was installed in our garage apt. that will be occupied by houseguests once our main lakehouse is completed, so we didn't want to put in anything that had to be fussed over or protected. The color reads gray most of the time, with a subtle variation so it is not flat and boring. My only caution would be to be aware that it comes in specified lengths, so if you have a turn or a long counter run, you'll will have to seam it. I wish our contractor had consulted me on the location of the seam, which I notice, although no one else seems to!
Subsequent to my installation I have read some postings on GW about "pooling" of the resin in some quartz countertop materials, so if you choose this, you might want to make sure you inspect your slab first. I didn't have any problem, but why take a chance?
BTW, there is another Cambria color that also works well with the Ramata backsplash (sorry I don't remember the name), but it was almost too "matchey-matchey" so the interior designer helping me and I both nixed it...but to each his own.
Good luck!

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mustbnuts zone 9 sunset 9

Someone asked about cleaning stainless steel, I would go with a specific stainless steel cleaner. There are several out there.

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Wow, NClakehouse. That is a garage apartment? I would love to be your guest. Can't wait to see the real lakehouse. Thanks for responding about the Cambria.

Couple more questions about the slide in. Did you put the Countertop behind it or just the filler from the range? What happens with the bottom? Do you put some sort of toe kick to cover the opening so things don't get stuck under it? With a freestanding range you could move it to sweep under there.

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I have a bosch dual fuel free standing, so it is not quite what you are looking for, but functionally/quality wise, there shouldn't be a bid difference. I LOVE LOVE LOVE my range, and it is not noisy.

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I also "have the 'gas on glass' GE Profile convection slide-in range."

Oh, how do I loathe thee, let me count the ways. The grates allow small pots to fall in, the simmer burner doesn't work right - its diameter is too small for the heat produced on even the lowest setting, the diameter of high power burner is so large that only a canning pot or larger would heat well, the oven porcelain is flaking off and rust is appearing after less than three years of use.

PLUS everything that bronwynsmom said except mine didn't come from a big box store and was the top of the slide in line for GE Profiles.

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Hi Positano,

Our contractor installed a strip of the Cambria countertop in back of the range. To be honest, when I selected the range I thought that it would fit snug against the wall. It never occured to me that it wouldn't but I should have known this, since there has to be room for the gas connection. Anyway, the strip of countertop material looks fine and has functioned well. I didn't even know Bosch made a filler strip. Here's a photo:

There is approximately a one inch gap between the bottom of the stove and the floor. Perhaps you're a more obsessive cleaner than I am, but I'm happy with cleaning as far under it as my vaccuum, Swiffer Wet Jet, or mop will go and leaving the rest. that you've brought it to my attention maybe I'll use that long vaccuum attachment once or twice a year, but that's all! Shhhh - don't tell on me. BTW, remember that mine does not have a warming drawer; I'm not sure what the gap is on that model.

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I guess I'm the only one with a white range! I love mine, a Kenmore Elite #36712, gas on glass, sealed burners, 27,000 btu bridge burner, convection oven and warming drawer. This was a switch going from all electric to gas and I'm loving it.

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I am one of the posters on the Appliance forum complaining about my Bosch range. My range is loud!

I was first sent a range which was very noisy and I suspect was defective. (It was also the wrong model#, but that is another story...). This was replaced by the correct model#, and it is quieter that the first, but I still find it loud. I have had a serviceman out here and he told me that my range is not louder than other Bosch ranges.

I just went and turned it on right now to compare it to other appliances... It is louder than my six year old microwave. It is louder than the low setting on my exhaust fan (a Kenmore 500 CFM). It is louder than my Cuisinart toaster/convection oven. I don't have to raise my voice to talk while it is running, but my kids do turn up the volume a little bit on little TV sitting on the counter ten feet away.

My research suggests that the quietest dual-fuel slide-in is the Kenmore Elite. After debating this for months, I ultimately decided to stay with the Bosch because I love how it looks. It is Titanium (stainless with white glass) and it looks terrific with my white cabinets. It's that whole form over function thing!

The burners are fine and the oven bakes nicely. I am just perplexed as to why a company that boasts of having such quiet dishwashers can't make a quiet range!

nclakehouse, I don't think you are supposed to have a silicone oven liner above the heating coils. The one I bought - and returned - stated that it must be placed under the coils - which is hard to do with the hidden elements!


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Thanks for watching out for me, but there aren't any heating coils on the bottom of my Bosch oven. My drip mat sits directly on the floor of the oven and the heating coils are at the top of the oven. (I pulled the mat back in the photo below to show you)

Sounds as though you might have a different Bosch dual fuel oven than the one I have. Mine is definitely not as noisy as what you describe.

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nclakehouse, we have the same range. The only difference is the color. Your oven has a hidden bake element, which means that the heating coils are underneath the false bottom that appears to be the floor of your oven. So, your heating elements are underneath what you posted a photo of.

(I have included a link to the specs of the Integra dual-fuel ranges. You can find underneath "oven" that the range does indeed have a True Hidden Bake Element.)

However, I don't know why you aren't supposed to put an oven liner on the oven floor - I just know the one I bought instructed me not to. So it seems like it is working for you after all!

Really, your range is not as noisy as I described? I have talked to so many appliance people and they all assured me that all convection ranges are noisy and mine is exactly how they expect it to be. I finally gave up and accepted it (which is not something easy for me!). So now you have me wondering if I should call thne Great Indoors yet again to discuss my concerns with this range.


Here is a link that might be useful: Bosch specs

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You had ME worried about putting the spill mat in the oven. I went into town today (that may sound funny to some, but our lakehouse is in a very remote part of western NC) so I went by the cookware shop where I bought the spill mat. According to the directions on the box, if the oven floor is flat the mat should be placed directly on the floor. It cautioned that if there are vents in the floor (which there are not on this Bosch), the sheet should not block the vents, but that is the only caveat. It is guaranteed to 600 degrees. Obviously, it needs to be removed prior to self cleaning, but that's it. I've been using it since January and have had no problem. Maybe you had a different brand of spill mat??? I hope I'm not creating a fire hazard, but honestly I've noted no problems.
Really wish I could hear your oven so I could compare it to mine, but obviously that's not possible. People do have different noise tolearances, so it's hard to say if what I consider quiet is the same as what you consider quiet. I can honestly say that my oven is quieter than my brand new Twister overhead ventilator fan at its lowest speed, if that gives you any basis for comparison. I don't want to send you on a wild goose chase, but maybe you can locate another Bosch range owner in your area and compare the sound of your oven to theirs?

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