Creamy white cabs with bright white trim in rest of kitchen

julie1973July 26, 2014

I am hoping someone can convince me this will look ok. We have been repainting our homes interior in stages. All the trim is white. Plain white. We recently painted the family room, into which the kitchen will flow through a 5 ft wide trimmed open doorway. I am about to select my cabinets for our kitchen remodel and I really want shiloh's polar white - which is definitely more creamy than my trim work. I am having cabs to the ceiling with molding. One cabinet run (with sink) will have no upper cabs, and all windows. There will also be a glass patio door. I think the window and door trim, as well as the doorways flowing into the family room and hallway, have to be the pure white I've been using throughout the house. Will this look terrible with the polar white cabinetry? Does anyone have any photos they can share? Custom painted cabinetry is not an option, and like I said, we've already invested a lot of $$ repainting the other rooms trim in the house.

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I have a similar situation but my ceiling crown (part of cabinets to ceiling) & baseboard trim are continuous into the family room.
I had to match the trim in the FR & kitchen to the new cabinets. The brighter white cabinets & the White Dove trim were noticably different. However, I was able to get away with painting the windowcasings the brighter white & leave the interior trim in the windows White Dove. The rest of my house is White Dove with the doorway casings on the kitchen side painted the brighter white & the other side White Dove. It's not noticable unless your looking for it.
Since you have the trimmed doorway that separates your kitchen & FR, you could use the same approach if you find the two different whites don't work in the kitchen. You'll know once your cabinets are installed.

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I'm not familiar with Shiloh's Polar White so I don't know how creamy their creamy white is compared to your white trim. However, I've seen many lovely kitchens with creamy cabs and white trim. The secret seems to be to have the two whites differ enough to not look like a near miss but a conscious choice. Here are some examples for you.

Traditional Kitchen by Novato Kitchen & Bath Designers Julie Williams Design

Contemporary Kitchen by Atlanta Architects & Building Designers William T Baker

Traditional Kitchen by New Canaan General Contractors RR Builders, LLC

Traditional Kitchen by Topsham Kitchen & Bath Designers Robin Amorello, CKD CAPS - Atmoscaper Design

Traditional Kitchen by Fairfax Kitchen & Bath Designers Kleppinger Design Group, Inc.

Traditional Kitchen by Redwood City General Contractors CSI Custom Homes

Traditional Kitchen by Moraga General Contractors Canyon Construction

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I agree with lisa_a: "The secret seems to be to have the two whites differ enough to not look like a near miss but a conscious choice."

Our last home had cream-colored cabinets and I was worried it would look weird with our pure-white trim. They were different enough, though, that it looked intentional. It didn't bother me at all, and that sort of thing can easily drive me nuts.

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Ok thanks. But here's the thing. I don't want a cream kitchen. I want white - but not stark, antiseptic white. Shiloh's polar white is just that. It's definitely creamy, but not ivory. I guess I'll have to wait to bring a sample cabinet into my home but I'm pretty set on that color cabinet (I think it'll work very well with the imperial danby and walnut countertops that I want) and I don't think we're going to be willing to repaint all the trim that we just painted!

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I have polar white cabinets. All my trim is sherwin Williams bright white (whatever their standard white trim color is). I've never thought twice about of the few things in the remodel that was not overthought! It looks just fine. I would leave it if I were you. You can always change it down the road if you don't like it. It's hard enough finding just the "right" white cabinet color...I would make that the priority.

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julie - how did it work out? My Shiloh polar white cabs were installed and I am picking paint colors.

lcskaisgir - are you still happy with your trim color?


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Worst case scenario would only be the trim actually in your kitchen. My whites were totally different. My windows in the kitchen, except for the outside casings, are the old paint & I don't have window coverings. The whole rest of my house is a different white. You'd never know it.
Get the cabinet color you love.

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Romy, did you ever post a reveal?

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Found this kitchen on houzz tonight while looking for images for my kitchen. Perhaps it's closer to the white you're considering? Sorry but I'm not familiar with Shiloh's finishes.

Traditional Kitchen by Newburyport Kitchen & Bath Designers Jewett Farms + Co.

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Thanks everyone!! Lisa_a -- thanks so much for the pics!! That last one is what I think I'll end up with - and I think it looks great!

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You're welcome! I think that last kitchen is beautiful, too. Good luck with your remodel!

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It's hard to capture true colors in these photos sometimes, but I was trying to get a shot of my polar white cabinets next to my archway with bright white moldings. You can't really see much of a difference.

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