Need your help with sink and dishwasher placement.

bethJuly 17, 2013

In doing the kitchen reno, I probably need to put the sink in the island. The plumbing for sink and dishwasher is currently along an interior wall.

I could leave the dishwasher where the plumbing is right now, or I could put it in the island beside the sink. I have a few questions in connection with that decision. First, does anyone have the dishwasher located across the aisle from where the sink is placed? If so, how do you like that placement?

Second, does anyone have the dishwasher to the left of the sink? I am not left handed, but the plumbing change would be far less complicated if put there. Not sure if it would be an awkward placement for a right handed person.

Finally, how do you like having your sink in the island? My friend rejected doing it because she didn't want water all over her kids' homework or people sitting at the island for other reasons.

Your thoughts and opinions will be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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I'm right-handed and thought DW on the left would be ackward, but it actually works great. Less water on the floor since you turn to the left with the right hand trailing along the countertop to get to the DW. Open the door with the left hand and position the dirty dish with the right.

Ideal would be prep sink only in the island and the clean-up sink/DW elsewhere. That gives you a fridge-prep sink-stove triangle and a fridge-sink-DW triangle.

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Thanks, Cindy. I hadn't thought of it that way, and I like the way that works. I am having a time finding out how to post a pdf of the kitchen general plan. I know that the instructions are on the gw site somewhere. When I find them, I'll put it on here.

One reason that I have to do this is that My fridge is 48" and I took down a wall to open up the kitchen. Result is that fridge goes along wall where 33" sink once resided.

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Here is a link to the new to kitchen thread that has lots of good info.

Sometimes it is easier to just draw out your layout on graph paper. Scan it or just take a photo of it.

Here is a link that might be useful: new to kitchens thread

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My kitchen is a U, with the sink at the closed end and the DW on the left leg. The end of the U isn't wide enough for both sink and DW.

We don't pre-wash our dishes, so the fact that the DW is not right next to the sink is not a big deal. Even if we do rinse the occasional dish, our flooring can handle a few drips, so again, not a big deal.

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Right handed people have a more functional DW/sink association if the DW is on the left.

That's because the dish is held in the NON-dominant hand whille the dominant hand does the scraping, etc. Then a turn to the left allows the dish to be slotted in the DW rack. (Simple slotting is easily done with either hand.). But if there is need for adjustment of other dishes to get space, again that's usually done with the dominant hand while the incoming item is held in the other.

Having a DW on the right for a right handed person forces them to either keep constantly changing the item from hand to hand, or use the non-dominant hand to handle the scraping and rearrangement of dishes in the DW.

So for right-handed people your solution of DW on left is actually better.


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I have my DW on the left of the sink because it suits the flow of the process in my narrow galley kitchen. The dishes come in from the doorway on the right, get scraped at the sink, then continue into the open DW. The DW used to be on the right, and dishes had to be handed over it to get to the sink. Very inefficient and awkward. Plus, in my old setup, no one could open the fridge while the DW was open. Try to place the DW so it doesn't interfere with others putting away food or condiments.

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Thanks all for the good insights. On the right, the dw would also possibly be in the way of the fridge doors.

Thanks debrak2008. I was on that thread before I posted, and couldn't find the instructions about how to post my layout plan. It is scanned already. I'll go back to the thread and read more carefully, then hopefully will post the tentative layout here.

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Pasture19 - If I am reading your second post right, you mention posting your pdf file. You need to convert your pdf to a jpeg and then you will be able to post it per the instructions. I don't believe you can post a pdf. JMO

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mtpam2 - Thanks. I went back and finally figured it out. I also figured out how to convert to jpeg with the help of my daughter, so hopefully, I can start a new thread for help with my layout.

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