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rookie_2010July 30, 2010


My new kitchen has a pass through. I thought I hated pass through windows but went with it anyway for lack of gumption to come up with something else. Now, I'm starting to like it but I'm not so sure about the other side of the pass through. When we started building, I had a hard time finding inspiration pics including a pass through. I'd still like to see what others are doing with theirs. I've seen some great ones on here lately.

Anyone care to share? I'd love to see some from both sides.... thanks in advance!

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I won't have a pass through, but one of my inspiration pics has one.

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I specifically added a pass-through to open up my galley kitchen to the dining room and I'm very pleased I did. Pictures on my home page or the Finished Kitchens Blog.

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Wow, not so easy to find pics! I know you're asking for people to post their real-life pass-throughs, but I thought it would be easier to find some images online. Not so. Plus, you being boxerpups jr. and all, I guess you've already looked extensively!

One of my favorite inspiration sites is linked below. I didn't see any traditional styles with pass-throughs but there are some pics there that may give you some inspiration. Another is the Crown Pointe website. I have a few from magazines but can't find those right now and don't know what I pulled them out of.

So sorry I can't help more!

Here is a link that might be useful: JAS Design Build

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How great that you're considering a pass-through. It's a real shame that style trends killed them off so completely (just a long temporarily, I'm sure) because they can be a great way of practically having it all.

I also have no idea where my favorite tear-out is. The home, though, is warm-elegant-traditional in style, and the pass-through isn't particularly large but is handsomely framed to create a great view into a gorgeous kitchen room (rich red walls and creamy white cabs). No counter on the outside so people can just stroll by and look in, and the kitchen side has shutters that can be closed for privacy as the mess builds up during parties, etc.

The biggest reason this feature looks so great from the outside, though, is that a focal point is centered in the view created, either a window to a green garden or the stove and hood. Can't remember, but the quality of the view created was key.

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For awhile I was thinking about doing something in between the kitchen eat-in area and family room that was like a pass-through. I talk about it on this thread, show some inspiration pics, and some people posted pics as well. I had a hard time with the backside of this space as well. We had to change this wall so we're no longer doing something like this, but I hope this thread helps!

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Thank you all for your responses!
I already have the passthrough and I really love it from the kitchen side. The great room is on the other side and it just looks strange to me. The carpenter trimmed it out really nice but the blank walls on either side are driving me nuts. I might have to get some shelves.
In the meantime, I'll be meticulously studying the photos you were all so kind to share! Aokat, the ones in that thread were done beautifully.

I wish (as usual), I had asked these types of questions BEFORE I started!

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We made our bigger, and made it one level. We worried if we made the right choice about both, but we LOVE IT. Has made the kitchen/adjoing computer/rec room much more functional. Easy to unload groceries (come in the door, put on the passthru) -- easy to unload stuff when coming in from eating outside, and vice versa.

Here's what we started with:

Here is what we have now -- these are in various stages of in-process. It's been tiled in, waiting for the grout. I am unpacking the adjoining room now, it is a mess, so can't take pictures right now, but I think this will give you an idea of how it looks.

It was hard to find pictures of "flat" pass-throughs -- I think I only found one, but we're glad we did it!

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We must have cross posted....
LOVE your kitchen so far! The soapstone is lovely with the cabinets and your sink/cutting board has me drooling over here!

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Rookie, would your layout allow a handsome chest or cabinet below as part of integrating it into the living room? Is it small enough to treat somewhat as a large painting on that wall would be? Perhaps a lamp to the side, etc.?

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Thanks for the idea Rosie, I was considering the same thing but my husband wanted to have backless barstools because we have a 12' overhang. He's hoping it will discourage our daughter from eating in the great room. I did talk to our carpenter and he's going to make us a bookshelf on either side.

Unfortunately, the bookshelves will be white to match the trim and fireplace built-ins throughout the rest of the room. My kitchen is a slight off-white. I'm hoping that seeing both at the same time won't drive me nuts.

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