Directions for painting oak cabinets

murrywoodsJuly 17, 2009

I am looking for step by step directions for painting my oak cabinets.

Thank you

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Lots of great advice on the painting forum about this. We are almost done ours. Here is what we did:

Wash with TSP, rinse, and dry
Use Pore-o-Pac brush on wood grain filler (if you want the grain to be gone). I did 2-3 coats of this. Very time consuming, but really worth it. I did not do the inside of the doors. If you use this product, do yourself a favor and buy an empty 1 gallon paint can to dump the quart of this stuff into. It helps with the stirring, the adding of mineral spirits.
Sand between coats of pore-o-pac
Painted two coats of primer, BM, acrylic (orange label), sanding between each coat with 220 grit. Let dry several days between coats.
You can use a chinex if you use oil(not china) brush, spray, or a roller.
Now we are in the middle of the final coats, I plan on 2 or 3 final coats, of the BM oil based paint. (Red label). Sanding again between each coat, and then I am planning on sanding the final finish with the 3M sanding pads that are labeled "final finish". Can't tell you any results of that yet.

A lot of people swear by the Cabinet Coat paint brand. This is a water based product and supposed to be excellent. I did not hear about it until I was further along, and couldn't change my plan. This would be an excellent choice probably if you are planning a light color for the paint, since oil will yellow.

The Pore-o-Pac is available in both oil and water based formulas. I used the oil due to the fact that I was using oil based paint. I have to say, it really did the trick.

But hop over to the paint forum, you will be amazed. I wish I had photos to show you, but the cabinets aren't done yet. Good luck

Here is a link that might be useful: Pore-o-Pac

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If you email me, I will send you the booklet that Brushworks (a professional painter on the Painting Forum) put together.

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beekeeperswife - what color are you painting your cabinets?

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I used Cloud White. (or is it White Cloud?) I was torn between it and Down White (White Down?) But since Down White is alredy creamy, I didn't want it to get any more yellow. So I went brighter, figuring it will age nicely.

(I can't seem to post without changing the subject line...)

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I'm using the directions I found on this blog with just a couple modifications given to me by a painter friend who helped me get started and is answering my questions along the way.
The common thread seems to be excellent and time consuming prep work with sanding involved, followed by a good primer, paint and finish coat. I chose not to cover the wood grain and my cabinets are oak like yours. It's personal preference. It seems that most directions use a combination of oil and latex but often in different orders.

Beekeepers-sometimes when you post close together on the same thread GW makes you change the subject line. I've had this happen to me. Not sure why, spam protection of some sort? I'm using BM Cloud Nine, aren't paint names a kick!

Here is a link that might be useful: helpful blog

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beekeeperswife - I need to re-paint my oak cabinets that I painted several years ago. I painted them in BM linen white and want to do a more creamy color because my granite that I am getting is Sienna Bordeau, which has beiges, browns, creams and black spots.
Maybe you might know the answer to some questions such as, what steps to do on a re-paint? What's the difference between an acrylic and regular latex paint? Does the acrylic not show the brush marks as much? I would prefer not to use oil. The color change will be subtle, but I also am changing the handles and will need to fill holes. Any advice on that would also be appreciated.

Paint color suggestions are welcome also!! I will try to get a pix of my granite to post.

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kmarcel--I am absolutely NOT the person to ask any questions about repainting, etc. Go to the paint forum, they are the most helpful people.

I have to say as far as a creamy white, I really did like that BM White Down, or Down White--can't remember which way it goes.

I think that since the oil based paint takes longer to dry, that is why the brush strokes are minimalized because the paint has longer to spread out. I think that only those who don't need to ask questions about this sort of stuff have the actual skill to achieve this though! I really like the roller I'm using--I think it is some sort of short mohair? It's from the BM store. I didn't like the sponge ones that say they are for cabinets.

That's my two cents, and I am not sure my opinion is even worth that! Seriously, hop to the other forum.

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