Fragile Granite?

kelvarJuly 24, 2009

I've seen references before to certain granites being too fragile? Not sure why, but does anyone know of which ones you should stay away from? Do they have a tendency to chip or crack? Is it due to too much mica in them? If a granite has a mesh backing, does that mean it needs the support and therefore is a fragile granite? I'd like to compile a list of granites that I should avoid.

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See the below link for fabulous information on granite right here at GW.

Here is a link that might be useful: Granite info

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Granite with mesh on the back does mean it is more prone to breaking. But once the granite is installed, it's perfectly fine. My granite is Delicatus which is actually black-balled by some installers. They don't like fabricating it because it is so prone to breakage during the fabrication process. But once it is installed, it is as stable as any other granite. You obviously don't want to bang on granite with a hammer or stand on it, but I don't think the exotic "fragile" granites are any thing to be frightened of once they are installed. My granite is seamed at the sinks and cooktop. To strengthen those areas, they "rodded" it. What that means is they carved out a groove on the back side in the more fragile areas, inserted a steel rod and then filled the grove with epoxy. this makes the thin areas in front of the sinks much stronger. Granite with a lot of mica in it is more prone to chipping (delicatus has a lot of mica) but I just look at the beauty of the exotic stones and understand that this is a gorgeous work of are created by God and I am willing to overlook any minor chips. Besides....they can always be filled with epoxy and I'll never see them.

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