Week 10: What can we accomplish next...

CEFreemanJuly 19, 2014

now that so many decisions are being made (or not) and projects are being completed (or not!)?

Today I'm going to put down a few more wheel barrows of woodchips and plant the remaining hosta I've chosen.

Then I'll go to work.

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Holy cow that's a lot of gardening...

Today's minor accomplishment has been, I noticed late yesterday when getting back home that it was a little too quiet inside. Neither A/C system was running, and the fan+dehumidifier wasn't either (this ran for most of May + the month of June and basically all of July). I hit up the Ecobee and hmm... 48% humidity. OK, nothing is broken.

I hit up the Ecobee here from work and noticed that it's been off more than it's been on since late yesterday. That's a few hours after I really started sealing up the high side of the ceiling where the air intakes that lead to the dehumidifier are. Hopefully whatever was going on has stopped now.

Humidity has been a huge deal here. It's what rotted out the crawlspace before I encapsulated and rebuilt it, and before this huge kitchen/family/living room started it would routinely be in the mid-high 60% range in the afternoon and evening during summer. Not comfortable at all.

Anyway that's enough boring construction science talk from me.

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Probably not a lot for me this weekend, having company again. But a major goal is similar to CEF, finish the darned flower bed1 Also I got word that my marble top is ready for pickup so I want that cabinet ready to go by Monday.

schicksal it is always something, isn't it? Every day I think about building my own small house on a remote piece of land somewhere. Build it right and no worries until well after retirement...

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Well, 4.5 hours later, I'm exhausted.

You know those tree trimming chopping trucks? I got 6 loads of wood chips from them this spring. In the past 2 days, I've put down 3/4 of a truck load in what I'll call the Beech tree garden. I have probably 10 wheel barrows to go just in this garden.

Trimmed up some of the Beech branches that were bopping me in the head. Cut out the winter dead branches in a crape myrtle.

In the same garden, I planted a bugbane that had been sitting in a pot, on top of the ground, for about 2 years. If it can make it that long without me watering it or its roots in soil? It deserves to be planted. Plus, it's dark purple leaves are pretty. It's invasive, but pretty.

In 1 another garden, I planted a 'Dawn's Early Light' Hosta. In another garden, a 'Sea Witch' and 'Goshen Gold Midget.'

In my Birch garden where I'm tearing out the shrubs, I planted a 'Queen Josephine,' 'Big Daddy,' Potomac Pride,' Honeybells.' Huechera 'Autumn Bride' and 'Quilter's Joy.' A tiny Tiarella, 'Sunspot' for a bright flash in the shade.

I woodchipped/mulched here, too, because the ground is SO hard and full of roots, I couldn't get through the soil. Thank goodness Hosta are forgiving. They're probably 1/2 out of the ground. I packed 'em with potting soil and topped with mulch. Got 5 or 6 more shrubs to go and have plants living in pots designated for them.

All in all, I got 10 plants in the ground. I took pictures, but I'm using a 10 year old flip phone 'cause my 5 year old phone died. I send pics to my computer, because when a phone fails, I don't lose my pics. However, I have no idea where these happened to go. When I find them, I'll edit to add. I'm so glad to get things out of pots and into the ground!

Now I'm drying my load of uniform laundry and will catch a and maybe a quickie (nap, no fun here) before I head off to my Monday at work.

Greenhaven, I can't wait to see the marble. Did you end up reinforcing your sink base? I look forward to pictures.

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The last partial row of ceiling is in now. That was "fun." The grass is cut and now I am trying my hands at cooking edamame in the combi-steam oven. The recipe said to put it in frozen, heat to 98 degrees and cook for 3 minutes so we'll see...

I need to get the proper paint color after dinner for the ceiling. I will need to get some anyway for the trim and for frames so may as well do it all.

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Planted some zuchinni and grape tomatoes that FIL started for me, and a small rosemary plant that I've been avoiding finding a spot for. Did I mention that all of my big tomatoes have disappeared? Like...all of them. There one day, gone the next (okay, maybe I wasn't paying THAT close of attention). Birds? Squirrels? Bah!

Worked a long day for job#2 (6.5 hours). Just got back from picking up two paint samples for the kitchen. I'm pretty sure they're not going to be it. I've got a couple patches up (one coat). Both are too yellow. The funny thing is, at the (different than usual) SW store, I was pretty sure their walls were pretty close to the lighter color we were considering, and it was exactly it. Wheatgrass. It looked like too light of a green in the store. In my house, it looks like a cloudy yellow/gold. The next one down on the card, Edgy Gold definitely looks gold. DH thought he wanted the darker one (before sample purchase), I thought it was too dark. Will be interesting to see after another coat.

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Passed a milestone today. 4 months and 2 days after starting I'm ready to paint the upstairs east bedroom. This morning I put on the skip sand texture on the main walls. The ceiling, closet, and storage room will have smooth walls. This afternoon I removed the old door and cleaned up. Finished!

This view from the stairwell. The far wall is looking east, to the front of the house:

The north wall showing the two doors to the closet. It used to be two closets but I removed the wall, so you can walk all the way through. This gives a lot more flexibility to the space. A sink will eventually go under the little window inside the left door, but that will have to wait until I redo the plumbing and gut the bathroom next year:

...and the walk through closet. It has over 12 feet of hanging space on the short side of the wall with room for a small dresser at the end (one of many possible configurations):

..and back around to the entry door. The brick is the chimney which we will cover with tile, I think. We haven't decided yet. We want to recover as much heat from the chimney as possible. Until this year, this room had no heat (long story). The little door on the left leads to a storage area which is about 14 inches below the bedroom floor, so it's still tall enough to stand up in. I am planning on making the door to this a bookshelf door, kind of like a hidden door:

...and the storage area:

Twinkle, aka, The Munchkin, says hi to all GW's:

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Doug, Twinkle is a tabby calico? Pretty kitty for sure!
That is some interesting spaces you have there. How old is your house?

Christine, you did a lot of yard work!
And thank you again for the help of my table, my friends and guests were impressed with my "abilities". :)

Shicksal, glad you have that step done. Probably a good idea to get the correct paint. Did they just mix it wrong? How did your Edamame turn out?

Well we had almost all our invites arrive to the party..they gave some wonderful gifts..unnecessary...but wonderful. They were surprised when I gave them a "gift". Everybody took home a handmade soy candle that I made Thursday.
My friend/real estate agent bought me two fruit trees for my mini orchard plans. A cherry and an Asian Pear..the pear has fruit. Mini tiny adorable fruit. ;)
She hasn't seen the house in a while..and is the only one that saw it before. She was impressed with all the work we've done to make it ours and all the things The Big Guy has built.

Well it was a good day, and those two days of prep..made for a relaxed unrushed party day.

I have two weeks left of "summer". What more can I get done?

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Terri - Well, from the picture I would say the back half is :). We really don't know. She does have calico markings on her back. She's a happy cat.

The house will turn 100 in 2017. I had hoped to be done for the big anniversary but we'll see. It's quite a challenge bringing it, sometimes kicking and screaming, into the 21st century.

Hope you are enjoying our more normal weather. We even got a few sprinkles today.

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terri_pacnw - I have no idea how they managed to get it wrong. I think the person tried finding the paint by name instead of by numbers? I used "Snow Fall" by Behr on the walls. They picked "Snowfall White" which I found out later is a Benjamin Moore color. The four numbers are (384th / 160 LL) vs. (384th / 16 AXL / 16 BL / 16 TL). It's annoying... I brought a picture of the label and asked for a gallon of "this" and got something else and of course it's not returnable. I'll just use it up painting trim at the rental house next month, and watch the person making the paint much more closely today.

The edamame came out great, but it's hard for me to mess up putting something in the oven and coming back 3 minutes later when the alarm goes off. I plan on learning a lot more things to do with the new ovens once things settle down a bit. BTW are mini-pears edible?

rmtdoug - that's some great looking drywall! I kept scrolling up/down to see if that was the same room or not. If you want to know how about stripping the old doors and frames you've come to the right thread.

cal_quail - all I can say about paint is, good luck! Between different lighting, weather, season and 1,000 other things affecting the color it looks it can drive you crazy picking out a color. I'm sure you'll have it sorted soon though.

Today is another day at the office until 1:30, then Lowes/HD to get the proper color of paint and three door frames. Today's goal is to finish caulking and painting and get the family room clean and put back together. Any door frames that can go up or baseboards that can get primed are just a bonus. 72 hours until in-laws show up...

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Shick, are you putting the inlaws to work when they arrive? :)
I don't know if I need an oven that fast or fancy..but I may just have to look into it. Just cuz they sound soooo cool! I think The Big Guy is hearing me whine about this dumb glass cook top, so he's looking on Craig's list for one we can pick up until we remodel. ;)
We've also been scouting CL for a gas fireplace insert.

Doug, okay I thought she looked a little stripe-y and spotty. Calico's and Tabby's have a lot of personality, I bet she has a ton! Yes we've had a few sprinkles the last two days..only enough to shine the pavement though. The marine layer is usually much heavier in water release.
I am not one who is comfortable when it gets much over 75, so these next few days will be welcome.

Other than getting the serving stuff finished washed and put away..I may plant a few things or I may just chill today and go back to working at my mom's Monday.

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I got a wild hair yesterday and started refinishing my dining room table. It belonged to my grandparents - I don't know if I'd call it antique - just old (I'm 52, and it's been around a lot longer than me). I suspect CEFreeman's glowing recommendations of Citristrip had something to do with my decision.

I didn't take Before photos of the top - I should have. But here is a progress shot of the bottom.

I have an hour or so to kill before I attack with a scraper!

The legs were in pretty decent shape, but in for a penny, in for a pound...

Here are the leaves I did yesterday. These have not been sanded yet, so you can see spots that still have a little old finish. Any thoughts on what kind of wood it is? Once I identify something as "not oak?, I'm out of my league.

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Way to go Ann! I have no idea on wood types..but I like the swirls and movement in the grain..what are you going to do with it? Paint, stain, just poly?

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Terri: no way. Let's just say the workmanship is not there.
Me: measure twice, cut once
MIL: approximate, cut, close enough

I don't like it above 75-80 either. The outdoors in Charleston are uninhabitable to me 3 months out of the year. I miss Seattle this time of year.

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Annkh I got a wild hair, too, and started stripping the antique bed I bought recently. It's on the porch covered with plastic bags. I couldn't face every other project I have in the works, so what's a girl to do? I started another.

Be careful with that scraper. You really should only need a plastic one and not a lot of energy. Remember, leave it on for hours, not minutes, and it'll do all the work for you. Press that plastic against the stripper/wood. I also have to say that looks like cherry, but the color of the old stain doesn't say it to me. You should be able to take water and a plastic scrubbie and sluice the sludge right off.

Either way, when it is totally dry and I mean totally (i.e. overnight or at least 8 hours, because Citristrip is very wet) do a very light 220 grit smoothing. Don't sand the crap out of it, because frankly, if you need to you rushed and didn't leave it on long enough.

I've done nothing today. Wandered around. Sprayed some ants. Thought about mulching because it's just beautiful out, but have the doldrums.

Off to work at 3:00.

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Thanks, Christine! I know I rushed on the trial board yesterday, but it came off so easily that I knew I didn't have to wait forever on the tabletop.

I didn't have a plastic scraper, and had forgotten your tip about an old credit card until this morning. I did use a plastic card today. It's hot and humid here today, so I won't start sanding until tonight. I have a good supply of 220.

Teri, I plan to use just poly. Starting tomorrow after work, I'll do a coat a day until I'm happy.

I was telling my mom about Citristrip last night. She's refinished a lot of pieces in her lifetime, and I can't wait to show her how it works on an old table with many layers of paint.

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Well glad you are just going with straight poly, it's so pretty natural.

Christine, question. I think. I might have trapped some citristrip in the grain ?There are little light spots growing out in grain lines?? I don't recall them a few days ago?

Well I've done something in the kitchen. Currently cooking English Muffins.
Waiting for the cloud cover to move. I can see blue on the western horizon. Probably about 7pm. :)
Best weather in the PNW, mid July-September, sometimes in to October. The rest of the time wet, damp, windy and very gray!

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It must be The Day of Yardwork. I also spent five hours in the yard getting it ready for the landscape project we haven't signed a contract on.

We did buy a fountain over 4th of July weekend....cuz that makes sense.

Last weekend I went through all my pots and the other junk in the yard. Did a huge curb-alert on CL and the stuff was gone in about two hours.

Yesterday we realized stone wasn't in our budget for the patio, so we sucked it up and found a paver that would work. DH isn't thrilled, but I think it will actually work better in the long run.

Today I dug up seven rose bushes and another seven plants since we stopped watering out there. Did another curb alert and the roses were gone in an hour. I think the other stuff might be out in the alley still.

Also moved all the stuff we are keeping in the garage and posted old bricks for sale on CL as well.

Did I tell you I have a herniated disc that I choose to ignore? Now I am showered under the influence of half a muscle relaxer on the bed with an icepack and my dog who missed all the fun. It feels good to have this done.

Next weekend it's moving gravel to the side of the house and trying to take a metal gate down for curb alert #3!

Good night!

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Yikes! Can't even imagine doing half that in the summer weather.

The ceiling is done but it's not quite "done done." I need to run around the perimeter tomorrow with a paint brush and take care of the edges. Then the furniture can go back where it belongs and I can run around and clean everything up. I think this was the last activity that will generate very much dust so that's a good thing.

Lesson learned, wear shoes while using a little giant ladder. The steps are small and my feet hurt from going up and down the thing 500 times today.

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Teri, is the stuff in the grain under your poly? I hope not. Could you show me a picture? What immediately comes to mind is a toothbrush and water. I'm not shy about water and wood, given I'm careful to get it dry as soon as possible. You might just need a soft sanding. I find there's often a dusty film when I'm done, so I just 220 or 280 it and it's gone.

Spanish, I have a wild, spindly, mean rose. Will I kill it if I hack it down to about a foot tall?

Shicksal, once I dug out a garden barefoot. My feet were fine, but my feet muscles the next day were swoooooollllllen. A real Duh moment on my part.

I didn't do anything but put Citristrip on my bed's footboard. It's out there right now in plastic, so I'll squeegee it off tomorrow.

Sleep tight, all.

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I prefer not to wear shoes and it's not just a little giant. Lol
I started wearing one of my Croc flip flop pairs. They are now sporting paint splotches. ;)
1929, that is a lot of work for an intact back let alone a "wounded" one!

I planted the little Mandevilla plant I was given yesterday. I don't have much hope for it's survival, but it sure is pretty right now.
Planted some Freesia bulbs bought on clearance and watered my fushia pots and new fruit trees really well. The cool weather should allow the water to really moisten the dirt in them.

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Well, I wasn't as energetic as some of you, but I finally got my rods, blinds and curtains up in guest room. Trying to decide about keeping chair. It's a bit small, but belonged to MIL who passed away from breast cancer 2 years ago. Should I slip cover it or go for something larger?
Then I rearranged my FR for the 5th time!
I plan on buying new furniture as soon as I can decide on a layout!

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Well I think it is to small for that space. It would be nice next to a little vanity or desk. Yes, recover it. ;)

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Luckily we had a cooler than normal day yesterday.

CEF, I know almost nothing about gardening so I couldn't answer your question. We stopped watering so our roses were going to die anyway. We are not keing them in the new layout. Hopefully the people who picked them up from the alley do know roses and can keep them alive!

Kitch - love the corner curtain rod! Keep the chair. I would slip cover it and then decide if you need something else in the area.

Ok...off to work!

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Thanks, anyway, Spanish. I'm gonna hack the crap out of it and if it lives, Well, it was meant to be.

Today was a complete productivity loss, but I pleased an element of my OCD nature.

I am determined not only to get some of my potted hosta into the ground, but to do it well. i.e. correct spacing. Uprights with ground covers in the right places. The colors harmonious and the proper amount of sun.

I went around and wrote down the name of 65 of the hosta in pots. (Well, 8 are now in the ground, but I evidently have divisions I potted at one point.) Then there are the probably 10-15 that have lost their tags, darn it.

I sat here most of the day looking up their sizes, heights, flower colors (just curious about those) and other details that should help me. SIXTY FIVE.

Now, I need to figure out my Japanese Maple collection and how I can get those into the ground. Can't use my back yard, because
1) things can block my solar panels,
2) will build a deck someday and don't want to have to cut down a mature JM,
3) need to remember people and farm machines need access to the back yard.
4) I don't want to block the incredible bucolic vista I have from my porch.

But I'm working on that.

Yesterday and today are so gorgeous I've had everything off and the doors wide open. For some reason, my house stays very cool, even in the heat of the summer. It'll get stuffy in late afternoon, when I close the doors to go to work. The cool thing is that last month, for the 1st time, I produced more electricity than I used. I paid $7.98 in utility taxes. I'm thinking this month might be the same. I'm fanatic about turning things off. My motion sensors, dimmers, CFLs and LEDs help a lot. So does a nice fan, which provides white noise (in the face of my tinnitus) and moves the cool around.

Hosta. OMG. I should divide them and trade them off on the Hosta board. Or, anyone here need any? I'd send 'em for postage and/or maybe a trade.

So I go to work in a few minutes. Hope you're having a great day.

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Got the priming on the rear BDR done ... need to get ceiling and a couple of walls before Wednesday so I can den up for the rest of the process.

GC PROMISES he'll be here Wednesday to get the rest of the stuff done ... plaster repairs, close off a doorway, etc.

And I'm getting a new (to me) stove and a new OTR venting microwave ... replacing the 15-20 year old already been repaired by me twice stove and the $6 thrift store mickeywave that sits on my counter.

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Christine, I just got a bunch of hostas from my Mom - she's selling her house, so it's now or never. I brought a stack of tubs, and planned to fill them all - but I ran out of energy before I ran out of tubs! When I got home the next day to plant, many of them divided naturally, so I had to dig even more holes to plant them. This time, I ran out of energy before I ran out of hostas, so I gave a few to my neighbors.

With lots of water and encouragement, they are all doing well a month later. Hooray! I might have to go back and scavenge some more...

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I've gotten little bits of several things done.

I finally got my shoes put away. They were in a laundry basket awaiting the cabinet be anchored to the wall.

I got my skinny little drawer unit (IKEA Alex, the tall one) back into my dressing room.

I emptied the last of the old bookshelves in the back half of the house. I still need to move it out somewhere. DH said no moving it out with a house full of cabinets. I want it out of my office! I just don't know what I'm going to DO with all these bookcases.

They're $30 bookcases from HD. They're about 40"h 30"w IIRC. I'm thinking garage sale. But I want this one out of my office, and there are 4 more in the dining room that will have to go once the kitchen is done. (Part of our temp kitchen.)

Can I rough up laminate/melamine or whatever they might be made of and paint them? And coat them with something that would make them of any use outside in a somewhat covered area? Or is that just asking to do a lot of work for something that will last months, not years? I was thinking I could put them on the side of the garage for extra pot storage, etc.

The electrician is here. He's not having a good time of it. Lots of surprises in my ceiling. Should have insisted they take down all the drywall. Lesson learned.

I'm 99% sure the gas shut off was located in the wrong spot. I emailed the GC a pic of my wall, a pic of that part of the spec sheet, and a pic of the back of a BS RNB from a thread on the appliance forum. The plumber was already needing to come back. He'll be back Wednesday.

They'd said the drywall guy would be here Tues or Wed. They emailed me this morning that it'd be Tues. I pointed out (thanks to DH) that the plumbing work will affect drywall. Now the drywall will be done on Wed too.

MIL was all set to come start helping to paint today. I'm too chicken. I've bounced back and forth between liking and not liking DH's pic. The more I've looked at the pic of the granite, the more I can't see it. Yes with the small sample. No with the colors in the bigger slab. So I think we'll wait. I'm sure I'll waffle a few more times between now and Thurs.

DH may head to Nor Cal for a couple days (long story, water polo related). I think that would be great. We're snapping at each other quite a bit. I get a ton more done around the house without him around anyway.

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Oh shoot Christine, I totally missed your reply. Yes, it's under the poly. I'll try and get a picture.

Oh and about the rose. No it won't kill it. But I would wait until the heat of summer is over, unless you want to water it.

Roses are actually quite tolerant of big hair cuts.

calQ, a road trip for hubby may just be a very good idea. ;)

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Teri, I was concerned that if I hacked the thing too much, it wouldn't have any leaves to photosynthesis. It makes beautiful red roses, but those darned pickers!

Under the poly is a problem. I had that happen once, but my piece was such I Citristripped it back off and used a toothbrush.

The dust is a problem. I do the 220 sand thing and it gets the haze off. Then, I must use a tac cloth or even a damp washcloth to take the dust off. It'll reconstitute and get in the grain if I don't.

I don't have any other solution than redoing the polyed piece, or calling it part of the grain.

Cal_Quail, yes, you can use an adhesive primer like Stix or Zinsser's adhesive, oil based primer. It's different than oil paint, don't freak. If you want the paint to stick, rough 'em up with a deglosser and prime 2 coats. Then paint. Outside-ish? I'd also go oil. Inside? whatever. You have to ask yourself if it's worth all that work, or just stick 'em in the garage. I have huge metal shelving in the garage and don't know what I'd do without it.

Annkh, I hope your mom's not sad at leaving her gardens behind. I don't know what will happen to all mine when I'm gone. I'm hoping I'll know a gardener to leave my stuff to. Glad you could take some. Hosta are very forgiving.

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Wow- some busy GWebbers! Freeman- I am thinking of putting some epimedium under my beech tree - I can either harvest a rhizome or pick another variety.

I am bummed - not sure I have room for a Japanese maple - but will have to work on it a bit more.

My two accomplishments
Blueberry pie - I must say it was awesome!
I have been looking for something for my "ledge" in my sunroom for over 2 years and found it at the A2 Art Fair - hope to post pictures downstream. The colors are perfect and DH and I mounted them tonight.

I didn't want them hanging around and chance breaking the glass. I think we will need to lower one of the pieces a couple of inches - but the colors and effect are what I was thinking of for the last couple of years.

Annkh - so hard for moms to give up their home. Glad you snagged some memories. I am heading east to visit DM later this week.

Schick - I never know what to do with the edamame - I have some in the freezer which I probably need to pitch.

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I haven't done much at all. I'm going to zip to the US tomorrow morning before the boys wake up and return some stuff to Home Depot and get some self-leveling concrete. $10-15 price difference between the US and Canada. Crazy. Then I'll have to get the boys to help me clean out the sunroom and we can get the cement in so I can put the click laminate tile down.

I'm on vacation right now but it's tough to get anything done with the boys around. My older son will help me with spreading out the concrete and hopefully with the flooring.

On Wednesday we are going to a local blueberry farm to pick some blueberries. I'll have to make some kind of yummy dessert afterwards. :)

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Well, I think it will be lesson learned, I'm not restripping! Lol

It's not horrid and probably only I notice it.

Are they big velvety deep red roses? Could be Mr. Lincoln..he's got some big thorns..and a very vigorous grower. I gave him a spot in the bird garden at my mom's. He lives there with to very healthy Rosa Glaca's. I put those in for the birds to have "snacks" in the winter and the purple foliage and stems are lovely anytime of the year!
And, no, if you whack em down and give them water, they will begin to grow from the root ball top too. New shoots will come out. I often will take them down to say a foot, or wherever the closest out facing leaf knob to that height is.

When I moved into this house the roses were so pathetic. Most were buried to deep or the mulch was to deep..I pulled the mulch away, wiggled some up higher in the soil and then just started watering daily. I did prune a few too even though the looked to little to do so. All but one took off. They threw out so many new shoots that turned into branches, that have lots of buds.
I dead head and prune "rubbers" too all the time.

So sad that the ones at my mom's I have neglected for years. I probably should work on those! It'll be easier for her, okay probably me, to take care of. Right now they are never watered, the beds are full of weeds and thick grass. Poor things.

Only thing accomplished in the kitchen...pretzel rolls for our grilled hamburgers.
I dug stickers out of the front yard this morning. Most of them came up with their roots intact.

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I might actually be exciting about re-finishing my dining room table after seeing ya'll's projects!

I spent almost aaaall of today driving to pick up my marble slab and a vanity top I had fabricated. They are both sitting in the back of my truck, waiting for some more muscle to help out!

CEF, I have not re-inforced yet but certainly am going to.

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Got the bedroom painted with the first coat today. Hoping for time to do the second coat tomorrow. Then I can start laying the flooring. Might finish that by Saturday night if work allows. Big changes this week!

Work is starting to slow in typical summer fashion so I hope to get well along on the final finish work in the next month or so.

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rmtdoug - I didn't say what a fascinating house you've got and what amazing stuff you've done. Nice job!

Mmmm....blueberry pie.

Electrician finished up day 3 of his one day job here today and will be back tomorrow.

I bought the ceiling and trim paint for the kitchen, but am still wishy-washy on the walls. Chatting with a friend this evening, I came up with the idea of painting something neutral just so there's something up, then we can go with something bolder when we see the granite, counters, cobalt stove etc. all together. I'm liking that idea (then again I wanted something more neutral overall). DH will be gone when I'd potentially be painting. Trying to decide whether to tell him that's the plan or ambush surprise him. He's not a fan of neutral.

I also picked up a quart of deeper paint for a small area in my dressing room...the lower part of the interior walls that are tongue and groove...like a chair rail but higher. That wood is calling out to be darker than the rest. I'll enjoy that painting. About 60sq ft. :)

I ordered a bunch of switches/dimmers/switchplates on Amazon on Friday. They arrived Sunday! A-mazing. It was going to take HD forever to ship to me or the store.

I ordered some cabinet 'innerd' goodies today. Drawer dividers, tray dividers, a towel rack. They said delivery in 5-10 days. I really want the dividers to get in ASAP when the cabinets are in. But I got tracking info and they're due here in 3 days. :)

DH is just walking around the house discovering what has not got power right now. A fish tank and bev fridge are two things. I'm off to look for extension cords.

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Warning - posting while blood-coffee levels are dangerously low.

It's great that you ordered the switches and faceplates online. In the past I've easily saved 50% going that route. I'd go ahead and paint a good neutral color because honestly it'll probably get to stay that color anyway. It'll be easier on his part to just let it slide.

MGMum - jealous of the blueberries... I've ignored ours this year because of all the home stuff going on. Not fun.

greenhaven - me too. There are two doors I have my eye on refinished that previous owners stained sometime in the late '70s. Stripping stain should be a lot easier than layer(s) of paint.

Yesterday was a busy day. The ceiling is "done done" now. I also did a lot of drywall touch up where things have bumped it over the last month or so. Furniture is back in place and now it's time to clean up before the first of the in laws show up in just over a day. Why they took flights a day apart is beyond me.

I also found out that the people in rental #1 would like to stay until 9/1. This gives me the time I need to have the whole project basically completed by then, except probably for pantry and other doors that have to come in the mail. Today I will order the pendant and breakfast area lighting and whatever else I can think of.

After work today will also be a HUGE day for cleaning. Debris... tools... all that stuff needs to go away. The formal dining room hasn't been properly cleaned since last year sometime so that will be "fun." Here's where things are now with the family room put back together.

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Thanks, Christine and a2 - my parents built the house in 1977, and it's been home to me ever since. I had hoped that Mom would stay there long enough for me to buy it and retire there, but no such luck. I'm several years away from retirement, and can't afford two homes (or a 2 hour commute each way).

Mom has been downsizing her flower gardens for a few years, as they became too much work. She gave away many plants to friends and family, so I've gotten everything I wanted.

One of her most beloved plants was a hydrangea cultivar that her dear friend Peggy had developed. Peggy passed away 15 years ago, and the plant has been a reminder of her ever since.

This summer Peggy's DH and his granddaughter came out to get the plant. As hard as it has been for Mom to leave her house in the woods, she has taken great joy in giving things to people who will love and appreciate them.

Mom's new apartment faces south, and she planted bubble gum petunias in window boxes on the patio. They are absolutely glorious, and make her happy.

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shicksal, what a lovely home you've created! Very sleek, with great finishes. I hope you plan to live there a long time, because you've certainly put blood, sweat, tears and a computer into it!

I wanted to strongly suggest you use the Citristrip to remove the stain from your doors. I'm doing the footboard of an antique bed as we speak. I put a coat on, and go mulch.

5 wheelbarrows of wood chips later, (plus the sun came out) I went back, scraped, really squeegeed the goop into a bucket, and washed down the piece with water. Then applied the other side, a few more loads of wood chips and back to scraping. It is DONE!

Now I'm just letting it dry to see what I've got for wood -- or veneer -- and to decide if it's worth restoring or just painting. Yeah! You can't do that all before 10:00 am with any of the flesh-eating strippers!

Anyway, Not doing a lot today. The heat is a bit too much already, although I still have my doors open and everything off. It's taunting me with the idea of rain, but I doubt it.

Work at 3:00.

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Shicksal, I just love your space! Maybe a little Citristrip on those beams. ;)

I had a call at 7:25 from the HD room measurer. Appt window is 1:30-3:30 at my mom's. I will head over about 12:30 and see what I can accomplish before, during and after the visit.
Need to get the inside painting and removal of the rest of our crap done!
The garden is probably wilted and the leafy greens bolting. I haven't tended to it in 4 days.

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Evidently, according to DH, all I've accomplished this morning is pacing.

No electrician yet. 9:04.

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Well, after roughly 3 months of doing nothing on the remodel because I was so burned out, the fire finally got lit again Saturday on my way home and, 48 hours later, I have FINALLY stained, polyed and installed handles on my 8 foot wet bar!!

For now it will just have a preformed laminate top that is actually similar to my granite.

Tonights goal is to scribe the top, cut out the sink hole and install the end cap.

Hopefully the fire stays lit and by the end of the week, I should have it finished!

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Well, let's just throw some fuel on your fire. ;)

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cal_quail ... the melamine stuff is over particleboard or MDF. It won't last outside long enough to be worth the effort.

The tree guys showed up ... the dead thing overhanging my parking area from the neighbor's yard is no more.

And I am almost done painting my lair ... OLD paint on OLD plaster is soaking up the new stuff. It took almost 2 gallons of primer and 2 gallons of color paint for a not-huge bedroom.

The color, if anyone wants a SOFT yellow that's not greenish or peachy and doesn't go all intense ... Valspar's "pina Colada" is lovely. We'll do it, but at 50% intensity for the rest of the house.

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it seems like forever since i posted last. i get distracted and writing can be hard. anyway "schicksal": congrats on finishing the ceiling! everything looks awesome. i love the furniture! "CEFreeman": you make striping front door sound like tieing your shoes! all of you striping things make it sound like a breeze, i'm inspired to try it out. "Texas_Gem": wow you go girl. here's a little fire for you, your wet bar loves you and wants that sink! (like i said writing can be hard for me but you know i'm sending out encouragement.
the biggest thing i got done recently was choosing the folks to make my cabinets. it's a husband and wife team. i may have posted before so i hope i'm not repeating myself, but i'm thrilled to find some one who has loved wood all his life - great stories from his childhood - and knows about the pluses and minuses of all sorts of supposedly environmentally friendly products for cabinets.
the second visit was when i decided. they showed up exactly on time, (one couple showed up 45 minutes late). they came with samples and i got his diagrams for the kitchen, including his suggested changes, and we discussed where to put the second dishwasher. he's very easy going. he sees the design as modular so even last minute changes are ok with him.
he is so respectful of my opinion and takes my concerns seriously.
so we talked about timing and working with my GC. then i gave them i deposit and they were on their way. they sent me digital copies of the plan later that day and i spent several days making changes in my old photoshop program. yesterday i finally finished and sent them off to them. i'm dieing to hear back.
they won't install til the beginning of October, so that gave me space to breathe and work on the issues of the rotting deck. but mainly it has caused me to stop treating my kitchen as a temporary kitchen, just cuz i hate it. 10 more weeks from when we shook hands is too long to be moaning and groaning and throwing together frozen meals!
so i've reinstated the goal of cooking real meals 5 nights a week. i was very sick for a long time and found it so difficult to return to the kitchen. i have tremor which makes most things done with a knife rather scary, and i have short term memory problems so if i leave the kitchen while cooking i will forget what i was doing and burn diner. timers help alot.
i had gotten alot of encouragement from a group of gals and for 9 months or so i was cooking almost every night. then we moved and i've shirked my responsibilities. what's interesting to me is how run down me and my partner feel from eating take out and microwave frozen dinners. so i'm getting back on the horse again.
i made some progress with unpacking and organizing things. i inherited a bunch of furniture which is great cuz this place is pretty big. but i keep moving things because i don't know the furniture. so for example. i will put one of my mom's bookcases in a predominant place. not until after i stuff it full of books do i see the the shelves are sagging and the bookshelf belongs in my sewing room not my living room.
my attempt to move my garden from the old place is a total failure. it was bad enough that i did not move things into the ground but left them in containers, but everything was attacked by those scaly bugs that roll up when disturbed.
so now i have a bunch of containers with infested organic soil in them.
our whether has been very mild, a frequent thing in the SF Bay Area. but we've had rain twice this month, unheard of to actually rain in july. and last night and this morning there was hug lightening strikes. no storm, no thunderclouds, just lighten with huge thunder. i call it global weirding.

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CEF, I'm not much of a gardener but did ask my neighbor about our roses. They ARE serious gardeners. I wanted to cut back now, since they look like crap, but they insisted I should wait until next yr - Feb or so to cut back. That may mean April to me if we have a very cold winter. :)

Oh, I did actually work on something this week; it's for my kitchen. I'm not inspired to finish it yet. Maybe in week 11...or week 12.

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Beautiful beginning of a glass piece!

Well I just hacked the h$LL out of my white old fashioned today at my mom's. Also did some damage to the carpet roses.
Both are so vigorous that they like the sheering.

Also was able to cut back two very huge over crowded piles of Japanese Iris' in preparation for separation and sharing. Still another huge mound, but it is behind my loved Japanese Maple, (Christine, Can I dig it up and drag it over here?) and there are some blackberry brambles there that need to be hacked out first too.

I put some paint (touch up) on the walls in the living room at Mom's, but the sheen is obvious! Oops..I may just try to run a quick roller over the "big" spaces to blend in if I can. I was not expecting this. It should have been the same stuff. :( but it was mixed some time ago and the walls were originally painted ever more time ago.

Well off to a meeting. Blech..

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Today was brutally hot. For me, anyway. LOL I didn't do terribly a lot. Donated blood and then emptied out the sunroom in preparation for a good vacuum and then prime and hopefully pour the self-leveling concrete. Then I can start laying down the click laminate tile after that. Wish me luck! I've never done this before!

Tomorrow is the blueberries in the morning. Sorry you're not getting any Schicksal, but at least your house is fabulous! ;)

I really dislike gardening, so anyone who loves it is welcome to swing by...

I've been thinking about stripping an old dresser I have as a "sideboard" in my living room. Maybe I'll give this citristrip a whirl! Don't know what colour I'd paint/stain it. Part of it is real wood I think and part of it is a veneer, I believe. Our walls are BM Palladian Blue, the couch is gray, floors dark brown and coffee table is black.

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Well, silly me.

I got the laminate countertop trimmed to the right length and then realized that I forgot to get build up strips for it.

So I can't scribe it and my jigsaw is at my brothers house so I can't cut the sink cutout either.

Oh well, at least I got it cut and sanded to the right length without chipping the laminate!

Tomorrow I will get the build up strips and the jigsaw so I can continue the installation.

I'm a big DIYer but this is my first time working with laminate, wish me luck!

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CEFreeman, terri, kaylarus, mGMum and all, thanks for the kind words! I thought about strong the exposed beam briefly, but it's a pair of LVLs and it would look funny. I plan on putting on some veneer.

The stained glass looks awesome! Very much like something I salvaged from a house that was to be bulldozed a few days later. Which side is up?

Click laminate is easy MGMum, you'll do fine!

I have been running around like crazy cleaning since the minute I got home because the MIL arrives tomorrow afternoon. Due to the construction the last time I cleaned thoroughly, if at all is June of last year. Coming from someone who used to clean top to bottom every two weeks it's really been bothering me. The half bath, family room and kitchen are good now and I should be able to do the formal living and entry before she arrives. The dining room and den are just going to have to be off limits because tools and other things have gathered there.

Wallpaper arrived yesterday so that's the next task.

It's very late so time to turn in...

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Well I hope you slept well Shick! I was kidding about the beams, I figured veneer would be the easiest.

The veneer on the dresser may allow you to stain. I do like the look of painted body and glossy stained wood tops.
It might be fun to stain the top like your floors and get a shade a bit brighter than your walls?

2.5 hour meetings wear me out. Boy will I be glad when Labor Day Weekend comes and goes. It's a 3 day music festival. I am in charge of the food vendors. I have 17 for sure and two I gave final warnings to have paperwork in by Next Tuesday.

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Sleep was not on my side last night. Someone hit "play music LOUD" on their iphone last night instead of "flashlight" when they came to sleep an hour and a half after me. I was tired enough to forget to add the coffee to the coffee maker this morning and made hot water instead. It's going to be a long day at work.

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Terri! Great idea on the wood stained top and painted bottom!

Schicksal, I hope your day picks up and the visit with MIL goes well.

Looks like it's going to rain here. It's hot out already, and they are predicting thunder/lighting for this morning. Maybe we'll go pick in the afternoon or maybe we'll go in the rain. It's 8:30 and the boys are still sleeping. I let them stay up way too late in the summer. Oh well, it's summer! :) If it's raining I won't be doing the concrete today because I'm planning to mix it outside. I don't feel like carrying it up the stairs. I'll try to clean up some of the furnace room today if that's the case. Or I'll just read or watch movies with the boys.

Have a great day, all!

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DH just left for 3 days. That should mean I get a lot done. We'll see. I am just not myself these days. I was SO exhausted yesterday, even though I've been sleeping well. I think I fell asleep a couple times in the vets office. Napped before night class, but just a bit.

Hoping plumbing and electrical are done today. I am still waffling around on colors. DH still wants bold. I'm going to paint it something fairly neutral while he's gone. If the choices are not at all until after installs and something he may not like, I'll go with something he may not like. I can take it.

I finally made a list and worked from that yesterday. I got a lot of picky little things done that I often think of and forget. I often get wrapped up in high-tech solutions to lists and task management. I've banned myself from that until maybe this weekend. Good old fashioned yellow pad it is.

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Lol CalQ, I break out the paper and pencil/pen when I need to get serious too.
I don't think people really understand the stress, frustration and wear down even the "smoothest" remodels take on us. It's just hard to be making decisions, be in limbo, waiting on this step, then that step, the mess......
It does indeed wear a body and mind down.

Shicksal, Well I have not done the phone thing, but I have done the coffee thing a few times. I usually set up the coffee pot when cleaning up from dinner. Helps to keep a routine with all the steps happening.

MGM, my boys 17,14 don't have a bed time in the summer, but they have a computer dead line. Which just means they go to their room and watch netflix on their ipods or tablet. But they usually are in bed and out by 11. The older self curfews when he's out to midnight. He's responsible and trust worthy so we have never given him a time. Now our oldest, lol, totally different story!

Well I have no set plans for the day. We just had a storm roll through, thunder and rain, down pours, didn't see a single flash. It's brightening, so we may be done? The grass will be happy.

I should probably head to my mom's and paint.

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I put poly on one table leaf last night, to make sure I'd like it without stain. It's beautiful! Now I have to finish sanding the rest, to get the first coat on the table, legs, and 2 more leaves. If I can get one coat per day this week (my goal is 3 coats), I'll be able to use it next week. I do plan to go to my Mom's lake cabin for a couple of days, which will slow things down, and I work full time, which really interferes with projects!

The most important thing I've done today is make reservations for a family ski trip in January. Book early, get 40% off - whoo hoo!

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Ann, that is awesome about the trip deal. One of my former co workers likes to book her "Spring Break" trip for the next year while there. They give her a killer deal.

Well I was in the kitchen. Banana bread is baking and the most loved Chocolate Chip Cookies are almost batter.

Whatelse does one do on a rainy day, but bake? Lol

I should be dragging the boys car across town to the windshield shop. I should be taking the Mommymobile to get it's oil changed, I should be going to my mom's to paint.

Staying inside with oven on is a much better idea, Right?

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Terri, how could you even consider painting without banana bread?

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Lol, well you see.........
I like banana bread very much. It does not agree with me, infact when I eat a banana it has to be a bit green.
But my husband and 17 yr old will fight over the loaf. And what is one to do when there are 4 speckled nanners on the counter?

Now the cookies, those are a weekly, sometimes biweekly occurance around here.

Still softly raining. I do really need to go out at some point rain or not.

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MGM, just came across this on Pinterest.

Still raining, still haven't left the house. Lol, but Ipad needs to be rejuiced.
So, one last post then off to town in the rain.

Here is a link that might be useful: Old Wood Dresser

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Finally home. This is where I go non-kitchen related for a while. I got the wallpaper primer and adhesive today and plan on having a quick go at things. I nearly didn't get the wallpaper primer before since the walls are already painted however many times over, but remembered how incredibly easy it was to remove in the kitchen at my old house because it looked like someone primed specifically for that. Maybe my 10 years from now self will thank me for doing this.

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schicksal - Thank you for the compliment on the drywall. A skip sand finish hides a world of defects so I only have to get the ceiling perfect. Great job, by the way, on your house. I can aspire to that.

cal quail - Thanks for the kind words. This remodeling is my therapy. I would go crazy if I could not build. I hope your project starts going smoothly from here. I've been following your progress.

Well, I got the final coat of paint on the bedroom last night. It turned out well. I'm happy with it.

It's been very rainy today and I can't haul some stuff to Habitat until the rain stops or bring the flooring in from the shop, so I spent this morning working on electrical stuff, putting on wall plates and wiring the smoke detectors. I also moved one light in the stairwell. I opened all five boxes on the detectors and not one mounting screw! I could not believe it. These are not cheap ones either. They are wired smoke and CO2 detectors that run about 35$ each. I don't understand this at all; why did they not include screws? I now have to go up the hill to buy some screws.

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Or at the least tell you to have your own at the ready.
The rain: everytime I think it'll let up............nope!
The grass will green back up though.

So wallpaper primer is the key? I just despised wall paper on the fact of removal. Lol. I may just have to give it a thought some day knowing that little secret.

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It totally works. This stuff looks just like what I found under the wallpaper at my last house so I'm sure that's it. To put it in perspective, I was able to remove about 300-400 sq ft of wallpaper in an evening without any tools, scoring or damage to the walls. I just pulled and squirted with a water/dish soap mixture. There were perfectly primed walls underneath.

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Y'all would have been very proud of me (5 or 6 years ago) I took down wallpaper in the entry hall, DR, LR, hall bath, and my office. Luckily, almost all of those were only 35% wallpapered because of masonry exterior walls, walls of built in cabinets and weird paneling. But the entry hall was some weird stuff. And the wall was all kinds of uneven beneath. So I skim coated and sanded it. Yes, I used to do a lot more.

I HAVE LIGHTS! WOOO! Electrician left a bit ago. Most receptacles and overhead lighting are complete.

My three main accomplishments thus far today kitchen-wise have been:
--chat with the electrician and have him suggest that it made just as much sense to put ALL the recessed lights in today since we had to place two the other day so he could place and use the boxes or something
--run to home depot and get two more recessed lighting housings. This is a result of getting ripped off to the tune of 4 of them. I bought a box of six that only contained two. That will be a fun trip to the return desk to ask for credit for 4 things I didn't get. I only had to buy 2 more because we were going to return 2 (waffled between a pattern of 6 or 8, went with 6).
--narrowed the paint color down to two colors, and I will not change again. They're almost identical. I may flip a coin. (SW Northstar or Misty)

MIL is going to come over in a bit and bring some painting supplies. I'm going to go into the garage and see what I can find (though I'm not optimistic that I can actually GET to them). I'm planning to wash things down (I have walls that have to regularly be vacuumed, and some have been behind cabinets for 30-ish years) and prime the exterior walls today (no drywall to be patched). Then I can paint those and prime the ceiling and walls tomorrow after the drywall guy leaves. Not sure if I'll get of that truly painted before cabinets friday. Not sure how long I have to wait in between any of the steps.

And I potted up a couple houseplants this morning.

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Way to go!
Okay just flipped between your two choices...um Northstar has a bit more oompfh..but I still like Sea Salt the best. ;)

Why is it that when we get spoiled in the summer with fabulous warm/hot weather (and maybe it's only a PNW thing) that a full day of rain SUCKS! It's certainly never so hot that a full day of rain is considered respite! Lol it's just a glance of what Nov-May will look like. Blah..

Well just to make more cozy in here. I just tossed two chickens in the oven, to be followed by au gratin potatoes.
I even made more coffee for Mr.17 and I. Not helping btw!
My toes and fingers are still cold!

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Sea salt sounds like a winner to me too.

I put up a couple of pieces of grasscloth to try and get an idea of what in up against. This is going to be a mini adventure. I need to Google how to get perfect seams that don't pull away every so slightly. Overall it's OK so far though.

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terri- location, location, location! Today we were in the upper 90s, will be that or 100+ the rest of the week.

My pool (my husband built a solar heater for it) got up to 90 today.

Good news is that means comfy night time swimming.

Wish I could share some with you.

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Shicksal, that is going to look awesome! I love the little pattern your light puts on the wall too.

Well Mrs. G, I could not live in TX. That is too hot. So just pinch off a bit of the heat and fling it NW. ;)

It's supposed to heat back up. But of course our summer highs are your Fall lows probably.

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Lol, other parts of Texas are more temperate but I live in the panhandle with some of the most extreme weather.

As an example, 5 years ago my daughter was born in the beginning of March and the day she was born we had a record high of 85. Two weeks later we were hit by a blizzard that shut down everything.

I was telling my husband the other day that I think we are probably more adaptable to weather than others who live where the temperatures don't vary to such an extent.

I hope it does warm up for you, and if you want to send some moisture down this way, I'll be glad to trade!

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Correction, only got the masonry walls and a bit of the ceiling washed down. D.I.R.T.Y.

I did buy my paint though. SW Misty. I asked the guy for his opinion on Northstar vs. Misty. He said Misty was greener and warmer. Sold. (Also, family calls me Missy, so there's that.) Once someone told me that Sea Salt was a bathroom color and it can look like toothpaste, it was done for.

MIL invited me for dinner. I spied some speckled bananas on her counter. If I had an oven... Maybe I'll suggest SHE make some banana bread. :)

Today was the first day of our first stretch of 100+ this summer. We've been very lucky. (Though we had some in the spring.)

I also bought a little tiny dorm fridge. I used to have one in my classroom, then with budget cuts they became forceful about not having electronics etc. plugged in, so I gave it away. I'll use it for the next couple weeks and then take it to school. (Too hot to be trecking to the garage for fruit and such.

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All of this work calls for some pictures!

terri_pacnw, not sure what I'm going to do with the light. I don't know if it's original nor not... it's sort of colonial revival so it could be late '50s, but nearly the whole thing is made from plastic. It could also be from the 1970 remodel because the shape of the light really went with the linoleum and wallpaper they chose for the kitchen. I can tell somebody was into the whole late '60s/early '70s spanish revival thing from other choices they made. Urban archaeology is fun.

If I were to swap out the light I'm not sure with what. It makes cool shadows at least.

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I suppose it doesn't quite go with the sleek modern aura you have going.
It's a little bit of quirky. Is it the only light like that in the house? But that is a fun little futuristic star on the wall.

More freakin rain!

I've had about 4 hours of sleep. 1/2 of the usual needed amount! I think a nap will be in my future, at only 6:30, I've been awake since 2:48!

On my second cup of coffee. :)

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Bad times... 4 hours of sleep would not be good around here. The MIL's bags wound up in Pittsburgh and she was told they would be dropped off here by 9:00. At 12:30am the doorbell rings twice and it's someone with the bag. Needless to day the dog goes nuts and we're all awake.

As a whole the light looks sort of lantern-y because of the shape and small chain it hangs from. The stars are actually flowers in person (daisy?). It's the only light of the sort in the place. Since I can't think of anything that would look better there it could very well stick around another 40 years. It has no electrical defects like the chandelier in the dining room has. You've gotten me curious; I think I'll peek behind the trim at the ceiling to see if the outline of some other light is hiding in there.

From a decorating standpoint this kind of entry hall is really hard to work with. The ceiling is 8' so lights can't hang much but recessed lighting is too much like a spotlight for the location. The hall is the same width as a regular hallway so a table won't fit. I may be able to put something on the wall but that's it.

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Not a kitchen pic, but here's our entry hall light. I like it and the bi-fold walnut doors. DH has warned up to the doors, but not the light. I still don't see it changing any time soon.

Can NOT get going today. Woke up just after Terri at 3:45. Gave up and got up at 4:15. Thought I'd start early cleaning the ceiling, but nope. I'm also avoiding going out to water, but it's just going to get hotter and hotter.

ETA: Forgot to say, cool wallpaper!

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Cool light, Fits your green wall.
My entry light is one of those cheap white globes. There are 3 or so others of varying sizes and white or clear ribbed glass through out the house, and all different finishes. Lights, door handles, hinges. All miss matched!
We have replaced 2 lights so far. Oh and big globe bulb light bars in the bathrooms. Lovely stuff.

I took an almost 2 hour nap. I might be able to function now.

Rain finished up, sky lightening. I'm going to put chicken bits and veg in the stock pot. Not sure about painting. Need to go to HD and figure out the carpet order for my mom's house. MBR.

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"Texas_Gem": i'm sure your adaptability to changes is weather way outstrips mine. the weather is very mild in the SF bay area. i was born here but when i was in second grade my mom moved us to the valley near Sacramento where it gets very hot. i never got used to it. a few years latter she moved us to the east coast. that was another adjustment i never made. i used to wear 3 pairs of socks and knitted gloves under huge mittens you'd wear to Alaska!

now that i'm back where i was born my system is so happy. i will wear a tee shirt when it's 65F but tourist caught off guard will be frozen wear both sweaters they packed. i start sweating when it hits 72F!

"schicksa" & "cal_quail": do you both suffer from insomnia? i often wake a 3:30ish and never get back to sleep for the day.
yesterday i got passed my resistance and finally wrote the last 2 checks for my mom's estate for her brief visit to emergency before she passed. i read that she was not necessarily responsible for those bills but i really wanted to pay them.

accomplishing this took a huge load off my shoulders and i was able to start making my kitchen functional for the next 2 months. (i had started putting things away and not unpacking some things because i thought the kitchen renovation was at hand.) i also had to reconcile my finances with the things i want to buy. so i remembered that i have a plastic outdoor chair i can use in the shower -- i don't need a fancy spa stool, that i can pick up a beat up dresser and fix it up for the kitchen linens. our linen closet is on the third floor. a bunch of these ideas came tumbling into my head once i decided that i should not spend any more of the money i inherited. i got a new couch and a few other things but i need to put that money aside.

today i'm going to home depot or a smaller place nearby to look at kitchen faucets. eventually i'm going to need new faucets for the kitchen renovation. so far i've only been looking online.

then i will face the sad job of cleaning up my failed container garden - attempted transplants of my garden in our last place.

just loving the weather as it actually warms up today.

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kaylaurus-Not often, just when stuff is happening like being ultra ready for drywall to happen so cabinets can happen. Pretty much when I'm excited or worried.

The 4:00 range isn't too bad for me. My normal time to get up is around 5 during the school year and earlier if I work out (which hasn't happened for a long while). But I've been exhausted mentally and sleep-wise with the kitchen stuff and I REALLY could have used some more sleep.

I'm sure your insomnia is due to all the stuff you've been going through. Good for you taking care of those business bits and being thoughtful about your spending.

And I SO hear you about depressing failed gardening stuff. I need to go move the hoses around outside and I'll see my 5 ft tall x 4 ft wide x 6 ft long mass of tomato plants that now have like 5 puny tomatoes after being covered with big fruit which disappeared in the blink of an eye.

Sounds like they're staring to tape/mud drywall. I teach at 8pm. It's almost noon. I'm hoping I can get a nap AND some priming done before then.

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cal_quail good luck with that nap! i don't think i could nap when someone was in the house to tape/mud drywall. i'm impressed.
i had a great garden at the last place we lived. it was a rental so it was supposed to me moveable but it wasn't. i had these containers with handles on them that ripped the first time someone tried to move one. my new place is very hilly. i don't think i can grow veggies inn the backyard until i get it terraced or something. i plan to grow herbs and baby greens in containers once the deck is safe.
notice how i've gone to home depot (not!)

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no, hoping to nap when the drywall folks are done. Though I have almost fallen asleep sitting on the couch. And while I can't leave, I could be walking around and getting things done in the rest of the house/yard. But...no.

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At what point am I allowed to kick out my MIL? While I was at work she decided things were too disorderly in the dining room, which we already said was a work zone where the tools go and to kindly leave alone. So she moved everything around and mixed it all up, bought some crappy plastic shelving lost hardware and drill keys and who knows what else. How hard is it to leave other people's things alone? Nothing says you're place is inadequate quote like this.

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Aww, that sucks. Can you find some enticing thing for her to do out of the house most of the day on other days?

I've been accused at being able to see the other side of any 'disagreement' pretty well. (Philosophy degree) Perhaps upon hearing all you've done, SHE's feeling inadequate. Maybe she thinks that this is the least she can do. Even if it's not true, since you're stuck with her ;) I'd get it in your mind that she did it with the best intentions.

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schicksal - Losing a drill key would be the final straw for me :) Mine are now all taped to the cord but I completely understand your frustration. In fact, I recall seeing one of your earlier pictures of your island and there was a screwdriver-like tool lying haphazardly on the floor and I recall thinking, yep, I put tools exactly where I want them on purpose and they had better still be there when I need them again.

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i consider that totally outrageous behavior!
sorry but my grandmother used to do that to my mom all the time. my mom was a scientist, very into logic while my grandmother was an artist and like me very visual. my mother wrote massive papers for science journals and was always working on the next grant application. but my mom did not use filing cabinets. she had miles of desk space made out of flat hollow doors and she made stacks that were logical to her. my grandmother would come to visit and be shocked by the "disarray" in my mom's study.
like you my mom was dismayed and angered when she came home to see her stacks "straightened out". she tried to throw my granny out (it was only a visit) but she refused to go and they argued late into the night instead. they were both very strong personalities.
my granny couldn't stop. every visit she would "fix" some part of the house. it was true that my mom had no sense of how to decorate etc. but she liked the way thing worked in her own house. my mom might have worked her way up to banning her but then granny moved into her own house two minutes away from my mom. this constant contact made her stop. she was worn out by taking care of her own house and trying to "fix" my mom's.
i always thought that her behavior was deeply ingrained in her personality. she could only see things from her own point of view. if it made her nervous to be near a messy room then the room was objectively a mess. the fact that my mom didn't consider it a mess did not enter her mind. to her all messes have to be fixed because the world should be beautiful. to my mom messes don't matter one bit. but granny never understood that. love her dearly but i think she was a narcissistic or something!
i send you my sympathy and hope you can establish some limits. make her find the things she lost!

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Wow, not even a full day there..eek!
Well I'm guessing that you already knew she'd cross boundries or you wouldn't have set things in the dining room. (Out of the way!)

CalQ, did they get done, are you gonna get that nap?

It's windy out now.
I have lots of delicious chicken stock for the fridge and freezer. Still have to pick the meat out a bit more.

Mr. 17 and I delivered and picked up "the boy" car to the glass shop.
I have my final canvas covered in paper for my last square of "cheap" art. This one will have our initial on it. Then it's trying to figure out how to hang them.

I still have 30 empty TP rolls, to cut, glue and paint for "homemade" wrought iron.

Oh I found an older white Maytag gas range for $60 on CL. I'm thinking about getting it. It's a little lower modeled than the one I put in my mom's 10 yrs ago. 4 burners, bigger oven, Cook and hold, delay bake, (favorite programs!). So I am very familar with it's pros and cons!
So that would help me not push hubby so much for a new range! I might be able to survive a year or more with that in there. ;)
And save up for a bit better than I would have settled for.

I even found a plumber that does gas lines. :)

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Oh, schicksal! I'd be so mad! I have an old metal drill my Dad gave me, I think it's Skil, and it has the key attached to the cord. I too put stuff where I expect it to be the next time and would be furious if someone decided to "clean up" for me.

Terri, the oven sounds like a good deal!

CalQuail, I like that entry light! My foyer is about 3' square, it's SO small, and the light was a chandelier bulb in a "flower" thingy on the ceiling. When I put in the decora switch, I must have done something wrong because for the outside light to work the foyer light would have to be on too, so I just took out the bulb. It was pretty useless anyway.

Today, my 12 year old helped me mix up the self leveling concrete and we poured it. It was difficult to do in a timely fashion, and I think it was too thin. Either way, it's going to be far more level than it was. I'll wait until Saturday to see how it looks before I start the tiling.

Tonight my 12 year old made stir fry for dinner. Yesterday my 9 year old made Skinnytaste's Santa Fe Turkey Stuffed Peppers. Yum! This summer I am making them choose and cook a meal each week they are here. That way I don't have to cook and they have a new appreciation for how much work it is. :)

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I am out at the moment so will be short. Sometimes she is trying to help, like last time she was here and unexpectedly primed some of the Barney purple walls in the family room. Unfortunately no drop cloth was used so I spent the next two days getting dried primer off the wood floor.

The dining room on the other hand, we actually spoke briefly about yesterday and I said it's still a construction zone on purpose because work is not complete yet and that tools and materials have their place in there. This was a "I'm doing this and they can deal with it" thing. Not the first time or the last I'm sure. The FIL arrived today so maybe she'll chill out now but it's hard to describe... She just does things against the objection of others.

I will be quiet and put up more wallpaper this evening.

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He finished. No nap. Lots of watering. Ate (a nice salad makes everything better). I'm not going to attempt priming or painting before cabinets. I'm sad. I'll wash down the ceiling and leave it at that. Unless I wake up at 3:30 tomorrow morning, and then I may.

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Teri, you can definitely dig those iris up and move them. They're hardy.

Shicksal, my practice in-laws were like yours. We lived in a 2nd floor condominium in Silver Spring, MD. The 1st time they visited, she cleaned everything in the whole place. I tried to keep up.

The 2nd visit, I told it was insulting to have her visit and indicate to me my home wasn't clean enough for her. To do nothing. I came home from work and all my windows were washed. I could only envision her hanging out of the window with her big (fat) husband holding her even fatter ankles so she didn't fall out the window while she got to that last speck.

The 3rd visit I said, "Screw it." She cleaned and I drank wine.

Today I have no idea what I did. I received Morgan's ashes yesterday and have been in a fog. I just finished my weekly steak and didn't have anyone to give the scraps to.

I put a You-Dig-'em offer on Freecycle. A nice lady and her mom came today and tagged crape myrtles, generic Japanese maples, hellebores, spiderwort and lilacs. Some they can take now, some they must wait until fall.

I have someone coming tomorrow, and Saturday morning.

I've managed to identify some tagless hosta on a wonderful English site. They post pictures of over 2000 hosta leaves, which you click and it'll take you to the detail. I have 4 leaves sitting here right now, I'm going to try to find when I'm done here. It's incredible how many there are, and how they're all just a little different. I love hosta.

Wanna see my hall light when I get it installed? Sure you do:

I have so much to do and just don't care. I think I've hit the mid-summer doldrums. I hate sun, I hate heat, I hate pretty much everything today. I don't even have any Reese's cups.

On that happy note, I'm off to check out the hosta.

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That's a cool light too..

Yeah. I'll move the Japanese Iris' and bring some bleeding hearts over here too, probably this weekend.
Got Daylilies, Crocosmia (Lucifer) and a few Dahlias and Bearded Iris to move a little later.

I'm sorry your heart is heavy.

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Seems everyone is having a bad day. My last 24 hours included what I thought was a bad ethernet cable in the wall (good thing I ran conduit!) but turned out to be a bad outlet on the patch panel in the wiring closet; 4 hours wasted.

I then sat down last night at about 9:30 to review work from my helper and my network attached storage had froze up. Another hour wasted. In bed after 11:30, way past my bedtime.

Made a trip today to get a couple of bags of mortar. It was heavy but high overcast with a north wind so I figured it was safe to haul the bags in the truck. Ha!! Coming home it started raining. The top bag was damp but I think it will be okay.

It does not look like I will get the flooring done in the bedroom this weekend. I'll be lucky to get the mortar on the chimney in prep for tiling.

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I'm so sorry to hear everyone has had such a rough day.

Schicksal- I am so grateful that my MIL isn't like that. I don't know how you stayed so calm.

CEFreeman- I wish I could Amazon drone drop you some Reese's and cookie dough right now!

Cal_quail- for your sake I hope you don't wake up so early. You need sleep!! Especially since you didn't get a nap in today!

Terri- I hope the rain has let up some for you. You need some sunshine and warmth.

MGMum- I can't wait for my kids to be old enough to do that! The oldest is 6 right now. I actually was telling her today how when I was 8 I had to cook dinner once a week and it had to be a full balanced meal.
Since I have 4 kids that means when their older I hardly ever have to cook right?!?!

As for me, my plan for the week seems to be progressing nicely. Tonight I scribed the counter to the wall, attached the build up strips and made the sink cutout.

Tomorrow, maybe Saturday morning, I will attach the counter, put on the end cap and hook up all the plumbing and by Sunday morning, I should have my wet bar fully functional!!

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TG - Fully functional wet bar! Party in Texas!

CEF - I like that light. It can go so many ways.

MGMum - I love the plan. I remember summer things like that where we'd do X one day a week and Y one day a week. Good memories, as well as practical training :)

KD called today. She found (my words, not hers) my sample door. I ordered my cabinets 5/11. It was sent 5/28. Still nice to have.

Got the rest washed down. I will try to get the ceiling done in the morning. That's doable. The GC has the cabinets all mapped out, so I guess if I painted the walls it could cause a problem for the installer. And...I don't think I love Misty. I painted some swaths which will be behind stuff and I think it looks too much like a baby boy's room blue. It seemed more gray/blue, not blue/gray. But with the white LED's, it reads cooler. So I may have a bunch of extra paint. I think we need warm.

I wonder what the installer will get done tomorrow? I wonder where he'll start? I wonder how much of my living room I'll get back!

ETA: All the talk of digging, dividing, moving stuff...I have some Chasmanthe that I miss the window on every. year. And I also didn't want to dig and store, because I did that with a bunch of them once and then lost them. I now have a place, I should get that done.

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Rough days run in packs it seems.

I'm trying to figure out the formal living room situation. It's too dark in there. I have a lamp on a switched outlet + another lamp across the room next to a chair for reading. There is another switched outlet on the other side of the sofa available but nothing plugged in. I think I need some kind of overhead lighting to light up the room as a whole but have never bought any for this situation before. It's become very important because if I'm to remove the double gang box and put in a triple it must be done NOW.

Otherwise wallpaper is going in ok. It would be great if I could do it faster but since it's going in without a big fight I'm happy.

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Shicksal, you've done an incredible job on those seams! One of the reasons I've never cared for grass cloth is just that. I remember being in Jr. High and my aunt putting in grass cloth. In itself It was really pretty, but all my eye could see were the seams. And since the grass in the cloth doesn't line up, well, I guess my OCD tendencies were evident even then.

Thank you, Texas_Gem. I am going to make a pit stop and pick something up. I've gained so much weight in the last few months -- ok, since December -- that I guess I shouldn't stop now. Might really go into withdrawal.

My dad taught me how to make a martini when I was 4. Of course, those were in the Bewitch and Beaver Cleaver days when all the parents downed them the minute they got home on TV. Then I learned how to make kippers & crackers, 1000 Island dressing for rolled up lunch meat hors d'ouvres.

Anyway. Today I've got someone coming over to dig again.

My Hugoculture little lady is coming out to measure. I'm telling ya' this was not well thought out. How would she think she, (5' about 40 lbs) and her two teenage boys were going to cut down (no, they can't use a chain saw) strip, move and place full grown trees. In 2 days be ready to plant. And I don't have 450 lf of trees I want to cut down. So....

I've been contacting tree service people and they're all willing to bring out full trees -- when they have them. Then we have the digging part.. I'm smart enough to put out right from the front, that I'll supply the land, and the dead trees on it. But I am absolutely not going to dig, water, or maintain this peony garden in any way. Of course, I probably will.

Ok. Espresso time. Maybe a peanut butter sandwich.

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Mmm...peanut butter sandwich. I think you just planned my breakfast.


Should be priming and painting. Got up at a reasonable hour (for me). Cleared off the tops of the cabinets in the living room that we've been using as a 'table'. Trying to put all the little things that won't be needed for a while (switch plates, air switch etc. somewhere out of the way but accessible that I won't forget!

What got me distracted from priming first thing was looking for something to put a little paint in to cut in around the lights. I'm still at a loss. I can think of several things I'd sacrifice to hold some paint, but no idea where they are...in what box.

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I read peanut butter espresso sandwich and for a second, that sounded really good! If that's what I'm reading perhaps just the espresso part is what I need.

All of this talk about cabinets going in calls for some pictures :D Is cabinet day #2 going to be tomorrow or Monday?

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I haven't checked in for about a week and am so behind on everyone's progress. You have all been really busy! I slacked off on a long weekend at the lake last weekend. I vote all weekends start on Thursday! While there I did trim the bushes and pull some weeds, and paint a headboard that DD is taking for her college apartment. This week all I got accomplished were the usual mom things. Groceries, cooking, cleaning, errands, laundry, etc. I've got to reboot and get going again. Still have a few more things to get done before I go back to work. Hope everyone has a productive (or restful) weekend.

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Originally cabinet days were going to be Th/F and S if it was going to be a short, finish up day on Sat. Since now, day #1 is Friday...don't know. I have assumed it will be Monday, but I won't complain if it's tomorrow.

All I got done paint-wise is that I cut in around the lights and edges/walls with primer for the ceiling. If I'd have started right when I got up, I would have at least gotten the ceiling rolled. Oh well.

I finally pulled the card from my 'real' camera and uploaded my before and during pics, so far. Here are a couple before and a couple current. The whole photobucket is just house stuff so browse around if you like.

Not all the same perspectives, but the same walls.

ETA: 8:45 pacific time...he's here! Going to fill in the trench cut in the slab for the electrical to the island, then go to HD. Gah! Start with the cabinets already!!!

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Cal, did you go to HD or your "guy"?

I like the little blue paint cup with the spout and handle. I reuse them. Just them, just get out as much paint as you can and dry overnight, if it's to be a new color. Need to put it away for a bit during project. Slide it into a bread bag, tie as tight as you can and stick in the fridge.

Shick, that looks great and I see the daisy looks just as cool on the grasscloth. ;) so what are the rest of your current household doing while you are wallpapering?

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Guy went to HD. I took the dogs to the groomers so they're out of our hair today. :)

I posted on the laundry forum. I have Asko W/D on order, and they won't be in until a week later than I'd like. Not catastrophic, but that made me review my alternatives.

We want to minimize screaming 'laundry in the kitchen', because even though that's perfectly acceptable in other parts of the world, not so much here. The Askos were the only small ones in something coordinating with Stainless. They're 'titanium'. Still not a perfect match.

Well, Miele makes some panel ready ones. I'd always discounted Miele due to: a) price, and b) they only have white. But, now that I see they have panel ready ones...I'm thinking about them. So I'm reviewing specs to see if there are any differences in how they'll size the enclosure to see how much time I've got to decide. Hours or days. I called Miele Concierge and confirmed that they're available and that I was reading the panel thing right (they come with a white panel so we could use them like that until we decide differently. Then we could get door-fronts OR we could get something powder coated to match the Cobalt Bluestar. Probably not the latter, but you never know.

But they're MUCH more. Like a whole extra appliance. But everyone loves their Miele's. Hmmm...

He's started carrying things into the kitchen!

ETA: Ordered the Miele.

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Oooh...fancy new toys!

Well I went and did the quick roll-over every surface of the living room, hall, entry and dining room at my mom's and it worked!

I have to call her and tell her the carpet is going to be another $125 for her MBR. But it's a much better carpet and it's a 72 hour purchase-install which is easier on me. She wanted the top of the line pad but one of the off the roll crap carpets. ???? But that's my mom. Makes zero sense.

So that's all that happened today. Painted and carpet sorted out.

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terri_pacnw congrats on getting the carpet sorted out. it can be hard to buy things for other people. and splendid painting at the end of a tough week.
cal_quail - i love your old kitchen! maybe it's the warm light be the cabinets look good to me. i guess it's more my style than yours. rolling the ceiling is backbreaking! maybe you'll get inspired at 3:30 AM
countryatheart the lake sounds wonderful. we are so hot here today and i could use a lake or two in my backyard!
schicksal - what an amazing job on that wall paper! i've never tried it because when i saw "I Love Lucy" wrestling with wall paper i could see myself doing something similar. i am as clumsy and she pretends to be. but of course when i do it it's not funny.
Texas_Gem i'm so impressed with you DIY skills!

the biggest thing i got done today was clean up the porch. it gets covered in live oak leaves and i guess soot from the highway, tiny berries from a tree i don't know etc. once i got the deck cleaned up i moved the worm farm where it won't get direct sun and "installed" the door mat. i also set up my little twig burning stove on top of a bunch or soapstone samples i collected. i got rid of all the junk that was so easy to stash back here instead of making a decision.

so now it's really pleasant to come and sit. it's the only part of my deck that's safe to go onto and it's shaded from the afternoon sun so it's perfect for me.

i also when grocery shopping and cleaned the house so the cleaner could clean. she's caught me cleaning the stove it was so gross and laughed taking over to make all my efforts look like child's play. humm, this is what happens when you're 60 and you let yourself get out of shape.

i plan to make a cake for my husband's birthday - which was over a month ago but i was too stressed to conquer it back then. he was very understanding but i know he loves this german chocolate cake i make only once a year.

this is why the back deck had to be tackled. it will be impossible to stay in the house once the old oven is on. have a great weekend all, kaylarus

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Mmmm I love German Chocolate Cake. No one else does so I don't make it.
Okay the truth is I love the pecan/coconut/brown sugar/butter. The cake is just a vessel. ;)

The lady helping me at HD was good. I told her where I was at and where I wanted to be. After we were done, I said well this could go two ways. I pay the difference and the carpet goes in and I never tell her I switched it. (The sample of the new one disappeared, on the roll one she chose.) Or I tell her she's getting this one and she coughs up the extra $. Either way she's getting this one. Lol

Well dinner is done and waiting on the Big Guy.
Simple: Basmati in the oven, pork and peas on the stove. (Ground pork/snap peas cut in half, half a yellow and orange pepper for color.) then Asian-y flavor additions.
Mr. 14 LOVES it, Mr.17 gave me the sad face. He'll pick around the veg and eat a huge bowl of rice under the meat. Then whatever rice is left after he eats the meat off, he'll salt. He has the plainest palate ever.

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Got the end cap installed on the counter and the sink set.
I also got a metal rack that was full of junk in the garage all cleared off and moved into my pantry to serve as temporary shelves until I figure out the exact dimensions for my shelves and get them built.

Tomorrow, I will router the end cap overage off, cut and mount the corner blocks, attach the counter and hook up the plumbing.

Tonight I'm going to enjoy my pool and a Colorado bulldog (or 2) after a long week.

I hope everyone else finds a way to relax tonight!!

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kaylaurus - I really didn't hate the look of the cabinets, the floor, and I didn't even mind the laminate (except where it was missing). As I looked at the progress on the cabinets today, there are areas that are really just a small swap and some that are a large swap. I worried that DH was picking cabinets that were too similar to the old ones when he was looking at a particular shade of maple. But honestly, the natural cherry is far closer to them than that maple would have been. And that's okay, because, I too, liked the wood. It was just SO. DARK. The only kitchen light you can't see in those before pics is another of those anemic squares. Why we didn't re-do the lighting years ago is still a mystery to me. And it was SO non-functional/wasteful. The U inside the peninsula area wasn't bad, but beyond the peninsula was a wasteland of junk. Always. There were too many reasons for it NOT to be.

A cleaned off deck/patio/porch sounds great. I definitely should have done that so we'd have had it to use when we were living with all the cabinets in the living room.

Terri - when you said 'a quick roll-over' I thought lint roller...which is what it would mean at my house. :) Obviously, something much more lasting than de-dog-hairing.

TG - Awesome to hear about the laminate work. I had a roommate once who built an awesome desk. I always thought...I could do that! But I have never come close after that.

Installer left a little while ago. He. was. awesome. I'm very impressed.

And in the 'stuff I got done' part of things, besides switching the W/D (still haven't cancelled the ASKO, playing phone tag with that salesman) I also ordered my UCL from Environmental Lighting. It'll ship Monday, I'll have it Tuesday. I also talked to my granite guy (early enough in the day I thought we'd template Tues or Wed, but I texted him later and said it could be as early as Mon (hopefully he can do it Mon). And I talked to the guy I ordered the fridge, range, and vent hood from and talked about what I should look for spec wise from these guys (since I've had to watch them on some things) and asked about who does what part of the hood/venting/roof cutting. When we had our roof done in the spring, the roofer said to just let him know when we were getting the new kitchen and he'd come cut the roof so he knows it was done right, but I'll have to ask him if his guys do the ducting too.

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TG, I am just amazed at how this all sounds. You've got skilz!
CalQ, yeah I can imagine, what that means for real. In this case it was a quick "fix" with paint.

Dishes are done, trash out, floor swept. Big Guy "nappin", oh I mean watching the Mariners Game. Lol..
Boys are killing wizards and warriors on their respective "machines". Mommy is in her favorite room in her favorite spot, doing Mommy things. ;)
I declare the weekend is here!

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I put the 3rd coat of poly on the table, baked a pan of bars for church on Sunday, mowed the lawn, applied the 4th (and last) coat, then went for a swim in the neighbor's pool. I'm tired, but satisfied!

I'm not bringing the table in the house until Monday night - I want to give it plenty of time to cure before I start using it. And maybe I won't - after the work I've put in, I might not want spaghetti sauce slopped all over it!

Here's one of the leaves, between coats 3 and 4. No stain, just oil-based polyurethane. A friend thinks it's probably ash, not maple.

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Annkh- I won't pretend to be an expert on wood but my grandfather was and I would agree with your friend. It looks like either Ash or White Oak which can be difficult to distinguish between.

My cabinets are built out of ash and the grain pattern is virtually identical to your picture.

Maple has a much finer grain pattern unless its birdeye maple.

Beautiful piece! Can't wait to see it completed.

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Nice Ann, very nice!

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Annkh, you have done a great job and made Citris-mama proud. LOL! Isn't it amazing how little effort it actually took with this great stuff? I have the headboard of my antique bed to do, but will take care of that maybe tomorrow when I have a couple hours. Hours. Not weekends!

About that oil-based poly. Excellent choice for a high traffic table. However if you check with the Woodworking board, you'll discover oil based stuff can take as long as a month to cure. Hot weather and humidity will prolong this. If you take it in and start using it, the finish could be pushed around. i.e. heavy items making marks, things being slid across it (bad, anyway!) I'd suggest putting it someone in a normal temperature room and hiding it. Make certain that stuff is really hard. Polyacrylic cures in a weekend, not oil based poly.

Someone came and dug out plants. 2 hellebore, a bunch of euphorbia, several 'Invincible' hosta, a couple of shrubs. This left me room for:
planting 7 more hosta, and laying out 12. I realized the trees I've planted in one garden over the last 10 years actually have created a shaded area! So I limbed up a false cypress 'Vintage Gold' and my 'Golden Dawn' redwood. OMG, I have a beautiful, accessible garden! Hosta 'Potomac Pride,' 'Bressingham Blue,' 'Sea Dancer,' 'Gold Standard,' 'Hillbilly blue,' 'Blue-haired Lady,' and some others will make a beautiful pathway. I can't remember the rest.

I've decided to move all the boring hellebores (ivory blooms) to my roadside hill. Those gawd-awful ornamental grasses I've been trying to kill for 3 years have always looked skanky., Hellebores will at least be evergreen, one height, reseed, and bloom in January-March. And I can't stand throwing out a plant.

The peony lady came to mark out her peony bed.

I should have mowed, but didn't. I sat on the porch and had a glass of wine and surveyed my domain. Missed Morgan being in the way.

No rain in almost 2 weeks. If it would rain, I might do something inside.

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CEF - Pictures required.

Ann - That is truly beautiful.

DH got home last night about 10.

GC and installer should be here at 8 (15 min). GC needs to something electrical so the Susan and everything that radiates out from it can be set.

The decision on where the island will be needs to be final today, I bet. Struggling with optimum aisle spacing vs. saving money by not moving an existing pendant mounting location. SO hard for me to see these things.

I've got a couple classes this morning/early afternoon. I might try to give one away. The other...I'm the only one who can teach it (other gal on vacation). Half worried about the noise (other end of the house), half worried about the distraction factor. Luckily, these two classes would be my choice on a day like today.

Dreading calling the ASKO guy to cancel that order. We played phone tag yesterday.

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Ann-absolutely beautiful. I have always loved the refinishing process. Strip the wood and all of a sudden there's this beautiful grain showing. The citrastrip makes it so much easier.
CEF-Your property sounds idyllic. I love beds of mixed hostas, they really look wonderful in a shady spot.
Kay-now that you've got a shady spot to sit, make sure to enjoy it!

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