Chimney hood venting issues (soffit?)

wolverine2July 19, 2013

We started demo on Tuesday for our DIY kitchen. I was curious to see what was there when the ceiling came down to see how easy it would be to vent our planned chimney hood. The plan was to run the vent along the joists and out the side of the house. Unfortunately, the joist that is above where the range will be is the one joist with pipes running the length of the kitchen. So there's not room for the vent there. So it seems like our options are to use another joist, which would require building a soffit to hide the ductwork to get it to the next joist, or to scrap the whole chimney hood plan and get an under cabinet. (We already have the chimney hood, which I like, so I'm not loving that option either).

Any pictures I find of chimney hoods with soffits are in kitchen with a soffit all around, so they are hidden with nice crown molding. But we would only need a soffit in between the cabinets over the range, which I think might look weird. Otherwise, our cabinets will go to the ceiling with a small crown molding at the top. Am I missing any other options I haven't thought of?

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Look at adjusting the layout to move the range over to one side or the other. Symmetry is over rated in design. What you are seeking is visual balance and that's achievable through other methods than rigid symmetry.

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We already have our cabinets, so moving the range isn't ideal- we have a very small kitchen, so we're not working with a lot of room to spare- I think it would look funny.

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Since your range placement is set, you have three options: move plumbing pipes ($$), hide with soffit as you mention, or change to under cabinet vent hood.

Of the three, I like the under cabinet vent hood the best as you can then order the trim from Ikea to align with the other to the ceiling trim. That's provided your HVAC team can deal with either the pipes (10 x 3 inch ducts) or go lateral a bit.

I know it's frustrating to be in your position. For a small kitchen, having cabinets over the range (30" above burner surface) offers space for cooking and baking items and helps to keep you from moving all around the kitchen. I found that handy in fact.

Your kitchen designs look nice btw. Enjoy.

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The HVAC team is my husband, so we have to figure it out ourselves... I was thinking if we did the under the cabinet then we could just use the cabinets to hide the ductwork needed to go to the next joist. If we can deal with the pipes then couldn't we just do a chimney hood as originally planned?

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And can anyone recommend a 30" under cabinet hood? Not too expensive (our chimney hood was just over $600) and we don't want/need a lot of cfm's (400?)

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