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starinasgardenJuly 1, 2012

Good morning,

I'm looking hard at the Whitehaus Metrohaus faucets, after admiring them here on GW. DH is pushing me to make a choice and purchase a faucet in the next 24 hours or so. I find myself mired in analysis paralisis..

Where are these faucets made? I cannot find anything online re. country of manufacturing.

Is it possible to mount the faucet with the lever in front? Is it a 360 swivel?

Now that you have used the faucet for a while, do you still love it?

Also considering LaToscana, very little information out there though.

Thanks so much!

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I bought mine based on a few ohotos on GW and the dimensions working a little better for us than the Kohler Vinata that was a little taller and I thought the reach on the Whithaus was better. I never saw it locally, so I ordered it online. The box seemed huge and it was HEAVY. The faucet was beautifully finished and felt so solidly made.

I was not as focused on where things were made when I was picking that faucet years ago, but I think they are German. The "haus" spelling on Whithaus and Metrohaus may be my main reason for thinking that -- I don't remember.

Yes, you can mount the lever to either side or in the front. We considered a front mount and that was one of the reasons we were looking at that faucet. And yes, it swivels 360 degrees -- not that I ever do, but I could wash my window directly. ;-)

Other points to note -- the spray/stream option is continuous (my Blanco prep faucet has to have the button depressed to spray and goes back to stream when released) and the Graff soap dispenser works well with it. If I remember correctly, the Kohler faucet is a little taller overall and the reach and spout height are a little different. The Whithaus seemed a better proportion for, better reach and less likely to splash. I don't have splash issues but my neighbor who went with the Kohler and has a shallower sink (mine is 10 -- hers is 7 or 8) did get splashing. It wipes clean easily and beautifully.

Yes, I would still pick the faucet again. And again, and again. I cannot think of anything you would be disappointed with in that faucet.

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Thank you so much, Lascatx! My sink is 10" deep also, and I read too many reviews re the Kohler leaking. The Vinnata was a strong contender otherwise.
I love the look of the Whitehaus, and in reading the specs, the weight of it is impressive. I like mass.
Now to find the best price..
This will be a relief, I am holding up the counter fabrication with my endless research.

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I bought the Whitehaus Country style faucet off of their clearance website, so not the same faucet you are looking at, however still a very nice faucet- well made, great finish, good feel in the hand.

The box it came in said "Made in Italy".

I was very impressed with their product, so I bought a soap dispenser as well. It looks great as well, with a good action.

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Thanks Oldhousegal! I ordered the Metrohaus earlier today. I'm actually excited about it, :). Your impressions are very reassuring to me.
I ended up ordering from Vintage Tub, I remembered other GWers were pleased with them.

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Hope you like yours as much as I do mine. :)

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Sorry I did not see this in time. I still love mine. My box says "Made in E.C." I reckon this means the European Community. The first language in some of the paperwork is Italian, but it does not get specific anywhere. I also ordered from Vintage Tub and was pleased.

Best of luck with yours!

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Angie, it was your analysis of the different vendors that guided me to Vintage tub :D
I seem to remember that you installed the faucet yourself? I will be attempting this also, wish me luck! I am acquiring many new skills with this remodel, lol, and quite enjoying the process. I just get stuck on details occasionally.. like the faucet decision.
Never realized there was a name for this little quirk of mine, TKO.. ;)

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Yes, I installed mine myself. Feel free to shoot me an email if you have any questions!

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Thank you Angie, I may need to take you up on that :)

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The faucet came yesterday! IT is now enthroned on the dining room table (and I never allow anything that doesn't 'belong' on the table stay there⦠ever!) ;)
It certainly is bling-y on its own right, and solid-hefty feeling. I'm quite pleased with it.
Thank you all for your input. I was really stuck, and your input helped so much. Vintage Tub gets my vote for customer service also.
Now the counter for that run can be fabricated. Carrera marble, which I love, and yes, I am aware of the etching, etc. Nothing else feels the same to me. So excited!

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Yay! I am glad you are happy with it upon receipt. Good luck with the fabrication and install!

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Thanks for this very helpful thread & all the input.

I am deadset on the Kohler Stages 45' sink, however I do not want 2 faucets. I think the Whitehaus Metrohaus would look awesome in our more traditional kitchen (we are going to start our new build soon). Would this faucet work with this large sink?

Thank you for your feedback!


Here is a link that might be useful: Kohler Stages 45

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WIWIOz: I think it would work well, or as well as any other. Now, this faucet has a larger reach than most, but it is only a smidge larger. IIRC, the reach is just over 10"

No faucet, short of an articulated Chicago or a Karbon or a full-on, pro-style, high-arc sprayer will reach every part of that sink by just swiveling. However, most pull-down-style faucets will be able to reach the corners if you extend the pull-down spryer.

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Not sure why I didn't think to do this initially, but I just measured the "reach" with full extension of the pull-down sprayer. I can easily reach a spot 25" from the faucet with the sprayer pointing straight down. This reach should get you close to the farthest corners.

(I realize there is a shallower section that you won't include in your faucet centering. However, if your sink were a 45"x18" rectangle, and you centered your faucet on the 45" section, the farthest corner would be about 29" from the faucet, which I calculate as sqrt( (45/2)^2 + 18^2). )

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Thank you Angie! That's perfect & I really appreciate you taking the time to measure. I do love the functionality of the Karbon. I think it would be a dream with that sink. But I just cannot get past how it looks. It will look too funky in our more traditional kitchen (white inset, etc). DH hates the Karbon (& the only other thing he vehemently hates for the build is penny tile), so I cannot even consider it. He is very giving on most of the house stuff so in an area that we use the most, I don't think it is fair to ask him to consider it.

Here is a link that might be useful: Our kitchen inspiration

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