Calling All Innermost Cabinet Owners-

localeaterJuly 13, 2012

I am considering purchasing Innermost Cabinets, well actually Design-Craft which is what Elkay calls Innermost when it is at a KD. (They also put more doors and finishes in the catalog, and if you want you can mix with Medallion.)

For anyone who has Innermost, I would love to hear what door style you picked, how long you have had them and how they are holding up. It would also be wonderful if you could measure the depth of your drawers, 3 and 4 drawer stack, from the bottom of the interior drawer box to the top of the rail.

I am considering the Bella door in Cherry Amaretto, with an island in Maple Harbor Mist. The Bella door is one of their veneer styles and my husband really wants solid wood, not veneer. It would be great to hear from someone that theirs are holding up great. Of course, they have a wonderful warranty and I have heard they are a great company.

Thank you all so much, gardenweb has been so helpful to our process.

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We installed our cabinets last September. We chose the Kingston door style on maple with the brandywine finish:

4-drawer stacks: 3@ 2-3/4" and 1@ 5-3/4" from inside bottom to top of drawer box.
3-drawer stacks: 2@ 7-3/4" and 1@ 2-3/4"
2-drawer stacks: 9-3/4" (although if I did it again, I wouldn't do this size)

We did have one drawer which came with an incorrect face size-the box size was fine. The representative came out the next day (we may have been lucky that she was in the area) and agreed that it was very weird that the drawer face was incorrect and couldn't be pushed in. The tolerances on these cabinets is very tight, so little mistakes are fatal mistakes. She ordered a new drawer on the spot and threw in a touch-up kit. We also had a broken-in-transit toe kick on one of the 54" cabinets you can see on the back wall with Christmas thingies on top. The 3 of us looked at it and decided we could fix it without too much trouble. Had we wanted, I believe she'd have shipped an entire new cabinet. Scrap wood and on-hand hardware, plus 20 min. of our time was adequate. The repair is solid and hidden behind toe kick facing. So, yes, we like the company.

We actually like our cabinets enough that we've just ordered 6 new ones for our bedroom on a wall with a large window. The trick is that we didn't want the bedroom to look like a kitchen, so we chose the Manchester door style on cherry, brandywine finish and ebony glaze. Even though the finish is the same, it doesn't look a bit the same on cherry and with the ebony glaze.

Good luck with your selection! I don't think you'll regret it.

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Thank you so much for your response. Nothing means as much as actual feedback from a real owner of the cabinets. Your kitchen looks beautiful!
I have a specification document from the catalog and it says the drawer front height for the 4 db is 6 1/2 three times and then 10". For the 3db it says 6 1/2" 1 time then 11 9/16 2x. I wonder how the 6 1/2 relates to the 2 3/4 you see? I guess the 6 1/2 is the front, the 2 3/4 is the box height and some portion of the difference is the height from the top of the box to the rail, ie the part of the cabinet front that stuff would hit if you overfilled the drawer. I guess I need to go to HD tomorrow to check it out more closely.

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Those measurements match my drawers exactly.

This is the top drawer in the 4-drawer stack:

And the bottom drawer of the same stack:

You can see that there is lots of room between the top of the drawer box and the opening in the case. This is really nice for those drawers where what's in them is taller than the drawer box, like this bottom drawer for instance =).

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what is the standard toe kick height and depth on innermost base and tall cabinets?

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4 1/2 " for both, but please confirm with Innermost.

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Suzannes1, I LOVE your frameless cabinets! Please can you share more pictures of your kitchen.

What is the style and rail width on the Kingston Door?

By the way, where do you keep your trash and recyables?

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Duplicate Post as it did not look like my post was sent. I meant recyclables.

I am still trying to figure out if I want to continue to use all my cabinets for cabinet space and keep my Simple Human Foot Pedal Stainless Steel Trash Can or put trash under a cabinet. I really want lids on my trash cans.

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Glad you like it, Lynn. Two years later we still love it. I think one measure of how well a kitchen works is how organized your drawers/cupboards are today vs. the day you filled them. Mine are very nearly the same. The rail width is 2-3/4" all around.

I put the trash cans under the sink. We used to have a trash compactor when the kids were growing up and we had to haul the trash to the bottom of the easement road. It sat by the patio door beside the stub wall. You can see it in the stub wall photo on the Finished Kitchen Blog page. It has a Tupperware box, now above the fridge, and a covered KA mixer, now in the pantry, sitting on top. We got rid of the stub wall and put a pantry there. We don't really make that much trash anymore. Now we just have two normal plastic trash cans under the sink. I think this works because we live in San Diego where taking the can outside to empty whenever it gets full is easy - rarely cold, rarely rainy, never snowy.

Here's a photo of the cabinets in the bedroom. Taking a picture of them is really hard because of the window, but this is my best shot.


These are also InnerMost with a Brandywine finish except the wood is cherry, the door style is different, and we added an ebony glaze to the stain. I love the hardware on these cabinets. I also love not having dressers in this small room and clothes draped all over everywhere for lack of proper storage. Now the clothes all fit in the drawers and the uppers have sheets, towels, and quilts. So nice.

Here is a link that might be useful: My Finished Kitchen page

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Suzannesl, can you please post more pics of your DR with the wall of cabinets and DR space? I'm still trying to figure out if I have enough room...

Your kitchen is an inspiration in many ways. I wish our local HD's up here carried InnerMost. I really don't understand why they don't...

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Suzannes1, I love the 2.75" width of the rails and styles. I love your kitchen and you are both blessed you are both handy.

My kitchen is small also and is 10" X not quite 14" but this includes the area for the kitchen table by the sliding door so no cabinets would fit there.

I really need the use of my cabinets so I am trying to figure out if maybe I would to put my trash in a Rev-A-Drawer under the sink or continue to use my Simple Human Stainless Steel trashcan that takes up floor space. I need to visit the kitchen place to see all the extra space I will have with taller cabinets to see if having the trash in the small cabinet would be better BUT right now I use that cabinet for selter bottles and cans, soda, water bottles and soup.

I live in NJ which is so cold right now so I only go out to bring out the trash when the trash can is full and I keep the bigger trash can in the cold garage.

So glad that your kitchen is still organized so you did this kitchen renovation right as it is beautiful and functional.

I love the cabinets in the bedroom for more space!

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Here is the DR with the table the size it usually is vs the Christmas photos where it has all the extensions in:


The width of the room from the edge of the peninsula to the back wall is just about 12'. The 3 narrow cabinets are 14" and the wider one at the end is 25". I love that wider one for platters and things that just don't fit in narrower cabinets. See the chairs at the ends of the table? We used to have those chairs on the sides too, but they just made the space too squishy. We replaced them with Costco fold-up wooden chairs. I didn't like the fabric on the seats, so I reupholstered them.

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