Granite's In! (jet mist honed)

ebseJuly 2, 2009

Hi all,

We're so excited, the granite was installed yesterday. This is the beginning of the end (I hope!) Here are some pictures.

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that kitchen is going to be beautiful. I love the cabinetry and the granite looks great. I know you are excited now. Its getting close.

I noticed the drips around the cutout that i'm assuming where your cooktop will go. what is that? it looks like paint drip. and is the granite color not black all through the stone?

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ebse - congratulations! It looks fabulous and the whole kitchen is stunning. I am so excited for you. Also, many thanks for all your postings and pics because they helped me to decide on my cabinets: I will be getting the Edgemont door in French Vanilla. Your door closeups were so useful.

I really LOVE that granite - and I usually don't like granite. I am wondering if I should look into that rather than laminate. Do you know if the jet mist needs to be sealed? Also, were there any cons or maintenance warnings to the honed finish? It looks almost like a soapstone but with no greenish hints which I really like.

Thanks again for all the pics.


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That appears to be sealer that has run down over the edges of the cutout. The edges look lighter because they are not polished like the top. The underside of that countertop would look the same way.

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Your kitchen is going to be stunning! I also really like your granite and I am not a big granite person.

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collins design

Gorgeous. I'm also not a granite person but that is one that I seriously considered. It looks wonderful in your kitchen! Isn't it so exciting when all the planning and paper skethces start coming together in real life!! Hooray!

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It looks stunning!! Your kitchen is going to be beautiful!

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Wow! Gorgeous! I love that granite. It's one of three that I'm considering too. Can't wait to see the whole thing finished. Almost there!

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ebse, it looks gorgeous, also love your granite!!! What a stunning kitchen this will be. Can you share your paint color? It looks a tanish golden color on my monitor.

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Thanks everyone for the kind words!

Teppy and glenster- it is not polished, it is actually honed and an enhancer was applied. The stone is naturally a medium grey, but I thought that the darker grey would be easier to live with. Also, the veining pops a little more.

Tina--yes, we are very happy with the stone! I've been told (from lots of people here!) that it is a low maintenance stone, though I was told to seal it periodically. Also, if my memory serves me, were you asking about the panels/fake doors? If you look to the right of the hole in the wall (where the double ovens will be), that is actually the side of a coat closet (a large cabinet) with door panels applied.

Marilyn--the color is BM camouflage. It is actually a subtle green/beige. My friend chose it for me and I love it.

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Absolutely love it!!! I love everything about your kitchen! What kind of hardware will you choose? What kind of backsplash are you going with? I too have white cabs but with soapstone and I know the two have a similar look. I just can't seem to choose a backsplash. I would love to see the finished project so keep us posted! Congrats on your knew kitchen.

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Megpie, I LOVE soapstone, hence the granite selection... it was as close as we could get to the look of soapstone. I think the enhancing helped, too.

I am using restoration hardware's 1-1/4 glass knobs on doors and some drawers, and the 4" bistro pulls in brushed nickel.

We chose Horus art crackle tile 2-1/2 x 5" subways (the ones with the curved edges, not straight). I can post a picture if you'd like.

I also struggled with the backsplash. Nothing really called out to me. I really loved some tiles in color, but I wanted to keep the kitchen neutral so I can change the wall color eventually.

Please post pictures of your kitchen, I'd love to see it!

Also- Tina- I forgot to mention congratulations on your cabinet choice! It will be stunning and I cannot wait to see it. I'm so happy you went with the french vanilla!

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Wow the granite looks gorgeous! I never would have guessed
that it is Jet Mist as it really looks like soapstone.
You must have found a great slab to work with.
Beautiful white cabinets and I think the backsplash
you choose is perfect with all the elements.

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Beautiful granite! It looks so smooth...

Your kitchen is turning out lovely!

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WOW!!!!!! I love, love, love your granite and your kitchen. Looks like it's going to be gorgeous when done.

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Thanks everyone!

Now, I need help with hardware. I'm using glass knobs and brushed nickel pulls, which are simple. I know the doors will be all knobs, but I, thinking of mixing it up on the drawers. Are there any rules with combining knobs and pulls on drawers? Should I just do all pulls?

I'd love to hear your input...

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Gorgeous granite and gorgeous kitchen! I love the built-in for the recessed lighting over the sink window - it gives such a finished look.

I think for the knobs and pulls, you can do whatever you wish. If it looks good to you, do it, although I think some sort of "plan" would be better than mixing them at random.

Can't wait to see the next pics!

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Your kitchen is turning out absolutely beautiful! Love your choice of granite!

If you donÂt mind sharing and happen to know this, what Brookhaven moulding (they have a number) did your designer end up using for your light rail? IÂm trying to make those decisions right now. IÂm considering using MCH834, which may be what you used.

Thank you so much for sharing your pictures. CanÂt wait to see the finished kitchen!


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Love your kitchen! Who makes the cabinets?

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Drj--the cabinets are brookhaven, made by woodmode.

crazykitchen--I don't know, but I will ask!

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WOW! I'm considering Honed Jet Mist myself. It looks amazing! Can you post more?? I'd love to get a better look at the counters. I might do a quartz in dark gray/black but really love the veining in this one. I heard its low maintenance also. What does it mean to ENHANCE the stone? MORE COUNTER PICS PLEASE!! TY!

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ebse, WOW! That is some of the prettiest jet mist I've seen. Just gorgeous. Can't wait to see your finished kitchen.

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mary, thanks!

thereddogruby--the counters are covered right now because the carpenters are finishing their work, but I'll post more soon. Enhancing is a treatment done in connection with sealing (or maybe it is a type of sealing, I'm not exactly sure) but it definitely darkens the stone. I'm also happy to say that we've cooked a little bit and have been sitting at our bar and it shows next to nothing:)

I've also heard it's low maintenance.

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That is sharp looking! Love love love it!!!

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Your granite looks beautiful! I am having jet mist (honed) installed tomorrow and will post pix.

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We installed Jet Mist yesterday. Here are some before and after shots.

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Ebse: We had our Jet Mist granite installed two days ago (see above pix) and last night I left a bottle of oil on the counter and it made a mark. It had faded a bit by this morning, but I still called the fabricator who sent out someone to fix it. He applied acetone, which worked, and then he resealed it. Just wondering what your experience has been so far with your Jet Mist regarding oil, water stains, acids like lemon juice or vinegar, etc. Also, have you put a hot pan on it? Thanks!

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Hi Jean,

I've had no problems with staining or anything so far. I haven't tried a hot pan, I plan on using trivets (old habits die hard). we had ours enhanced, so it's a little darker and seems to hide more.

yours is gorgeous, by the way. What edge did you use?

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Hi, Ebse:
Thanks for your reply. I have a large "cutting board" (I put that in quotes because I wouldn't actually use it for cutting anything as I heard that that is bad for knives) and am planning on abusing it with everything I can imagine (e.g. oil, lemon juice, tomato sauce, hot pans, etc.) and see how it does.
The edge on the island is Dupont. The counter top edge is eased.
Enjoy your new kitchen!

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Jean, I love those glass pulls. But it looks like those are already there in the before pics? Were they pre-existing, or did you find them somewhere? We have glass doorknobs on most of the interior doors, and I thought of glass pulls to help draw the very newish kitchen into the feel of the much older 1920s house.

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Thanks, skoo. I love the glass pulls, too. I did have them in the before pics, but they were replacements for the original pulls which were white spheres which I didn't like. I thought they would be perfect with the new granite so I left them. I got them online and will try to find the name of the site for you. I LOVE glass doorknobs, too. My house doesn't have any (it was built in the late sixties, not an auspicious time for architecture) but I have been buying sets at antique shops over the years and installing them. They are terribly difficult to install, as the hardware doesn't happily migrate into regular doors. I still have about five sets of glass doorknobs that need to be installed! I was thinking of replacing some of my glass drawer pulls in the kitchen with chrome or polished stainless drawer pulls, just to mix it up a bit. Anyway, I do love glass knobs in kitchens!

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What edge did you use on your Jet Mist granite countertops? Is it a 1/8-inch eased or 1/8-inch beveled edge (or square)?

We are trying to decide what to do with our granite edges. We want a standard edge and our choices are 1/8-inch eased or beveled or 1/4-inch eased or beveled. I cannot tell from posted pictures exactly what people have done in this regard.

(If anyone else cares to share what they have done, please do!)


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Hi CK,

Ours is a pencil edge--probably closest to a 1/8 eased. It is very simple, feels nice to the touch. It is hard to tell from the pictures.

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Thank you for the edge information, ebse. That is probably what we will go with. Enjoy your beautiful new kitchen! CK

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Well, I stumbled across this post and think I may have found the granite I've been looking for, so thanks for posting these photos last year! I'm also looking for a granite with the color/look of soapstone and really LOVE your countertop photos (and the whole kitchen)! If you are still checking this post, I'd love to know if you still love your honed / enhanced Virginia / Jet Mist granite counters? Are they easy to keep clean? Do you find the honed finish is susceptible to staining? I'm having a hard time finding a soapstone that is within my budget (it does not seem to be very popular in in my area - Southwest Virginia) and also the slabs are apparently smaller and I need something to cover a 36" deep peninsula without a seam down the middle. I have been worried that the Virginia Mist is too light in color but in these photos, your stone that was treated with enhancer appears dark gray / almost black, much like newly oiled soapstone. Is that how you would describe it? I know photos can sometimes be deceiving (based on available light/etc. so I wanted to ask you what color it "reads" in most normal light conditions -- would you describe it as more medium gray, dark dray, or black? Does the enhancer darken the stone permanently or do you have to reapply periodically? Do you re-seal your own counters or is it better to have the honed finish sealed professionally each year? Thanks for any additional info or advice you can provide!

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